Southem Online 246: New Australia PM may bring ETS back from the dead

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  SOUTHEM ONLINE Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Journal Online news briefsSOUTHEM Online - Issue 246 – 24 June 2010Hi and Hola - Welcome to this edition Southem Online.Cheers and Saludos from Down Under Mike SmithEditor and Director Email: info@southem.comURL: SOUTHEM COMMUNITYREGISTRATION You can register for this free e-news headlines service. Send an email LINKEDIN GROUP @   YAHOO GROUP @ FACEBOOK @ to send this edition to a friend? JustForward to a Friend. Or select “Forward” on your email.  SPONSORS’ MESSAGES Help keep this publication free – please visit our sponsors today! Contactinfo@southem.comfor sponsorship details. 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A full-day fieldexcursion is being arranged for the 6th of April in and around the Nelspruit and White River industrial forestry plantation of Komatiland Forests and York Timbers. A call for papers andposters related to the conference theme and other important information will follow this firstannouncement. FEC sponsors’ logos will be added to the website, other officialcorrespondence and future announcements.  Important Dates:Early Registration DeadlineDecember 31, 2010Late Registration DeadlineJanuary 31, 2011Abstract SubmissionAugust 15, 2010Contact Information:For further information please contact Hannél Ham ( or Pierre Ackerman( HELI HARVEST LTD PROVIDING AERIAL HEAVY LIFTING SERVICES Heli Harvest is New Zealand’s leading heavy helicopter operator. The company has vastexperience in heavy lifting tasks, including timber harvesting, firefighting, disaster relief,construction, vineyard frost protection and cellphone tower installation. Heli Harvest operatestwo Mi-8 helicopters. For more information, go to: REMSOFT – WORLD-LEADING SOFTWARE Remsoft creates the world's leading software for sustainable spatial forest managementplanning. For 15 years, our software suite has enabled our clients to meet objectives whileensuring the viability of the world's forests and related ecosystems.For more information please click or  TIMBERLAND INVESTMENT CONFERENCE Center for Forest BusinessUniversity of GeorgiaMarch 23-25, 2011The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds PlantationLake Oconee, Georgia, USAwww.ugatimberlandinvestment.comSave the Date!Forestry Climate, Investments and Opportunities are changing! Join us for our 2011Timberland Investment Conference where we will provide you the latest Forestry topics,speakers and opportunities.UGA’s Center for Forest Business professionals and invited speakers will provide you insightin the resilience of forest resources and how timberland values have been impacted by thefinancial markets. The conference should meet your timberland questions as well as provideyou the information necessary to make the most prudent timberland investment decisionsinvolving the process of purchasing, management and divesting a tract of timberland.The Center for Forest Business integrates the latest academic research and sound financialmethods to provide education and service to forest industry, investors and landownersthroughout the world.For more information, contact:Bob Izlar - bizlar@warnell.uga.eduDirector, Center for Forest BusinessWarnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesUniversity of Georgia, AthensPhone (706) 542-6819FAX (706) 542-5073Rich Molpus -rmolpus@warnell.uga.eduCenter for Forest BusinessWarnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources  University of Georgia, AthensPhone (706) 542-5079Cell (601) 421-1721 COMPREHENSIVE INSIGHTS WITH SOUTHEM COUNTRY REPORTS Southem Country Reports on Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, South Africaand Uruguay are now available. To find out more about these unique southern hemispherecountry forestry reports, go to Southem Country Reportsor at**************************************** COPYRIGHT NOTICE Items headlined in SOUTHEM Online are drawn from a number of sources. The source of the item is quoted, either by publication or organisations in line with the practice of fair reporting. Items srcinally published in Spanish are translated by TMS Ltd. Every effort ismade to ensure use of paid wire service material is avoided at all times. Should users wish toutilise SOUTHEM Online on their own web sites, we request that this is done to accuratelyreflect the current layout to ensure attribution is appropriate.************************************************ NEW AUSTRALIAN PM PLEDGES EMISSIONS TRADING RE-BIRTH Julia Gillard, fresh from replacing Kevin Rudd as Australia’s Prime Minister, has committedthe government to resurrecting the emissions trading scheme and opening the way for talkswith the mining sector. Gillard was appointed Australia’s first woman Prime Minister after Rudd stepped aside under pressure of numbers disconcerted at plummeting poll results.Rudd’s Labor-led Government has been hammered over its mishandling of climate changeissues, particularly a forlorn attempt to introduce an ETS, which was dumped due to itscomplexity as deals within deals were made to appease pressure groups. Commentators saythis damaged Rudd on the party’s left and won no friends even with the right wing. Issuesinvolving a proposed mining tax also proved “toxic”, a commentator on ABC noted.