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Chapter 8 The Marketing Plan McGraw-Hill/Irwin Entrepreneurship, 7/e Copyright © 2008 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Industry Analysis ‡ Provides sufficient knowledge of the external environment that can affect marketing strategy decision making. ± Begins with broadest-based assessment (national) and then proceeds to local market analysis. ‡ Information can be gathered through: ± Secondary sources. ± Market research initiatives (Primary sources). ‡ Benefits: ± Entre
  The Marketing Plan McGraw-Hill/IrwinEntrepreneurship, 7/e Copyright © 2008 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Chapter 8  Industry Analysis Provides sufficientknowledge of the externalenvironmentthat can affect marketing strategydecision making.  ±Begins withbroadest-based assessment(national)and then proceeds tolocal market analysis. Information can begatheredthrough:  ±Secondarysources. ±Market research initiatives (Primarysources). Benefits:  ±Entrepreneur can understand the industryopportunity and threatsand itscompetitors¶strengths and weaknesses.  Compe tit o r Analysis Document current strategies of primarycompetitors, then;The information can be utilized to formulate themarket positioning strategy.This analysis:  ±Enlightens entrepreneurs. ±Provides a solid basis for marketing decisionmaking.  Ass e ss me nt of    Compe tit o r Mark e ting Strat e gi e s andStr  e ngths and W e akn e ss e s Compe tit o r A Compe tit o r B Compe tit o r  CP r  o duct/S e rvic e Strat e gi e s P ricing Strat e gi e sDistributi o nStrat e gi e s P r  omo ti o nStrat e gi e sStr  e ngths andW e akn e ss e s
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