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Sri Sathya Sai Veda Pratishtan The portal (website) is primarily designed to give Vedic literatu re in its entirety as available in India. Initially, it presents the text of ten Veda Sakhas with five of them carrying the Bhashya by Sayanacharya. Each Veda S akha contains Samhita, Brahmanam, Aaranyakam and the Upanisads related to it, ex cept a few Veda sakhas that are not known to have Brahmanam, Aaranyakam, Upanisa ds related to them. Besides the Veda sakhas, it presents Other Up
  Sri Sathya Sai Veda PratishtanThe portal (website) is primarily designed to give Vedic literature in its entirety as available in India. Initially, it presents the text of tenVeda Sakhas with five of them carrying the Bhashya by Sayanacharya. Each Veda Sakha contains Samhita, Brahmanam, Aaranyakam and the Upanisads related to it, except a few Veda sakhas that are not known to have Brahmanam, Aaranyakam, Upanisads related to them. Besides the Veda sakhas, it presents Other Upanisads not forming part of the Veda-sakha texts, all the 108 Upanisads in Devanagari script, the Ayurveda texts in Sanskrit and in English and also Gaandharvaveda as Upavedas, the Jyotisa texts in Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi including Vasthu, and Nirukta,Siksa, Vyakarana, Kalpa, etc as Vedangas, Upangas, Brahma Sutras, Tantra, etc.The ten Veda sakhas and the other texts presented on the portal in Sanskrit arethe following.RIG VEDA - Saakala sakhaKRISHNA YAJUR VEDA - Taittiriya & Maitrayani sakhasSUKLA YAJUR VEDA - Madhyandina & Kanva sakhasSAMA VEDA  Raanaayana, Kouthama & Jaimini sakhasATHARVA VEDA - Sounaka & Pippalada sakhasOTHER UPANISADS / 108 UPANISADSUPAVEDAS - AYURVEDA & GANDHARVAVEDAVEDANGAS - JYOTISA, SIKSA, VYAKARANA, NIRUKTA & KALPAUPANGASBRAHMA SUTRASTANTRAOf 1131 Veda sakhas available in the country during the time of Patanjali about2 millenniums and a half ago, only a few - ten in number - are available today.Maitrayani sakha of Krishna Yajurveda, Pippalada sakha of Atharvaveda and Jaimini sakha of Samaveda are the latest finds among the Veda sakhas.Maitrayani sakha has only Samhita and Aaranyakam. The text of the entire Veda sakha in print is brought on to the portal.Pippalada sakha is presently available in print for the first 15 Kandas only accounting for a little less than 50% of the text of the Pippalada Samhita. This isbrought on to the portal. Kandas 16 - 20 are available in Oriya script on palmleaves. The text of these Kandas has been transliterated into Devanagari scriptin hand. The handwritten text is brought on to the portal.Jaimini sakha has Samhita and Aaranyakam in manuscript in Grantha script with only one scholar in Palakkad, Kerala. It is brought on to the portal in the same script. Efforts are being made to get the texts in Grantha script transliteratedinto Devanagari script. They will be brought on to the portal soon after transliteration. It has Jaiminiya Arseya Jaiminiya Upanisad Brahmanas in print in Devanagari script, which has been brought on to the portal.Several works in Devanagari script relating to Sastras, other Upavedas, Vedangas, Upa-angas will progressively be added with the objective of making the portalcomprehensive of the Vedic literature.The English translation to the Veda-sakhas, and the Upanisads forming part of the Veda sakhas stated above is rendered after the Veda sakha / Upanisad concerned, connected to the for the benefit of those not knowing San  skrit. Under 'Other Upanisads', 87 Upanisads are recorded in Sanskrit. Under 108Upanisads, all the available Upanisads in Devanagari script are recorded. The English rendering of 67 Upanisads, not included under the Veda sakhas, is connected to Celextel's Spiritual-online-library. Similarly, on Brahma Sutras, commentary in English by Swami Sivananda, in Sanskrit but in Telugu script by Adi-Shankara, and in Telugu by P. Sriramachandrudu is provided.The module Upaveda - Ayurveda contains all the important texts of Ayurveda literature in Sanskrit.The module Vedanga - Jyotisa contains many of the important texts of Jyotisa literature in Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi, and also Vastu literature.In Vedic literature - English, the portal containsTat Sat (A comprehensive treatise on Advaita Vedanta)DharmaEkam Sat (Gitas 1 to 19, other than the Bhagavad-Gita)Bhagavad-Gita (Audio)Siva-sutrasThe Symbolism in RigvedaThe Philosophy of the UpanisadsBuddhism in Scripture and PracticeLiving in SpiritEthics in Ancient IndiaVedas IntroducedWhat is Veda?The Veda & Vedic LiteratureSavithri - A Legend and a SymbolIndia - What Can It Teach Us?SAI MessagesPuranic EncyclopaediaI Am ThatDiscourses on PrasnopanisadDiscourses on IsavasyopanisadDiscourses on KathopanisadDiscourses on MundakopanisadDiscourses on TaittiriyopanisadDiscourses on KenopanisadGlimpses Into Telugu FolkloreIn Vedic literature - Telugu, the portal containsVedamuluVedasaara RatnavaliVedartha Jnana DeepikaVeda VignanamuVedanta PanchadasiSri Ramateertha Vedanta BhashyamuNaishkarmya SiddhiUpanisadsudhaBharathi NirukthiSrimad RamayanamuSri Andhra Vaasishta RamayanamuSaaroddhara RamayanamuSrimadandhra Mahabhagavatam - Dasama SkandhamPancharathragamoktha Bhagavadaradhana VidhiOm Namo Sri NaarasimhayaSwamee   Telugu SamskrithiTelugu Janapada Geya SahityamSri Sai GitaRama Katha - Sai SudhaSri Sathya Sai Padya