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Toronto's most reliable TV installation service since 2012, available 7 day a week. We provide wall mounting brackets and install TV's in homes, condos, restaurants, and offices.
  • 1. Free over-the-phone quote:  (647) 490-9748 Home Customer Stories News Free Quote Contact Free over-the-phone estimate:  647-559-0094 "Let Us Install Your TV on the Wall - Quickly, Safely, and on a Budget!" Toronto's most reliable wall-mount TV installation service is available 7 day a week. Call (647) 490-9748 to speak with one of our consultants and get a free over-the- phone estimate. Here are the top 3 reason to install your TV with us: 1. ON TIME - we give you a specific appointment time and don't tie up your entire day like others do, by making you wait for the installer to come 2. THE RIGHT TOOLS - which means no extra trips to the nearby Home Depot to finish the project 3. NO MESS LEFT BEHIND - your place will be as clean and tidy after the installation as it was before PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 2. Wall Mount TVWall Mount TV InstallationInstallation LED and LCD TV Installation, Plasma, Flat-Panel TV Installation. We can provide wall mounting brackets or we can use yours. We always bring extra high-quality HDMI cables to the job in case you need one or a few. SEE MORE...SEE MORE... Above FireplaceAbove Fireplace TV InstallationTV Installation We do a lot of TV mounting above fireplaces. This seems to be a very popular way to arrange the room and entertain guests. With the flat-panel TV and the fireplace being the focal point, the room will look smashing! SEE MORE...SEE MORE... Home TheatreHome Theatre and Surroundand Surround SoundSound Speakers and other devices need to be tested and calibrated to offer a true surround sound experience. It takes someone with knowledge and experience to pull this one off, and we have consultants who can do that! PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 3. Enter your text here... SEE MORE...SEE MORE... SEE MORE...SEE MORE... SEE MORE...SEE MORE... How hard can it be to get a good TV installer? After all, you're not looking for a rocket surgeon, right? However, trying to save a little bit of money by hiring the cheapest TV installer you can find may end costing so much more in the long run. SEE MORE... How Hard Hiring a Good TV Installer Can Possibly Be? PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 4. "I was looking for a company to mount a tv in the lobby of my friend's spa... so I thought I'd give them a call. The TV is a Sony 50" diagonally. It's a few years old and not as light as some newer models. The installer had all the tools to complete the project. Although I'm pretty good at doing stuff like that, I admit that I could not have done such a good job of hiding the wires and connections. Excellent service, fair price and friendly crew. Gets 5 stars from me.” Daniel M. "Not really having the tools I used to and just plain not wanting to screw up the electronics of a big, new HDTV, I gave these guys a call. Art seemed to understand just what we needed and scheduled an installer - who showed up when he said he would! That was almost worth the 5 stars alone. The installation was professional, he cleaned up well after he was done, and the TV works just great. Nice job, you guys." Dr George J. "We had a tv and home theatre system installed by these guys. They also concealed all wires so it looks very sleek. We were very happy with the service - very professional. We will definitely call these guys when we need a new tv PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 5. We Work With Businesses Too! Here Are Just Some of Our Clients installed in our bedroom." Helen T. PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 6. Here Are the 5 Most Important Reasons You Should Want to Install Your TV On the Wall in Your Home or Condo Reason #1: The room will look and feel much, much bigger. A big-screen TV, unless it's positioned flush against the wall, divides the room into two parts. Because of the TV, the room looks smaller than it really is. As soon as you mount the TV on the wall (and particularly if you are able to remove the furniture below it to open the floor visually all the way to the wall) the room will feel so much, much bigger! Reason #2: Keep your TV away from foot traffic, particularly if you have small children or pets. These new big-screen TVs can present quite a safety problem if they are located in a high-traffic area. You don't want to trip over a cable when you are carrying hot food, or bump into one of the TVs sharp corners. The TV may not fare very well either when it gets knocked over down on the floor or gets stuff spilled on. Reason #3: Enjoy watching your TV from the right distance. New and larger TVs are supposed to be watched from farther away, something that may be hard to achieve (particularly in a condo). Hang that TV on the wall you will experience your TV in the whole different way! Reason #4: Create a cleaner, healthier home. One of the biggest issues with home electronics is those ugly, entangled cobwebs of wires and cables behind, magnetically attracting dust, dirt, and hair particles. Not only does it look unappealing and untidy, it negatively affects the quality of the air you breathe. As part of our TV installation project, we can organize media cables or hide them completely inside the wall (if the wall is suitable for that). Reason #5: Increase the value of your property. When the time comes to sell your home, remember that PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 7. people shop with their eyes and how your property looks becomes a big factor in how fast you get an offer and how much you get for it. A space that looks bigger, cleaner, and more enjoyable to live in generally commands a higher price and is easier to find a buyer for, especially if you are competing with other listings that are similar to yours. Wall-mount TV installation could be the easiest, fastest, most economical upgrade to give you a high return on your investment. TV Tech Update: 200-inch Touchscreen TV, YouTube Roadmap, and Wall- Mounted Soundbar by Bose Top 6 TV Installation Mistakes and Snafus (That You Will Now Know How to Plan For and Avoid) TV Tech Update #11 - Fed Up With Your Cable Cost? Well, Check Out These TV Streaming Options TV Tech Update #10 - How Many More Pixels Is Enough and What's Better Than 4K? TV Tech Update #9 - Do You Crave or Do You Netflix? Plus a new on-the- fly 4K converter TV Tech Update #8 - Super "Green" TV from China, Online Streaming Apps, and TV Watching Habits PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
  • 8. TV INSTALLATION TORONTO "Toronto's most reliable and fastest wall- mounting & TV installation service." 451 Dundas St West, Unit 223A Toronto, ON M5T 1G8 Phone: (647) 490-9748 Copyright (C) 2012-2016 by TV Installation Toronto     Free over-the-phone estimate:  647-559-0094 Home » Customer Stories » News » Free Quote » Contact » PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL
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