SECURITIES INDUSTRY BUSINESS CONTINUITY TEST Saturday, June 7, 2008 Coordinated by  Securities Industry and Financial Ma

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SECURITIES INDUSTRY BUSINESS CONTINUITY TEST Saturday, June 7, 2008 Coordinated by  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and Financial Information Forum VERSION DATE: 5/2/2008 1 TEST OVERVIEW Test Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008
SECURITIES INDUSTRYBUSINESS CONTINUITY TESTSaturday, June 7, 2008Coordinated by Securities Industry and Financial Markets AssociationandFinancial Information ForumVERSION DATE: 5/2/20081TEST OVERVIEW
  • Test Date: Saturday, June 7, 2008
  • Objective: Exercise and verify the ability of firms, markets and utilities to operate through an emergency using backup sites, recovery facilities and backup communications capabilities across the industry
  • This test will not simulate an outage in any specific geographic area. Instead, all firms will connect simultaneously from their backup business and technology sites to the markets and industry utilities
  • This is a test of market connectivity that includes some processing interactions but is not a full test of internal systems of firms and exchanges
  • Test components
  • Equities DTCC FedWire Derivatives Fixed Income Omgeo CHIPS Options Market Data SWIFT
  • The 2008 test will include a simulated delayed opening of the equities and options markets at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time
  • Firms will transmit dummy orders to markets and receive simulated execution reports and will conduct certain settlement and payment interactions.
  • Firms will conduct test transactions with payment systems.
  • Firms will receive and verify market data through connections at their backup sites.
  • SIFMA will compile and publish aggregate test results based on input from exchanges. Results for individual participants will remain strictly confidential.
  • An overall testing window will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on 6/7. Individual exchanges and markets will announce their specific test windows. Equities and options markets will simulate a delayed opening at 10:00a.m. Eastern Time on 6/7.
  • Exchanges and markets will provide time for pre-test setup on test day prior to the test windows.
  • Firms will submit two orders for each of several designated symbols on each exchange/market using real symbols and real accounts. Firms will receive execution reports from the markets.
  • Exchanges and markets may make their own specific modifications to the general test format.
  • TEST FORMAT (continued)
  • Firms will conduct specified interactions with payment entities.
  • Firms will verify market data applications from backup sites
  • Price data and symbols to be used for each market will be provided to participants as test scripts prior to the test.
  • Exchanges and markets will purge all test date from systems prior to Monday market opening.
  • Prior to the test, firms may test their connectivity with exchanges on 4/5 and 5/3 or other dates designated by each exchange.
  • PARTICIPATING MARKET ENTITIESService BureausBroadridgeCRI FidessaLava TradingLiquidPointReadQSunGard Phase 3SunGard BrassThomson Transaction ServicesFixed IncomeAlternative Trading Systems BondDesk TradeWeb MarketAxess The MunicenterInter-Dealer Brokers eSpeed ICAPClearing Banks Bank of New York JP Morgan ChaseEquitiesNYSE/EuronextNASDAQAMEXPhiladelphia Stock ExchangeNational Stock ExchangeChicago Stock ExchangeOptionsThe Options Clearing CorporationAmerican Stock ExchangeChicago Board Options ExchangeInternational Securities ExchangePacific ExchangePhiladelphia Stock ExchangeBoston Options ExchangeMarket Data Bloomberg Thomson Financial eSignal Reuters TelekursFT Interactive Data DTCCOmgeo (TradeSuite)SWIFTPayment SystemsFedwireCHIPSSWIFT DerivativesDeriv/SERVGENERAL TEST REQUIREMENTSWHO MAY PARTICIPATE?The test is open to all securities firms providing they have pre-tested communications links from the backup locations they will use during the test through to the exchange and industry utilities sites.WHAT BACKUP SITES ARE TO BE USED?The objective of the test is to have all participants operate from their backup locations to the greatest degree possible. It is intended that firms will activate backup 1) data center, 2) operations and 3) trading sites.WHAT STAFF IS REQUIRED FOR THE TEST?Each participating organization will determine the number of employees necessary to conduct the test. There is no minimum or maximum staff size but, in keeping with the intent of the test, it is suggested that each firm assign some staff to backup 1) data center, 2) operations and 3) trading sites.GENERAL TEST REQUIREMENTS(Continued)HOW DOES AN ORGANIZATION REGISTER FOR THE TEST?An online registration system will be available on the SIFMA website in late March. Registrations must be submitted through this system by close of business Friday, May 2. CAN FIRMS PARTICIPATE IN THE TEST THROUGH SERVICE BUREAUS?Broadridge, Thomson Transaction Services, SunGard Phase 3, SunGard Brass, Fidessa, Townsend Analytics and Lava Trading are expected to participate. Clients of these service bureaus may participate providing that they have tested connectivity to the service bureau backup sites prior to the June 7 test. GENERAL TEST REQUIREMENTS(Continued)WILL REGULATORS AND THE PRESS BE INVOLVED IN THE TEST?Regulators will not participate directly in the test but, of course, have a significant interest in the overall results. SIFMA will brief the regulators prior to, during and after the test regarding the test process and the aggregate results. The press is not permitted to observe the conduct of the test. SIFMA will hold press briefings, issue press releases and conduct press interviews prior to and after the event.WILL PARTICIPANT BRIEFING CALLS BE HELD?There will be two briefing calls prior to the test where participants may ask questions. Representatives of the exchanges, markets and utilities will be available on these calls. Briefing calls are scheduled for Thursday, 4/24, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time and Thursday, 5/22, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.TEST INSTRUCTIONS
  • Detailed documentation is posted on the SIFMA website at:
  • A link is available on the home page.
  • This site will be updated periodically as additional materials are finalized.
  • Participant instruction packages will include the following:
  • Test Overview (this presentation document)
  • Summary of Test Components
  • Test Scripts Package
  • Individual Instructions From Exchanges, Markets and Utilities
  • (These will vary by exchange)
  • Questions regarding the overall test plus Equities and Fixed Income: Howard Sprow (SIFMA) 212-618-0548, hsprow@sifma.orgQuestions regarding the Options component: Joe Pellegrini (OCC) 972-501-8290, jpellegrini@theocc.comQuestions regarding the DTCC component: Anthony Pietanza (DTCC) 212-855-5682, apietanza@dtcc.comQuestions regarding the Omgeo component: David Cutright (Omgeo) David.Cutright@omgeo.comQuestions regarding Service Bureaus and the Market Data component: Arsalan Shahid (FIF) 212-422-8568,fifinfo@fif.comQuestions regarding CHIPS: David LaFalce (The Clearing Houise) David.LaFalce@theclearinghouse.orgQuestions regarding FedWire: Carl Lundgren (NY Fed) carl.lundgren@ny.frb.orgDOCUMENT CHANGE HISTORY3/13/2008 Initial release3/18/2008 Corrected briefing call dates on Slide 93/24/2008 Added NSX on Slide 63/25/2008 Added CHX on Slide 64/24/2008 Added Derivatives on Slides 3 and 64/28/2008 Added LiquidPoint on Slide 65/1/2008 Added ReadQ, deleted Townsend Analytics on Slide 6
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