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Hi and Hola - Welcome to this edition Southem Online. The Football (Soccer) World Cup in South Africa is reputed to be the biggest event of its kind in the world. Right up until near kick-off some commentators expressed doubts South Africa, with its economic, political and social challenges, could successfully host such an event. However, as Roger Godsmark of Forestry SA tells us in a podcast, the event has not only exceeded international expectations but also been a real cohesive force for good in the country.
  SOUTHEM ONLINE Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Journal Online news briefsSOUTHEM Online - Issue 247 – 7 July 2010Hi and Hola - Welcome to this edition Southem Online. The Football (Soccer) World Cup inSouth Africa is reputed to be the biggest event of its kind in the world. Right up until near kick-off some commentators expressed doubts South Africa, with its economic, political andsocial challenges, could successfully host such an event. However, as Roger Godsmark of Forestry SA tells us in a podcast, the event has not only exceeded international expectationsbut also been a real cohesive force for good in the country. One of the joys of watching theWorld Cup has been the exposure given some of the smaller countries in the southernhemisphere, including Paraguay (see below). For more on South Africa, go to thePodcastat: and Saludos from Down Under Mike SmithEditor and Director Email: info@southem.comURL: SOUTHEM COMMUNITYREGISTRATION You can register for this free e-news headlines service. Send an email LINKEDIN GROUP @   YAHOO GROUP @ FACEBOOK @ to send this edition to a friend? JustForward to a Friend. Or select “Forward” on your email. SPONSORS’ MESSAGES Help keep this publication free – please visit our sponsors today! Contactinfo@southem.comfor sponsorship details. HELI HARVEST LTD PROVIDING AERIAL HEAVY LIFTING SERVICES Heli Harvest is New Zealand’s leading heavy helicopter operator. The company has vastexperience in heavy lifting tasks, including timber harvesting, firefighting, disaster relief,construction, vineyard frost protection and cellphone tower installation. Heli Harvest operatestwo Mi-8 helicopters. For more information, go to: FOURTH FOREST ENGINEERING CONFERENCE – WHITE RIVER, SOUTH AFRICA,April 5-7, 2011 First Announcement“INNOVATION IN FOREST ENGINEERING -ADAPTING TO STRUCTURAL CHANGE”The Department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University, South Africa inconjunction with IUFRO, is proud to announce the presentation of the 4th Forest EngineeringConference in April 5-7, 2011 at the Protea Hotel, The Winkler, in White River, Mpumalanga,  South Africa.The Forest Engineering Conference (FEC) is an international event held every four years andis a forum for forest engineers from around the world to share their knowledge, experience,and emerging ideas. This meeting follows previous successful FEC events held, in Mont-Tremblant, Canada (2007); Växjö, Sweden (2003); and the inaugural event in Edinburgh,Scotland in 1999.The three-day conference, will include both oral and poster presentations. A full-day fieldexcursion is being arranged for the 6th of April in and around the Nelspruit and White River industrial forestry plantation of Komatiland Forests and York Timbers. A call for papers andposters related to the conference theme and other important information will follow this firstannouncement. FEC sponsors’ logos will be added to the website, other officialcorrespondence and future announcements.Important Dates:Early Registration DeadlineDecember 31, 2010Late Registration DeadlineJanuary 31, 2011Abstract SubmissionAugust 15, 2010Contact Information:For further information please contact Hannél Ham ( or Pierre Ackerman( TIMBERLAND INVESTMENT CONFERENCE Center for Forest BusinessUniversity of GeorgiaMarch 23-25, 2011The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds PlantationLake Oconee, Georgia, USAwww.ugatimberlandinvestment.comSave the Date!Forestry Climate, Investments and Opportunities are changing! Join us for our 2011Timberland Investment Conference where we will provide you the latest Forestry topics,speakers and opportunities.UGA’s Center for Forest Business professionals and invited speakers will provide you insightin the resilience of forest resources and how timberland values have been impacted by thefinancial markets. The conference should meet your timberland questions as well as provideyou the information necessary to make the most prudent timberland investment decisionsinvolving the process of purchasing, management and divesting a tract of timberland.The Center for Forest Business integrates the latest academic research and sound financialmethods to provide education and service to forest industry, investors and landownersthroughout the world.For more information, contact:Bob Izlar - bizlar@warnell.uga.eduDirector, Center for Forest BusinessWarnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesUniversity of Georgia, AthensPhone (706) 542-6819FAX (706) 542-5073Rich Molpus -rmolpus@warnell.uga.eduCenter for Forest Business  Warnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesUniversity of Georgia, AthensPhone (706) 542-5079Cell (601) 421-1721 COMPREHENSIVE INSIGHTS WITH SOUTHEM COUNTRY REPORTS Southem Country Reports on Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, South Africaand Uruguay are now available. To find out more about these unique southern hemispherecountry forestry reports, go to Southem Country Reportsor at**************************************** COPYRIGHT NOTICE Items headlined in SOUTHEM Online are drawn from a number of sources. The source of the item is quoted, either by publication or organisations in line with the practice of fair reporting. Items srcinally published in Spanish are translated by TMS Ltd. Every effort ismade to ensure use of paid wire service material is avoided at all times. Should users wish toutilise SOUTHEM Online on their own web sites, we request that this is done to accuratelyreflect the current layout to ensure attribution is appropriate.