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  SOUTH DELTA LEADER FRIDAY AUGUST 6 2010 ›   1   FRIDAY AUGUST 6, 2010 [more-online   VIEWPOINT   P8   COFFEE WITH   P9    DATEBOOK   P10    LOCAL FLAVOUR   P11   OUTSTANDING   P22 LADNER BLAZE Building had nosprinkler system P5 BRAVERYAWARDED DPD constablesaves family P6 TRAFFIC STUDY Two futures for Tsawwassen traffic P7 FIELD OF PLAY Mark Pearson prepsfor CommonwealthGames P19 Municipalityand MK DeltaLands have'eco-industrial'ideas for River Roadproperties A  VISION   FOR TILBURY PLUS Our monthlycrossword,Kids Page,and Heart ofLadner NightMarket  2 ‹   FRIDAY AUGUST 6 2010 SOUTH DELTA LEADER  SOUTH DELTA LEADER FRIDAY AUGUST 6 2010 ›   3 19 sports   Following a season in Ger-many, field hockey's MarkPearson has his sights set onthe Commonwealth Games. Copyright and property rights subsist in all display advertising and other material appearing in the South DeltaLeader. If, in the Publisher's opinion, an error is made that materially affects the value of the ad to the advertiser,a corrected advertisement will be inserted upon demand without further charge. Make good insertions are notgranted on minor errors which do not lessen the value of the advertisement. Notice of error is required before secondinsertion. Opinions expressed in columns and letters to the Editor are not necessarily shared by the Publisher. TheSouth Delta Leader is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’snewspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers.Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201Selby St., Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 2R2. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to August 6, 2010Vol. 12 No. 32 Cover and indexphotos Rob Newell Publisher    Chrissie Bowker    publisher  @ Editor    Philip Raphael off front In the July 30, 2010 editionof the Leader  , the incorrectdate for the re-opening for Lux's Delicatessen (4840ADelta St.) in Ladner Village,now owned by GiovanniMantovani, was published.The correct date is Aug. 9.Delta's director of com-munity planning ThomasLeathem (left, and oncover) has been workingwith staff and MK DeltaLands to create a vision for Tilbury's Zone C. behind the scenes 8 5 news A fire ata seniors residence is notconsidered to be suspicious,but highlights the need for buildings to have sprinklers. 6 savingPecker  Pecker thecat was one of many petsreunited with owners after afire destroyed their homes. 7 coffee with The Delta Museum andArchives' lone arranger islooking forward to archivingthe community's past. 15 classiccar  Rick Richardson's1967 Beaumont has beenhis trusty companion sincehe was 17. 16 localflavour  Wiener Walk organizer SusanLankau shares her recipe for salmon. Advertising Jane Ilott604.948.3640 ext.127 jane@southdeltaleader.comCollette Semeniuk604.948.3640 ext. Reporter  Kristine Salzmann604.948.3640 Creative Sarah Kelloway Distribution Geeta Schallig604.948.3640 ext Classifieds 604.575.5555Burning garbage has beenOK'd by Metro Vancou-ver. For this story (  Metroapproves trash incinera-tors ), visit and click on the 'News'tab. [web-extra correction   Presenting SponsorGold SponsorsSilver SponsorsFriends of the SunfestBronze SponsorsMedia Sponsors 38TH ANNUAL THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS!  WAS AHUGE SUCCESS!  AUGUST 6 TH   2010 In the sporting world we o-ten reer to the importance o undamentals—but what exact-ly are the undamentals?Basic movement skills arethose skills that each individualshould master beore progress-ing to more complex move-ments. Running, skipping,hopping, jumping and landingshould all be mastered beorea child or athlete can be rea-sonably expected to move andmanipulate an external object(ie, ball, stick or bat) successully. Games o tag are ab-solutely invaluable in this regard! Tag games develop athletic movement skills in thecontext o other athletes. Not only is tag a lot o un,but it teaches athletes to manipulate themselves in re-lation to other participants. This is something that should be developed beorean athlete is given an object or implement to manipu-late successully. Consider it this way: beore we expectyoungsters to manipulate an object in the context o afeld o play with other people, are we certain that theycan even manipulate themselves in this context? Tag games are great or this. They teach children andyouth how to move their bodies in relation to otherparticipants. There are hundreds o variations o tagout there, and they’re lots o un and can challengechildren o any age. Here are a couple o simple tag games that can bemodifed and adapted to dierent numbers and con-texts almost indefnitely:Turtle Tag: One or more children are it. Whensomeone gets tagged, they have to lie down ontheir back with their legs and arms in the air (likea turtle stuck on it's back). Other children canrescue the turtles by gently rolling them oversideways onto their hands and knees. Bridge Tag: Same as above, only children gointo a ront support (same as a push-up posi-tion) on the ground when they get tagged. Toget rescued someone has to crawl underneaththe bridge.  The best thing is, there's no set-up or equipmentrequired! The basics o  movement  And the importance o tag! What's the Diference?  There are our things dierent between Picture A and Picture B. Can you fnd them all?    A   n  s    w   e  r  s :  1 .    m i  s  s i   n   g  s   u   n   g l  a  s  s   e  s   2 .    m i  s  s i   n   g   f  s   h   o   n  c   h  a i  r   3 .   b   e  a  c   h   b  a l l   4 .  s   u   n i  s l  a  r   g   e  r Mark Friesen  ,executive director,Delta GymnasticsSociety  4 ‹   FRIDAY AUGUST 6 2010 SOUTH DELTA LEADER                                                                  107-5405 12th Avenue, Tsawwassen (Previously Hap Do Sool Studio Location)  604.943.7071 <  <  <  <  <  AND MUCH MORE!  Available at McDonald’s Tsawwassen and Ladner locationsLocally owned and operated by Steve Krawchuk  (Restaurant address) *For a limited time only. At participating McDonald’s ® restaurants in British Columbia. ©2010 McDonald’s.   (Restaurant address) ✁  ✁ ã13 slides ã hot tubãhuge grassy picnic areaãvolleyball     ✁ $  2    off!*  BESIDE THE FERRY TERMINAL IN SUNNY TSAWWASSEN  (604) 943-2251 *$2 off regularpaid admission.Not valid withother offers.Expires:Aug 20/10S.D.L wet w et  your y o ur   pants p ant s  ! ! BI R T H DAY  P AR T I E S OUR  SP E CI ALT Y 
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