Suva Chakraborty ICICI: Building the Bridge Between SME and Micro finance

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    Strategies to build theBridges November 28, 2005 ICICI Bank in SME &Microfinance    2 India  Largest democracy in the world  1 billion strong consumers  Fourth largest economy & tenth most industrialized  projected to grow larger than Italy, France, Germany and Japan in 30 years  One of the fastest growing economies  at 8.5% in FY 04, 7% in FY05 and 7.25% (E) in FY 06  Abundant skilled manpower  One of the most liberal FDI regime  AT Kearney:  third most attractive investment destination  best BPO destination  Sixth largest forex reserves in the world at USD 140 bn    3 Vast credit opportunity 150138136114103773015304080120160200      C      h     i    n    a      T    a      i    w    a      n     H     K     M    a      l    a     y       s      i    a      A    u     s     t    r    a       l     i    a      S      i    n    g      a     p       o     r    e      K    o     r    e     a      I    n     d      i    a  Source: Reserve Bank of India Domestic credit as a % of GDP    4 The ICICI Group today  Largest private sector bank in India  Largest consumer credit provider in India  Over 15 million retail customer accounts  Serving over 2000 large and small corporatehouses with a variety of wholesale and treasuryproducts  Largest private sector life and general insurerin India  Building a global presence  Largest rural and micro loans provider in thecountry  Asset base of ~US$ 45 bn, PAT of aboutUS$500 mn
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