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This is a presentation made in Fertilizer sector workshop of BEE/GTZ under 3L program.
  Fertilizer Sector Workshop,New Delhi1 Development of EnergyConsumption Standards/ NormsforAmmonia/ Urea Plants forImplementation of EA-2001 R V Nesari 1 st Sept. 2008  Fertilizer Sector Workshop,New Delhi2 Energy Conservation Act-2001Objectives ã Bridging the gap between energydemand & supply. ã Reducing environmental emissionsthrough energy saving and ã Reduction in the energy import bill. ã The Act provides the much neededlegal framework and institutionalarrangement for embarking an energyefficiency drive.  Fertilizer Sector Workshop,New Delhi3 Provisions of EA-2001 Act ã Identify Energy intensive sectors ofindustries/ establishments and specify asDesignated Consumers of energy. ã Establish and prescribe energy consumptionstandards/ norms for DesignatedConsumers. ã This study is being conducted for setting upEnergy consumption standards & norms forFertilizer Industry specified as one of thedesignated consumers.  Fertilizer Sector Workshop,New Delhi4 Fertilizer Industry as DesignatedConsumer ã Any fertilizer unit having annual energy consumptionequal to or more than 30,000 metric tonnes of oilequivalent (MTOE) per year. ã Evaluation of energy consumption levels and notificationof norms for specific energy consumption by BEE. ã The limit of annual energy consumption in terms ofMTOE shall be reviewed every three years. ã A high powered technical committee represented bysenior officials/executives from ministry, FAI andfertilizer units shall be constituted for evaluation ofrecommended energy consumption norms.
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