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  OPERATOR’S MANUAL AUTOMATED HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER KX-21 CHAPTER 1:INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 2:SAMPLE ANALYSISCHAPTER 3: DISPLAY AND PROCESSING OF ANALYSIS RESULTSCHAPTER 4: MAINTENANCE AND SUPPLIES REPLACEMENTCHAPTER 5: QUALITY CONTROLCHAPTER 6: CALIBRATIONCHAPTER 7: TROUBLESHOOTINGCHAPTER 8: ADJUSTMENTCHAPTER 9: FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTIONCHAPTER 10: INSTRUMENT SETUPAPPENDIX A: INSTALLATIONAPPENDIX B: TECHNICAL INFORMATIONINDEX SYSMEX CORPORATION KOBE, JAPAN Copyright ©  1997 - 2000 by SYSMEX CORPORATIONAll rights reserved. No part of this Operator’s Manual may beCode No. 461-2261-1reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever withoutPRINTED IN JAPANprior written permission of SYSMEX CORPORATION.Date of Last Revision: January 2000  Sysmex KX-21 Operator’s Manual -- Revised October 1998  ã  Sysmex is a registered trademark of SYSMEX CORPORATION. ã  CELLCLEAN, CELLPACK, EIGHTCHECK-3WP, STROMATOLYSER-WH aretrademarks of SYSMEX CORPORATION. ã   Cubitainer is a registered trademark of Hedwin Corporation. ã   Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. ã   VENOJECT is a registered trademark of Terumo Corporation. ã   Other trademarks referenced are property of their respective owners. ã It is prohibited to reproduce part or all of the contents of this Manual without permission. ã The display screens carried in this Manual may in some cases differ from actual screens. ã We reserve the right to make further improvements and incorporate them in our products,which then will have some points that differ from descriptions in this Manual. ã Patient names and doctor names are entered for information and illustration purposes only,and do not imply real specific persons.  Sysmex KX-21 Operator’s Manual -- Revised October 1998   I  RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS The KX-21 has been thoroughly tested before shipment, and has been packagedcarefully to prevent damage from shipping and handling. Reagents and options havealso been sent and will arrive at approximately the same time as the analyzer. Followthese guidelines when the system arrives:ãCheck to see that the arrows on the sides of the packages are pointing up. If thearrows do not point up, remark this information on the bill of lading.ãVisually inspect the outside of the package for rips, dents, or possible shippingdamage. Document any sign of damage on the bill of lading, regardless of howinsignificant it may appear. This is for your protection! ãNotify your service representative that the KX-21 system and its componentshave arrived.ãWait for your service representative to unpack the system and open thepackages.ãFollow the unpacking and storage instructions provided on the outside of thepackage. Special requirements such as refrigeration are clearly marked on theoutside of the carton and will be included in the unpacking instructions andpackage inserts. WARRANTY INFORMATION All instruments manufactured by Sysmex® are warranted against defective materialsor workmanship for a period of one year commencing on the installation date at thecustomer's required location.This Warranty does not cover any defect, malfunction, or damage due to:1.Accident, neglect or willful mistreatment of the product2.Failure to use, operate, service, or maintain the product in accordance with theapplicable Sysmex Operator's Manual3.Failure to use the appropriate reagents or chemicals specified for the product  Sysmex KX-21 Operator’s Manual -- Revised October 1998   II  ENSURE SAFE OPERATION OF THE INSTRUMENT Before operating this instrument, carefully read the Ensure Safe Operation of the Instrument and OPERATOR’S MANUAL, and strictly follow the instructions given in them.This manual carries a variety of illustrations to make sure that the product can be used safelyand correctly, thus preventing you and others from suffering injuries and damage to property.The illustrations and meaning are described in the following.Do understand what they mean before proceeding to the text of the MANUAL. Meaning of Signs ã If this sign is ignored and the instrument is operated incorrectly, there isa potentially hazardous situation which could result in death or seriousinjury of an operator, or grave property damage. ã If this sign is ignored and the instrument is operated incorrectly, there isa potentially hazardous situation which may result in injury of anoperator, adverse effect on output results, or will cause propertydamage. Caution on Diagnosis ã This product is a clinical instrument for screening of abnormalities.Clinical judgments by physicians should take into account results fromclinical examinations and other test results besides hematology result. WARNING CAUTIONCAUTION
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