************************************************ FOREST OWNERS REAP BENEFITS FROM CARBON SALE A collection forest owners and investors based in the South Island of New Zealand recentlyconcluded what is described as a landmark agreement for a European government topurchase forest carbon credits. The deal was announced by Independent Forestry ServicesLtd (IFS) which facilitated the deal. Carbon Business Manager Mike Mitchell said in astatement that the deal was significant as it involved an aggregation of carbon credits fromseveral private forest owners and investors.************************************************ CATERPILLAR PLANS NEW MANUFACTURING FACILITY IN BRAZIL Global equipment supplier Caterpillar Inc. has announced plans to expand its manufacturingpresence in Brazil to further position the company to meet growing customer demand acrossLatin America. Studies and site selection for the new facility are at advanced stages and arepart of Caterpillar’s long-term global manufacturing strategy. A final location is expected to beannounced later in the Northern summer/Southern winter. The new facility will producebackhoe loaders and small wheel loaders, a company statement said.************************************************ PULP MILL DISPUTE ‘NO FOOTBALL MATCH’ – BOTH SIDES MUST WIN Argentina’s Foreign Affairs Minister Héctor Timerman has used a soccer analogy in urgingcaution in seeking a resolution with Uruguay over the Botnia/UPM pulp mill and itsenvironmental impact. He said the issued could not be seen as “a football match where oneside wins and the other looses”, but rather as a situation where “the peoples of both countriesbenefit”, Mercopress has reported.************************************************ SA ACCOUNTANTS WANT ‘REVENUE NEUTRAL’ CARBON TAXES The South African accountants want the government to ensure that any further carbon taxesintroduced are “revenue neutral”. Engineering News has reported the call from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). It quoted Anja Finnern, the SAICA chairperson of theCarbon Tax Committee and KPMG Tax Services manager, as saying “The efficacy of acarbon tax should not be measured by its revenue yield, but by its impact on emissions in thecontext of the overall government mitigation policy.” She said business needed to formulate acommon position on carbon tax as a matter of urgency, and noted that South Africa was  behind the international curve.************************************************ BRAZIL’S FORESTRY LAW CHANGES ‘DOOM FOR AMAZON RAINFOREST’? A proposed re-evaluation of forestry codes in Brazilian law could have catastrophicconsequences for the Amazon rainforest, Graham_Land wrote in a blog on Climate &Change, Conservation, Politics at for 6 Jul 2010. He said the issue of keeping Brazil’s strict forestry laws intact or legally opening up more forest for economicdevelopment pitted environmentalists against Ruralistas , who claimed that current laws werestifling economic growth and keeping peasants in poverty.************************************************ HANCOCK INVESTORS FUND A$600M DEAL TO BUY QUEENSLAND PLANTATIONS Clients of the US-based Hancock Queensland Plantations have spent A$603 million onacquiring the licence to manage more than 200,000 hectares of plantation lands from thegovernment of the Australian state of Queensland. Hancock Queensland Plantations is acompany managed by Hancock Timber Resource Group (HTRG) on behalf of institutionalinvestors, a company statement said. Hancock Queensland Plantations’ client investors paidA$603 million for Australia’s Forestry Plantations Queensland (FPQ) whose main asset is a99-year licence to manage, harvest and re-grow plantation timber on approximately 204,000hectares of plantation lands.************************************************ ARAUCO SAWMILL REOPENING BOOST FOR JOBS IN QUAKE-HIT REGION Chilean forest products group Arauco recently celebrating the reopening of a major sawmill inthe region most impacted by the 27 February 2010 earthquake. Local authorities andcompany executives recently gathered at a ceremony to reopen the company’s AserraderoHorcones II sawmill. The sawmill’s reopening meant the recruitment of 165 workers, with thestart up helping to contribute to stabilising employment in the zone most hard hit by theearthquake, Lignum reported.************************************************ WORLD BANK APPROVES US$4.5MI GRANT TO RESCUE PARAGUAY FORESTS The World Bank Board has announced the Directors have approved a US$4.5 million grantfrom the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) to help Paraguay’s efforts to preservebiodiversity and manage Paraguay’s eastern Atlantic Forest, around Itaipú dam’s areas of influence, in a sustainable manner. Paraguay lost at least 80 percent of its forests in the last50 years. Of the remaining 2 million hectares (4.95 million acres) of Upper Parana AtlanticForest, it is estimated that only 800,000 ha are valuable from the point of view of conservationand sustainable use. NORWAY PROVIDES PARAGUAY WITH SUSTAINABLE FOREST POLICY STUDY Meanwhile, Norway provided Paraguay with a study to help the landlocked Latin Americancountry in its bid to more accurately measure and manage its fast disappearing native forests.A report in ABC Digital said an announcement from the Paraguay Offices of Investments andExports (Rediex/MIC in Spanish) noted that the study was based on the development andapplications required to implement forest policies.************************************************ PERU PLANS FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE RESOURCES AGENCY Meanwhile, in Peru the government executive has sent to Congress a project aimed atcreating a new agency responsible for overseeing the use of forestry and wildlife resources,The Peruvian Times reported. It’s reported that the law would create a national forestry andwildlife service called Serfor. The newly created agency would report to the Ministry of Agriculture and would be responsible for administering, planning and regulating the
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