To Do or to Be - The Five Essentials of Transformational Leadership

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In this contribution we look into the five essentials of transformational leadership, which really is all about the basic yet profound inquiry: who do we need and want to be, so that we can take the right actions that will transform the reality around us? The five core essentials that will enable you to transform your reality are Presence, Authenticity, Integrity, Creativity and Love. Mastering these five will inevitably make you a great, powerful and caring transformational leader, who will find great joy and fulfillment in life, make great contributions and add great value to other people's lives, and leave a considerable legacy to the world. Keywords: Authenticity, consciousness, creativity, Integrity, Love, Presence, transformational leadership
  To   do   or   to   Be?    –   The   five   Essentials   Of    Transformational   Leadership,   From   The   Inside   Out   By    Christophe   Horvath,   Consciousness   Coach,   Lilongwe,   Malawi,   12   September    2010    In   this   contribution   we   will   look   into   the   5   essentials   of    transformational   leadership,   which   really   is   all   about   the   basic   yet   profound   inquiry:   who   do   we   need   and   want   to   be ,   so   that   we   can   take   the   right   actions   that   will   transform   the   reality   around   us?   Be   the   Change   you   want    to   see   in   the   world     Mahatma   Gandhi    Often   we   want   to   make   changes   in   our   personal   and   professional   lives.   And   then   we   make   firm   new   decisions,   lofty   resolutions   and   strategic   plans   in   the   clarity   of    the   moment.   But   then   somehow,   somewhere   along   the   way,   we   get   bogged   down,   we   lose   focus   and   it   all   becomes   part   of    an   ever   extending   list   of    things   to   do ‐ in   which   we   tend   to   lose   perspective   of    what   really   matters   most.   Indeed,   when   we   make   a   new   commitment,   it   may   soon   become   yet   another   one   of    a   great   number   of    priorities ‐  just   another   item   on   our   planning   list.   And   when   challenges   come   up   or   dilemma's   present   themselves,   we   can   get   really   stuck,   because   we   have   lost   our   sense   of    what   is   truly   important.   “Emancipate   yourself     from   mental    slavery.   None   but    ourselves   can    free   our    mind”    Bob   Marley    However,   it   does   not   have   to   be   like   that.   There   is   great   value   in   distinguishing   between   your   priorities ‐ and   that   is   over   and   above   the   distinctions   between   what   is   important   and/or   urgent   and   what   not.   Indeed,   at   one   level,   there   is   your   “to   do”   list ,   and   at   quite   another,   meta ‐ level,   there   are   your   “to   be”   commitments .   The   first   one   is   business   as   usual    –   same   old,   same   old.   However,   no   real   and   lasting   change   can   ever   happen   as   long   as   you   don't   invest   focused   energy   in   consciously,   seriously   and   profoundly   dealing   with   the   second,   which   is   the   only   thing   that   really   can   bring   about   true   and   lasting   transformation    –   from   the   inside   out    –   at   a   personal,   team   and   systemic   level.   Indeed,   the   second   one   contains   your   answers   to   the   fundamental   question:   who   do   I   need   to   be   in   order   to   get   what   I   truly   want   and   transform   the   reality   around   me?   “No    problem   can   be   solved     from   the   same   level    of    consciousness   that    created    it.”     Albert    Einstein.   Below   then,   are   the   five   core   essentials   that   will   enable   you   to   transform   your   reality.   They   are   called   Presence,   Authenticity,   Integrity,   Creativity   and   Love.   Mastering   these   five   will   inevitably   make   you   a   great,   powerful   and   caring   transformational   leader,   who   will   find   great    joy   and   fulfilment   in   life,   make   great   contributions   and   add   great   value   to   other   people's   lives,   and   leave   a   considerable   legacy   to   the   world.   For   clarity's   sake   I   would   like   to   offer   the   following   distinction,   between   change   and   transformation:   change   is   pushing   against   what   is   and   trying   with   great   and   exhausting   effort   to   alter   it   in   the   process;   transformation   is   creating   anew    –   and   the   latter   we   can   only   do   from   a   different,   new,   higher   level   of    consciousness.    Presence   Presence   is   being   Here   &   Now.   “Yesterday    is   history.   Tomorrow    is   a   mystery.    And    today?    Today    is   a   gift.   That's   why    we   call    it    the    present.”    Babatunde   Olatunji    It   is   important   to   get   that   any   complaint,   excuse,   rant   about   whatever   is,   is   a   “story”   that   make   us   a   victim,   and   attempts   to   exonerate   ourselves   from   our   responsibility,   and   from   an   opportunity   to   creatively   act.   Presence   is   about   our   consciousness,   our   mindfulness,   our   full   awareness   24/7   of    our   thinking   and   feeling ‐ much   like   someone   contemplating   the   clouds   gliding   before   the   sun ‐ all   the   while   in   the   full   know   that   we   are   NOT   our   thinking   &   our   feeling,   but   the   observer,   the   chooser,   the   decider.   