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   Anhydrous Ammonia Fertlizer- Anhydrous ammonia is one of he mos ecien and widely used sources of nirogen for plan growh- easy applicaton and readily available- Anhydrous ammonia also has disadvanages, especially in is handling. I musbe sored and handled under high pressure, which requires specially designed andwell-mainained equipmen. - Anhydrous means wihou waer. Consequenly, when anhydrous ammonia andmoisure come ino conac, hey rapidly combine. When i is injeced ino he soil,he liquid ammonia expands ino a gas and is readily absorbed in he soil moisure.Similarly, he liquid or gas ha conacs body tssue - especially he eyes, skin andrespiraory rac - will cause dehydraton, cell desructon and severe chemical burns.Victms exposed o even small amouns of ammonia require immediae reamen oavoid permanen injury.  Rubber Tracor Tires- special, low-pressure pneumatc tres which are capable of meetng he variedservice requiremens demanded of farm racors- Greaer fuel eciency, Greaer drawbar pull, Higher operatng speeds, Moreoperaor comfor.- pneumatc tres save an average of more han 14% in fuel and increase drawbarhorse power by 15 o 21 percen.- early racors were massive and expensive.- old, discarded tres: breeding ground for mosquioes (an ever alarming issuewih he rise of he Wes Nile Virus), ake up landll space, poental for tre reswhich produce acid smoke  Genetcally Modied (GM) Crops- also known as Bioech Crops, are plans used in agriculure, he DNA of whichhas been modied using genetc engineering mehods- raising agriculural productviy and reducing he need for (environmenallyharmful) pestcides. - pose hazards o human healh, from oxiciy and increased risk of allergies- Genetc modicaton (GM) echnology allows he ransfer of genes for specicrais beween species using laboraory echniques.- GM crops were rs inroduced in he U.S. in he mid-1990s. Mos curren GMcrops grown in he U.S. are engineered for insec resisance or herbicide olerance.Corn, soybeans, and coon are he hree larges acreage GM crops.- GM crops grown in Colorado include corn, alfalfa, sugar bee, soybeans, andcanola.- Poental fuure applicatons of he echnology include nuritonalenhancemens, sress olerance, disease resisance, biofuel eciency, andremediaton of pollued sies.- GM crops are regulaed a he federal level by he U.S. Deparmen of Agriculure (USDA), he Environmenal Proecton Agency (EPA) and he Food andDrug Adminisraton (FDA), each wih auhoriy o oversee specic aspecs of hecrops and heir producs.  - The erm genetcally modied (GM), as i is commonly used, refers o heransfer of genes beween organisms using a series of laboraory echniques forcloning genes, splicing DNA segmens ogeher, and insertng genes ino cells.Collectvely, hese echniques are known as recombinan DNA echnology. Ohererms used for GM plans or foods derived from hem are genetcally modiedorganism (GMO), genetcally engineered (GE), bioengineered, and ransgenic.‘Genetcally modied’ is an imprecise erm and a poentally confusing one, in havirually everyhing we ea has been modied genetcally hrough domestcatonfrom wild species and many generatons of selecton by humans for desirable rais.The erm is used here because i is he one mos widely used o indicae he use of recombinan DNA echnology. According o USDA sandards for organic agriculure,seeds or oher subsances derived hrough GM echnology are no allowed in organicproducton.  General Purpose Tracor- designed o pull heavy tllage and harvestng machines as well as plan andcultvae row crops- Tracors are mechanical and hey can break down; you mus have access orepair pars, ools, and knowledge on how o eec he repairs. They also requireroutne mainenance and clean fuel. Tracors burn fossil fuels (some engines may runok on biodiesel) and cause air polluton and wase producs such as used oil andlers ha mus be properly disposed of o avoid conaminatng ground waer.- I mus be noed, however, ha farm animals also generae mehane gas andheir wase can conaminae waer sources as well, and beass of burden also requirefuel (hay, grass, grain, ec.).- On he oher hand, racors can dramatcally improve he productviy of farming by increasing he amoun of land ha one person can eectvely farm.   Rubber Tracor Tireshps:///151197084/Rubber-vs-Seel-Tracor-Tireshps://-us/hisory-deparmen/rubber-racor-treshp://al-impac/  anhydrous ammonia fertlizer hp://ural-anhydrous-ammonia-safely.hml  General Purpose Tracor hps://www.farmcollec/en-agriculural-inventons-in-farming-hisory  GM Cropshps://exension.colosaopic-areas/agriculure/genetcally-modied-gm-crops-echniques-and-applicatons-0-710/hps://he-benes-of-genetcally-modied-cropsand-he-coss-of-inecien-regulaton/1997 - The rs weed and insec—resisan bioech crops-soybeans and coon—are available commercially
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