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Checkout how 2Co used A/B and Multivariate testing to increase conversions by over 49,000 per year.
  THE PROBLEM Each year, millions of shoppers rely on 2Checkout to make purchases online.For even the smallest retailer, a fractional uptick in conversions can meanthousands of dollars in increased annual revenue. In order to ensure itprovides retailers with the best possible user experience, 2Checkout knew it needed to conduct continuous testing of its purchase flow. 2Checkout needed to answer business-critical questions, including:  Why do shoppers abandon carts before purchase?  How do specific graphical elements affect customer behavior?  Do logo links disrupt the purchase flow and confuse customers?  What is the importance of security badges on the site  Does their placement affect conversions? Case study: 2Checkout.com Uses Ongoing A/BMultivariate Testing from Amadesa to IncreaseConversions, Reduce User Errors On Site “Our experience over the pastyear has taught us to avoid the temptaon to rely on one or two tests. Change isinevitable in e-commerce, so we connuously test inorder to offer our customers the best possible userexperience and the highestconversion rates.”  - Vic Cleary  Manager, Merchant Consultant  2Checkout.com, Inc. THE SOLUTION 2Checkout implemented Amadesa’s A/B and Multivariate testing tool to decrease abandonment between the shop-ping cart and 2Checkout’s purchase routine, as well as to better understand online shopping behavior. Over a period of one year, 2Checkout ran three distinct purchase flow tests. Throughout that time, a number of redesigns showed continuous upticks in conversions while several seemingly benign user errors negatively impacted conversion, calling for more sophisticated changes to reduce time on site and better assist shoppers through the purchasing flow.In 2Checkout’s first A/B test, the company looked at a control version of purchase compared to 16 redesigned pages to examine the impact of small page adjustments. Redesigns included drawing more attention to security themes, turning off links to logos to ensure customers continued properly through the purchase flow, and shifting the pagelocation of payment logos. This testing wave also featured a version separating the billing page into two steps instead of one, hiding an automated order summary graphic and excluding alternative international payment methods once acurrency was chosen. In its second and third set of tests, 2Checkout built on initial findings to determine if multiple adjustments to the page would have a compounding effect on conversion. In addition to the “control” page, winning page designs from the first wave were retested along with new designs that showed promise. The company ran validation tests on hidingthe foreign currency buttons to avoid unnecessary surfing, splitting the billing page into two steps and enhancing security themes, as well as experimenting with red and blue versions of the “continue checkout” buttons.  BENEFITS & RESULTS Throughout its three separate tests over the course of the year, 2Checkout found it needed to become more proactivein encouraging customers to complete transactions. User errors with data entry and disrupted purchasing flow ac-counted for a significant number of the abandoned shopping carts. Looking at results, 2Checkout measured a 2 percent lift from alterations to its traditional purchase layout, equal to more than 35,000 additional conversions per year in the first test. Test number two, including resulting changes,garnered 2Checkout an annual estimate of an additional 187,110 conversions, equal to millions of dollars in increasedsales for 2Checkout users. And finally, in test three, after building on months of data, 2Checkout used A/B andmultivariate testing to capture more than 4,700 additional conversions in comparison to the control, equal to just over 49,000 additional annualized conversions. Building a case for a continuous testing regimen, test three’s winning version provided a 5.6 percent lift in overall conversion over the control in comparison to test two’s topperformer, which generated a 4.86 percent lift. In summary, the changes 2Checkout made that led directly to increased conversions included:  Hiding currency buttons once a customer selects a currency of choice  Hiding the automated order summary before the final page and enhancing security messages  Adding mouse-over pop-up reminders designed to provide data entry instructions and ultimatelyreduce user error and time on site  Layering multiple, tested page adjustments  Redesigning the billing information page, splitting the form from one lengthy column into twosmaller parallel columns to eliminate excessive scrolling  Shifting security logos beneath the “continue” button and into the eye path of the consumer  US OFFICE 1611 Simpson Street, #3Evanston, IL 60201+1.866.321.8245 EMEA OFFICE Paz Towers, 5 Shoham St., 6th FlrRamat Gan, 52521, Israel+972 3 753 4490 www.amadesa.com CONTACT US SALES: sales@amadesa.com PARTNERS: partners@amadesa.com INFO: info@amadesa.com About 2Checkout.com, Inc. 2Checkout.com, Inc. (2Checkout) is a global e-commerce platform servicing more than 60,000 online retailers. The company provides a merchant account alternative and a fully automated suite of backend services, including fraud protection, customer care, PCI datastorage and various payment methods in multiple currencies and languages. About Amadesa Amadesa is the first company to deliver a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution focused on delivering a dynamic website of one through personalization and automated content delivery. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite™ offers end-to-end testing and personalization products to help online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement,increase conversions and improve marketing ROI. Learn more at www.amadesa.com.
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