Presence   is   being   with   what   is,   in   the   here   and   now.   Not   in   the   past.   Not   in   the   future.   Not   consumed   by   emotion.   Not   lost   in   thought.   Here   and   now   is   the   only   place   and   time   where   you   can   act   and   create   a   new   future.   Without   presence   we   cannot   impact   on   reality,   influence   others   or   be   a   great   leader.   Authenticity   Authenticity   is   being   real.   “I   know    who   I   am”    Nelson   Mandela   Authenticity   is   about   knowing   who   we   are.   Being   who   we   are.   Doing   what   we   are.   Your   talents   and   strengths,   your   knowledge   and   experience;   your   relations   and   connections,   your   values   and   beliefs,   your   passions   and   commitments,   where   you   come   from   (your   roots)   and   where   you   purposefully   going   to   to   (your   Calling).   You   are   the   sum   total   of    all   of    this    –   and   more    –   and   the   clearer   you   are   on   who   you   are,   the   more   you   are   being   who   you   are,   and   the   more   you   act   from   that   place    –   the   more   authentic   you   will   be,   the   more   power,   influence   and   impact   you   will   have,   the   more    joy   and   fulfilment   you   will   experience,   and   the   more   value   you   will   create   for   yourself,   and   your   family,   work,   community   and   the   World.   Authenticity   is   a   work   of    consciousness,   self  ‐ awareness,   courage    –   and   especially   love,   self  ‐ love.   The   cost   of    inauthenticity   is   being   in   reaction,   rather   than   in   creation   all   your   life,   stepping   into   other   people’s   expectations   and   dreams,   and   becoming   a   rudderless   boat   without   compass.   We   can   be   ruled   by   our   Higher   Self,   our   True   Self,   our   Authenticity,   or,   conversely,   by   ruled   by   our   thought,   our   feeling,   our   ego.   If    we   are   not   authentic   we   live   a   life   of    pretence.   Of    chasing   riches,   position,   reputation    –   following   impulses   and   desires   which   are   not   who   we   truly   are.   We   step   into   the   dreams   of    others.   We   do   what   others   or   society   seem   to   expect   from   us,   because   we   have   no   inner   core   that   speaks   loud   enough   to   tell   us   who   we   truly   are,   where   we   really   want   to   go,   and   what   we   are   called   to   do.   We   are   ruled   by   ego.   Our   life   becomes   one   endless   kneejerk   reaction   after   another   to   what   the   circumstances   dish   us   up.   We   are   slave,   not   master,   blown   around   with   whatever   wind   comes   our   way.   And   ego   shows   its   ugly   head   when   we   are   “on   it”   and   “can’t   get   off    it”,   when   we   are   being   right   and   making   others   wrong;   when   we   are   looking   good   and   making   others   look   bad;   when   we   stop   asking   questions   and   only   have   our   answers   ready,   when   we   don’t   see   wisdom   when   it   is   staring   us   right   in   the   face,   and   when   we   can't   have   a   good   laugh   at   ourselves   in   the   process!    Don’t   get   me   wrong,   there   is   nothing   wrong   with   the   ego    –   it   is   part   of    all   of    us   and   can   never   be   successfully   fought.   Trying   to   do   that   is   akin   to   trying   to   kill   your   shadow.   The   question   is   rather,   do   you   own   your   ego,   or   does   your   ego   rule   your   life?   The   first   approach   gives   us   gives   health,   power,   growth.   The   second   makes   us   ugly,   driven   by   fear,   lust,   greed   &   blind   ignorance   of    the   consequences   of    our   deeds.   Authenticity   then   is   not   about   being   good   and   fighting   the   bad.   It   is   about   being   Great.   This   is   about   enjoying   the   good   and   accepting   the   bad,   and   being   master,   rather   than   slave   of    either.   And   we   can   only   respond   rather   than   react,   be   response ‐ able   rather   than   reactionary,   be   a   creator   rather   than   a   victim   when   we   give   ourselves   that   space    –   consciously.   When   we   choose   to   become   the   observer,   and   live,   find   meaning,   connect,   grow   and   contribute   from   our   Higher   Self.   Integrity   Integrity   is   being   whole,   integrated,   congruent.   Between   stimulus   and    response   there   is   a   space.   In   that    space   is   our     power    to   choose   our    response.   In   our    response   lies   our    growth   and    our     freedom.   Viktor    E.   Frankl    It   is   acting   based   on   who   you   are   (authenticity    –   especially   in   congruence   with   your   values),   it   is   walking   your   talk,   and   it   is   doing   what   you   say   you   will   do   by   the   time   you   say   you   will   do   it.   This   is   about   completion    –   and   completion   requires   two   things:   our   full   commitment   to   act   to   the   best   of    our   ability,   and   our   loving   forgiveness   for   self    and   others   when   the   commitment   cannot   be   achieved   in   this   space   and   time..   It   is   therefore   not   about    just   keeping   your   word   (factor   of    doing),   but   about   Being   your   Word.   This   is   based   on   acting   from   who   you   are   (authenticity).   