UCC Filing by Obscene Works about their #OpJustice4Rehtaeh story.

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This UCC filing came across my desk today. Thought the internet might want to know about it... I learned all about the story myself from the posts at this no-name blog that won't shut up about Anonymous. http://obsceneworks.com/blog/opjustice4rehtaeh-protest-may-4th-join-the-event-organizing-group/
  #OpJustice4Rehtaeh& #ObsceneWorks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPursuant to the widely-unreported death of Owen Alastair Ferguson, Ferguson Property Systems (#FPS) issues the following statement:UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE FILING: U.C.C. - ARTICLE 9 - SECURED TRANSACTIONS NOTIFICATION REGARDINGSALES OF ACCOUNTS AND CHATTEL PAPER.SCOPE: GLOBAL. Distribution: ALL MARKETSPART 4. FILING NOTICE: TICKER SIGNS FSP & FPS§ 9-402. Formal R equisites.  “(1)Afinancing statementis sufficient if it gives the names of the debtorand thesecured party, is signed by the debtor, gives an address of thesecured partyfrom which information concerning the security interestmay be obtained, gives a mailing address of the debtor and contains a statement indicating the types, ordescribing the items, of collateral. A financing statement may be filed before asecurity agreementis made or a security interest otherwise attaches. When the financing statement covers crops growing or to begrown, the statement must also contain a description of thereal estate concerned. When the financing statement covers timber to be cut or covers minerals or the like (including oil and gas) oraccountssubject tosubsection (5) of Section9-103, or when the financing statement is filed as a fixture filing (Section9-313) and thecollateralis goods which are or are to become fixtures, the statement must also comply withsubsection (5). A copy of the security agreement is sufficient as a financing statement if it contains theabove information and is signed by the debtor. A carbon, photographic or other reproduction of a securityagreement or a financing statement is sufficient as a financing statement if the security agreement soprovides or if the srcinal has been filed in this state.(2)Afinancing statementwhich otherwise complies with subsection (1) is sufficient when it is signed by the secured partyinstead of thedebtorif it is filed to perfect a security interest in ● (a)collateralalready subject to a security interest in another jurisdiction when it is brought into thisstate, or when thedebtor'slocation is changed to this state. Such afinancing statementmust state that the collateral was brought into this state or that the debtor's location was changed to this stateunder such circumstances; or  ● (b) proceeds under Section9-306if the security interest in the srcinalcollateralwasperfected. Such afinancing statementmust describe the srcinal collateral; or ● (c)collateralas to which the filing has lapsed; or ● (d)collateralacquired after a change of name, identity or corporate structure of thedebtor (subsection (7)).” (3)A form substantially as follows is sufficient to comply with subsection (1): ● Name of debtor: Ferguson System Properties (Ticker #FSP,operating under the business name “ObsceneWorks.”) ● Address: Box 106, Hunts Point, Nova Scotia B0T 1G0. ● Name of secured party (or assignee): Ferguson PropertySystems (Ticker #FPS) ● Address #REDACTED (by #FPS) ● 1. This financing statement covers the following types (oritems) of property: ○ 6 hard-cover books of notes (listed herehttp://www.ebay.com/itm/OWENF-LARGE-LOT-ALL-SIGNED-978-0-9813187-0-7-selling-my-OpJustice4Rehtaeh-file-/281097736437?) as well as one softwaredocument named “Grey.rtf” and all digital notesassociated with the casefile “#OpJustice4Rehtaeh,” including embargoed information not for publicrelease. ● 2. (If collateral is crops) The above described crops aregrowing or are to be grown on:   ○ Harvest date is still unknown. #FPS reserves the rightto harvest these lulzfruit whenever the market pricedictates the highest possible return-on-publication. ● 3. Products of the collateral are also covered.  ● ....................................... ● Signature of Debtor (or Assignor) ● ....................................... ● Signature of Secured Party (or Assignee) (4)Afinancing statementmay be amended by filing a writing signed by both thedebtorand thesecured party. An amendment does not extend the period of effectiveness of a financing statement. If anyamendment addscollateral, it is effective as to the added collateral only from the filing date of theamendment. In this Article, unless the context otherwise requires, the term financingstatement meansthe srcinal financing statement and any amendments.(5)Afinancing statementcovering timber to be cut or covering minerals or the like (including oil and gas) or  accountssubject to subsection (5) of Section9-103, or a financing statement filed as a fixture filing (Section 9-313) where thedebtoris not atransmitting utility, must show that it covers this type of collateral, must recite that it is to be filed [for record] in the real estate records, and the financing statement must contain adescription of the real estate [sufficient if it were contained in amortgageof the real estate to giveconstructive notice of the mortgage under the law of this state]. If the debtor does not have an interest of record in the real estate, the financing statement must show the name of a record owner.(6)Amortgageis effective as afinancing statementfiled as a fixture filing from the date of its recording if  ● (a) thegoodsare described in themortgageby item or type; and ● (b) thegoodsare or are to become fixtures related to the real estate described in themortgage; and ● (c) themortgagecomplies with the requirements for afinancing statementin this section other than a recital that it is to be filed in the real estate records; and ● (d) themortgageis duly recorded.No fee with reference to thefinancing statementis required other than the regular recording and satisfactionfees with respect to themortgage.(7)Afinancing statementsufficiently shows the name of thedebtorif it gives the individual, partnership or corporate name of the debtor, whether or not it adds other trade names or names of partners. Where thedebtor so changes his name or in the case of an organization its name, identity or corporate structure that afiled financing statement becomes seriously misleading, the filing is not effective to perfect a securityinterest incollateralacquired by the debtor more than four months after the change, unless a newappropriate financing statement is filed before the expiration of that time. A filed financing statementremains effective with respect to collateral transferred by the debtor even though thesecured partyknows of or consents to the transfer.(8)Afinancing statementsubstantially complying with the requirements of this section is effective even though it contains minor errors which are not seriously misleading.Note: Language in brackets is optional. Note: Where the state has any special recording system for real estate other than the usual grantor-granteeindex (as, for instance, a tract system or a title registration or Torrens system) local adaptations of subsection (5) and Section9-403(7)may be necessary. See Mass.Gen.Laws Chapter 106, Section 9-409. As amended in 1972.-30-
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