************************************************ GREENS SEE GILLARD AS CLEARING THE WAY FOR ‘REAL’ CLIMATE CHANGEACTION Meanwhile, Australia’s Greens have welcomed Julia Gillard. In a statement, the Greens saidGillard’s first priority must be to dump the Government’s failed emissions trading scheme andnegotiate openly and constructively with the Greens to deliver real action on climate change.However, the Greens also congratulated Kevin Rudd on his time as Prime Minister, notingthat he did ratify the Kyoto protocol, and apologised to the Stolen Generation of Absrcinalpeople taken from their families, and increased the aged pension.************************************************ NAFI ‘DISAPPOINTED’ OVER GOVT VOTE AGAINST RENEWABLE ENERGY LAW A day before the move to replace Rudd as PM, the National Association of Forest Industries(NAFI) claimed a government vote in the senate would keep the country in the dark ages onrenewable energy from forest wood waste. The government voted down amendments to theRenewable Energy Target legislation that would have allowed wood waste and residues fromexisting operations in native forest and plantations to be fully recognised for the creation of renewable energy credits. NAFI CEO Allan Hansard said in the statement that he wasdisappointed with the government’s move to vote down amendments which would haveprovided considerable greenhouse benefits, regional investment and jobs.************************************************ SOUTH AFRICAN SPIRIT THE REAL WORLD CUP WINNER  Their team may have been knocked out of the Football (Soccer) World Cup but SouthAfricans reckon they are still winners. Forestry South Africa’s Roger Godsmark told SouthemOnline the World Cup being held there currently has been a terrific boost for infrastructurebuilding. Although low levels of residential building mean the sawmilling sector is stillsluggish, he said the event has been great for the spirit of the country, saying it had unified allraces in a way not seen since the release from prison of Nelson Mandela in 1990.************************************************ NZ SAWMILLERS EXPOSED TO PCP OFFERED GOVT HEALTH SERVICE HELP The New Zealand Government has undertaken to pay for future health visits by sawmillworkers who were exposed to pentachlorophenol (PCP). New Zealand’s Ministry of Healthhas released a report on a proposed special support service for former sawmill workers whowere exposed to pentachlorophenol (PCP), a timber preservative used in the 1950s to 1980s.Ministry of Health Environmental and Border Health Protection Manager Sally Gilbert says thereport’s authors Allen & Clarke sought the views of former sawmill workers and their families,Sawmill Workers Against Poisons (SWAP), potential health service providers, and a technicalgroup consisting of epidemiologists, toxicologists, and public health specialists. “The Ministryof Health has accepted Allen & Clarke’s recommendations and intends to establish a specialsupport service for former sawmill workers exposed to PCP in line with thoserecommendations,” Sally Gilbert said in a statement.************************************************ INCIPIENT DOMESTIC TERRORISM’ CONCERN GROWS IN CHILE Chile’s Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter has raised concern regarding what is described as“an incipient domestic terrorism” facing the country. Concerns have been heightened over the increasing violence experienced in the south of Chile where indigenous Mapuche groupshave vandalised property, attacked workers and barricaded highways in separate incidents toprotest over the loss of land to forestry during years of the Pinochet dictatorship. The Minister raised the terrorism issue due to the hundreds of explosives detonated over the past four years, cases for which there have been no detainees. He assured that the government willcontrol the issue as soon as possible. (Source: ADN Radio via Chile Pulse)************************************************ CHILE TO EXTEND DIESEL FUEL SUBSIDY The Chilean Government is looking at alternatives to a fuel subsidy which has helped truckersin Chile overcome higher petrol prices and the impact of the recession. The Fuels PriceStabilisation Fund (Fepco in Spanish) is the the law that permits the refund of the specific taxfor diesel supplies and La Nacion reported that the government was working on the project toallow these mechanisms to be extended. Another parliamentary source pointed out that theexecutive had studied the possibility of using the Fepco to buy additional fuel abroad tocushion the country against the abrupt changes in the international price of the petroleum.************************************************ GREENS AND FORESTRY GO ONE-ON-ONE OVER INDUSTRY TROUBLES A forestry roundtable to thrash out a way forward for the industry in the Australian state of Tasmania has been sidelined in favour of private talks between environmentalists and thetimber sector, the ABC has reported online. Tasmania is the scene of a major upheaval tothe forest industry, which is struggling with changes in log supplies and the impact of therecession. It’s reported that environmentalists and forest industry groups have agreed to holdtheir own discussions in an effort to resolve the conflict over logging in the State.************************************************ US$270B PROFIT FOR US FARMERS FROM TROPICAL FOREST PROTECTION Rural parliamentarians in Brazil are circulating a study that they believe provides argumentsfor changes in the Forest Code. Entitled Farms Here, Forests There , the American
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