It   is   about   asking   the   right   questions   on   what   can   be   done,   getting   clarity   on   what   we   can   do,   committing   ourselves   to   do   this   specific   thing,   acting   upon   this   commitment   and   coming   to   completion.   Integrity   is   where   our   power   truly   lies    –   it   is   where   we   can   find   full   authentic   self  ‐ expression    –   by   releasing   the   potential   of    who   we   truly   are    –   by   letting   the   rubber   hit   the   ground.   Our   mettle   can   only   tested   in   daily   action.   It   is   our   actions   that   will   speak   loudest   about   us    –   far   louder   than   our   words   and   best   intentions   ever   could.   Creativity   Creativity   is   about   being   innovative,   spontaneous,   free   in   response   to   what   reality   is   serving   you   up.   “Imagination   is   the   beginning   of    creation.   You   imagine   what    you   desire,   you   will    what    you   imagine   and    at    last    you   create   what    you   will”    George   Bernard    Shaw    When   we   act   from   authenticity   we   do   not   follow   scripts.   Nor   do   we   need   to,   because   we   access   our   inner   source   and   power,   which   has   infinitely   more   knowledge,   wisdom   and   ability   to   deal   with   what   is,   than   any   encyclopedia   on   history   ever   could.   We   need   to   let   go   of    having   to   do   things   right,   and   learn   to   do   the   right   things    –   and   trust   our   deep   inner   wisdom   and   intuition   in   the   process.   For   that   we   need   to   get   into   that   space   that   Viktor   Frankl   so   aptly   describes   (quote   above).   Where   there   is   no   pressure   to   be   right   and   make   wrong,   to   look   good   and   make   look   bad,   where   we   are   in   freedom   and   able   to   respond   to   what   the   future   is   requesting   us.   Creativity   comes   from   seeing,   hearing,   formulating   the   right   questions   (not   from   knowing   the   answers).   This   puts   us   in   a   space   where   we   can   be   creators    –   in   response   to   what   is   actually   needed    –   rather   than   victims,   ever   in   reaction,    clinging   to   the   past,   and   deploring   why   things   can’t   be   as   we   want   them   to   be    –   moaning,   complaining   and   finding   excuses.   As   creators   (with   Theory   U)   we   are   not   rehashing   the   past,   but   creating   from   the   future.   We   can   be   in   a   space   of    spontaneity   that   is   fertile   ground   for   what   is   actually   needed,   rather   than   what   should   have   been   from   the   point   of    view   of    the   limited,   boxed   in,   conditioned   mind.   Creativity   never   reacts,   complains   or   makes   excuses    –   it   is   in   the   zone   of    courageous   action,   it   deals   with   what   is,   it   asks   the   right   questions,   it   recognizes   no   borders   or   limitations   but   sees   the   possibility   and   the   solution,   and   simply,    joyously   and   outrageously   creates.   Love   Love,   lastly   is   about   manifesting   who   we   truly   are    –   all   of    us,   over   and   beyond   our   individual   differences,   the   different   authentic   aspects   of    the   diamond   we   are   as   humanity.   “My    mission   is   making   love   a   worldwide   reality    through   a   revolution   of    consciousness”    Marc   Steinberg   (Creative   Consciousness   International)   In   our   deepest   authenticity   as   human   beings   we   are   love,   we   are   consciousness,   we   are   one.   Understanding   that   love   is   our   true   identity   gives   us   total   liberation   to   grow,   to   create   and   to   contribute   from   whom   we   truly   are   for   the   betterment   of    all.   Finding   our   true   self    frees   us   to   truly   live,   learn,   love   and   leave   our   legacy.   It   is   our   consciousness   of    that   seeming   paradox   between   our   authentic   uniqueness   and   our   authentic   oneness   that,   more   than   anything   else,   defines   humanity.   This   very   thing,   Love,   is   the   sum   total   of    it   all.   It   is   what,   if    anything,   will   make   us   survive,   grow   and   evolve.   It   is   the   light   shining   through   in   you.   Are   you   living   a   life   of    Presence?   Authenticity?   Integrity?   Creativity?   Love?   Which   new   choices,   decisions   and   commitments   can   you   make   so   that   you   really   can   live   the   life   you   were   born   to   live,   find   true    joy   and   be   of    great   service   to   yourself,   to   others   and   the   world?   In   conclusion,   I   would   like   to   offer   you   the   following   research   questions   which   you   can   ask   yourself    when   confronted   with   any   challenge   or   dilemma   you   may   face:   ã   What   does   your   Presence   see?   ã   What   can   your   Authenticity   do?   ã   What   will   your   Integrity   do?   ã   What   can   your   Creativity   give   life   to?   ã   What   will   be   your   committed   Act   of    Love?   I   trust   this   may   be   valuable   to   you.   Your   feedback   is   always   welcome!   Warmest   Christophe   Horvath   Principal   Consultant,   Primeast   Southern   Africa   &   Consciousness   Coach   Lilongwe,   Malawi,   The   Warm   Heart   of    Africa   Eml:   christophe.horvath@primeast,com   and   Tel:   +265   9999   88   440  
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