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The Third R – Reuse Amy J. Sausen, Environmental Project Coordinator Meeting the Challenge for a Healthier Community Quality Compost Quality compost begins with quality partners – 2 nd Season Recycling and many local municipalities Produce WDNR approved S100 compost
The Third R –ReuseAmy J. Sausen, Environmental Project CoordinatorMeeting the Challenge for a Healthier CommunityQuality Compost
  • Quality compost begins with quality partners – 2nd Season Recycling and many local municipalities
  • Produce WDNR approved S100 compost
  • Produce to USCC standards
  • Large inputs = quality results
  • 2nd Season Recycling
  • Currently recycling
  • Green waste (composting)
  • Wood waste (construction and demolition)
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Road base, golf cart paths, pedestrian paths, bike paths, etc
  • Gypsum (drywall)
  • Agricultural soil amendment
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Red B Select System
  • Compost Blanket Seeding
  • Blowing well cured mature landscape compost with seed onto suitably prepared soil
  • Innate characteristics of compost allow for
  • Increased germination rates
  • Decreased germination time
  • Improved stand establishment
  • RedSelect SystemResultsFrom This…To This…To This…60-70% faster than conventional seedingSediment Control
  • Starts with “Soxx” technology.
  • HDPE woven soxx filled with a by-product of the composting process called “overs”.
  • Twice the flow rate of silt fence
  • Up to 96% Sediment Removal
  • No trenching
  • Entirely Bio-degradable products
  • Chemically active compost binds nutrients
  • FailedSuccess!Sediment Control
  • A 12” diameter soxx is equivalent to a 36” tall silt fence
  • Except that it works better, doesn’t have catastrophic failure and is entirely bio-degradable.
  • Living WallsWhat is a Living Wall?
  • Long (108’) polypropylene mesh tubes filled with engineered growing media
  • Extruded on site
  • 4 diameters can be intermixed for height
  • Near seamless lengths as long as you want
  • Can be seed injected, plugged, liner planted, and compost seeded or mortared
  • Any soil type and any terrain
  • Living WallsLiving Walls
  • A Green alternative to conventional slope stabilization
  • Reduce your carbon footprint using local materials.
  • Long-term stability created by plant material which also attracts wildlife
  • Walls can be near vertical.
  • Rain Gardens
  • Rain garden – residential scale
  • Bio-infiltration device – commercial scale
  • Issues
  • Must have S100 compliant compost
  • Difficult to meet specifications with our native soils
  • Designed a completely engineered media to meet the WDNR guidelines for both content and performance
  • Rain Gardens
  • WDNR defined soil media
  • 40% silica sand
  • 30% compost (S100 specs)
  • 30% topsoil (sandy loam)
  • Engineered media to meet these specifications for particle size, organic matter, and percolation rates as well as support plant growth
  • Red B Rain Garden Mix
  • THANK YOU!Amy J. Sausen Environmental Initiatives
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