Solids Handling Problems

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SOLVING SOLIDS HANDLING PROBLEMS BY RETROFITTING KILARU HARSHA VARDHAN Overview ã Most flow problems are caused by funnel flow patterns and can be cured by altering the pattern to mass flow, which requires changing the hopper and feeder designs. ã Mechanical and chemical flow aids Introduction ã In effective and unreliable handling systems start delays, process inefficiencies and equipment downtime. ã Engineering resources are usually allocated to processing concerns( reaction chemistry ),
  SOLVING SOLIDS HANDLINGPROBLEMS BY RETROFITTINGKILARU HARSHA VARDHAN  Overview ã Most flow problems are caused byfunnel flowpatterns and can be curedbyaltering the pattern to mass flow,which requires changing the hopperand feeder designs.ã Mechanical and chemical flow aids  Introduction ã In effective and unreliable handling systems-start delays, process inefficiencies and equipmentdowntime.ã Engineering resources are usua y a ocate toprocessing concerns( reaction chemistry ),ã Design of materials handling systems to preventproblems rarely gets much attention.  Introduction ã Solids handling problems can be avoided bybasing the design on the flow properties of thebulk materials being handledã Although it is much easier to prevent solids   methods, there are a number of effective retrofitsthat can significantly improve equipmentperformance.
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