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Adventures from the Book of Joshua with Paul + Lisa and friends in World English Bible (WEB), illustrated by Joshua Chung (an illustrated series) Chapter 2
  Joshua with Paul + Lisa and friends Adventures from The Book of in World English Bible (WEB) illustrated by Joshua Chung   4 Joshua Sends Spiesinto Jericho Joshua 2 Joshua the son of Nun secretly sent two men out of Shittim as spies, saying, “Go, view the land, including Jericho.”  They went and came into the house of a prostitute whose name was Rahab, and slept there.  5 The king of Jericho was told, “Behold,men of  the children of Israel came inhere tonight to spy out the land.”   Jericho’s king sent to Rahab, saying, “Bring out the men who have come to you, who have enteredinto your house; for they have come to spy out all the land.”    6 The woman took the twomen and hid them.Then she said, “Yes, the men came tome, but I didn’t know where they came from. About the time of theshutting of the gate,when it was dark, themen went out.Where the men went, I don’t know. Pursue them quickly.You may catch up with them.”  But she had brought them up to the roof, and hidden them under thestalks of flax which she had laid in order on the roof.
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