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   ZeTo  RulesCOMMUNICATION PACK   1.INTRODUCTION2.SCOPE3.ACCOUNTABILITY4.ZETO RULES5.ZETO RULES BOOK6.NEXT STEP   The causes of fatalities in the Group have shown a similar and recurring trend mainly due to road accidents, fall from height and hit by object.  ZeTo Rules are introduced to avoid any major accidents which may lead to fatalities and aim to improve the safety performance of the Group.  ZeToRules comprises ten (10) mandatory safety rules to ensure high risk work are carried out safely.  NoCauses of FatalitiesNo. of Fatalities 1Road accident 242Fall from height 103Hit by object 74Electrocution 45Structural failure 46Explosion47Diving accident 48Fall overboard 39Exposure to chemical hazard 210Air crash 2 Fatalities by Incident Type from FY 2005/06 to FY 2009/10
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