SuktuluAndhra YoguluCharithrakekkani Charitharthulu(More books in English and in Telugu relating to Vedic literature will progressively be added.)All the texts in Sanskrit, English and Telugu are being converted into eBook format and uploaded for easy download. As the eBook format is in zipped form, the readers are to have WinRAR software on their systems to open the eBooks. Such ofthe readers that do not have the software on their systems may click here for download of the software from the Internet directly, to be able to open the eBookson their systems after download.A module on Vedic Astrology (Jyotisa), comprising a write-up on Vedic Astrology,in-box to download over 20 pages of astrological charts, and a write-up on Vastu Sastra, is an interesting feature on the portal. Any individual offering the date, time and place of birth at the appropriate place in the in-box will have aspate of astrological charts according to the Vedic tradition. If the place of his birth is not listed in the in-box, the visitor may record the longitude and latitude of the place of his birth along with the time zone at the appropriate place. He will have the entire data of his horoscope, which is not so far available elsewhere. Vedic Astrology is highly scientific, and the predictions are as exact and correct, as the data is exact and correct.The portal has a module on Ayurveda Applications. Besides a brief account of therole of Ayurveda in health care, preventive and curative, on view is a broad spectrum of disease and ailment specific treatment with Ayurveda medicines produced and supplied by the leading Ayurveda pharmacies.The portal presents an introduction to Vedic Mathematics in a book titled 'VedicMathematics - Methods' for the benefit of students in secondary schools aroundthe world. It seeks to present an integrated approach to learning mathematics with keenness of observation and inquisitiveness, avoiding the monotony of accepting theories and working from them mechanically. The logical proof of the sutrasis detailed in algebra, which eliminates the misconception that the sutras are ajugglery. The explanations offered make the processes clear to the learners.There are on the module four volumes of scholarly Lecture Notes on different aspects of Vedic Mathematics by Prof. C. Santhamma for higher and deeper understanding of Vedic Mathematics. These Lecture Notes will be of immense help to researchers and scholars in Mathematics. They are open to free download.The portal has a module 'Learn Sanskrit' for teaching Sanskrit from the beginning. The module has been subdivided into Primary Sanskrit, Vyakaranam, Kavyas andOther Works. The module has over 100 books, some of them in two or more volumeseach. The module is so designed as to enable learners of all age groups to learnSanskrit from the alphabet up to the level of post-graduation. All the books onthe module have been converted into eBooks for easy download and readability.The portal has a module for presentation of Vedic Chanting in audio in differentmodes. Broadly, the audio content, as of now, is as follows.Sri Rudram from Taittiriya sakha  Adhyayas 1 & 2 of Saakala sakha in eleven modes of chantingSamhitapatha of Saakala Samhita in fullKanda 1 of Taittiriya sakha in five modes of chantingSamhitapatha of Taittiriya sakha in fullThe entire text of Maitrayani sakha in Samhita mode of chantingAdhyayas 1 to 27 of Madhyandina sakha in Samhita mode of chanting.Adhyayas 1, 2 and 3 and some suktas of Kanva sakha in Samhita mode of chantingSamhitapatha of Kanva sakha in fullSatapatha Brahmanam in full in Samhita mode of chantingIsa Upanisad in Samhita mode of chantingOn view is a short film titled Creation based on the hymns of Rig-Veda.Samhita and Aaranyaka of Raanaayaneeya sakha in Samhita mode ofchanting including Ooha GanamSamhita and Aaranyaka of Kouthameeya sakha in Samhita mode ofchanting including Ganam and Rahasya GanamSamhitapatha of Kouthama sakha in fullThe entire text of Jaiminiya sakha in Samhita mode of chanting.Adhyaya 1 of Sounakiya sakha in Samhita mode of chantingSamhitapatha of Sounaka sakha in fullKandas 1 - 20 of Pippalada sakha (the whole text) in Samhita mode of chantingSanthimantra, and Sandhyavandana for three times a dayThe audio content of Vedic chanting presently runs to over 415 hours. The Samhitapatha in full of each of the five sakhas - Saakala, Taittiriya, Kanva, Kouthamaand Sounaka, running together for over 178 hours, is free to listen, and not open to download, while the other audio files are free to listen and open to download, too, through the payment gate. More will be added in phases soon progressively. It is our endeavour to record all Veda sakhas available in the country in different modes of chanting, and upload to the portal.Bharata Savithri - an abridged version of Mahabharatam in Sanskrit in audio setto music, is an attraction.An important feature of the audio module is the presentation of Sri Sathya Sai Tattvas in the form of 40 Bhajans and 108 Telugu poems in the voice of the DivineMaster Himself. The Bhajans are followed by devotees, while the rendering of the Telugu poems by Bhagavan is followed by brief translation in English. This audio content runs for over 5 hours and a half.Another feature of the audio module is the musical presentation of Tattva-sudha
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