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NFC ALUMINUM HURRICANE PROTECTION 9811 NW 80th Ave. Bay 7A/7B Hialeah Gardens, FL 33016 (305) 733-6235 NFC Aluminum installs and manufactures the most popular hurricane shutters and storm panels in South Florida. For over 20 years, we have been supplying professional service and the most courteous and want to find you become a part of our ever-growing family of customers in this region. And that is the reason we treat every job as though we were producing and installing these products for our own houses.
  • 1. Keep Away Storm With The Accordion Shutters in Miami Does your home need protection from the storms and hurricanes that occur every day in your area? Then you should go for the accordion shutters which give you extra protection from the storms and hurricanes. These are multi-paneled shutters that can cover large window opening. Various kinds of accordion shutters are available with the accordion shutters in Miami. These screens are sturdy in nature and made of wood and the style of shutters vary from the thicker stiles that can help each panel to fold back without getting out of shape. These shutters can protect your homes from the storm in a large way. Benefits of the shutters These curtains provide a lot of protection to the house. The accordion shutters in Miami offer those kinds of shutter which have good longevity. These screens are installed outside the window and provide protection from the storm. These filters are easy to operate, attractive and equipped with pothole of the windows. These shutters allow light to enter during the storm. These screens designed in such a way that it will deflect wind particles and flying particles away. These shutters consist of additional locks and give the protection against the thieves and burglars. There are also keyed locking systems to provide extra security. Reasons for choosing hurricane shutters Choosing the hurricane shutters is not a matter of joke. Numerous product options are available with the hurricane shutters in Miami while you go for shopping. The first thing that you need to consider is the safety. The shutters should be supplied and installed by the same company. These shutters should meet the HVHZ standard to protect the home from the hurricane. These screens can increase the aesthetic appeal. The workmanship provides a high level of quality that you expect. These shutters have the longevity that you associate with them. These screens include closure channels to prevent rusting. Installing the shutters For installation of hurricane shutters, you need to take exact measure of the doors and windows. The hurricane shutters in Miami have expert personnel who will help to install the screens in a professional way. You need to get accurate measurement because you need to protect the inside your home of you house from such destructive storms. You need to measure the rough openings and take the correct length. You need to note down the measurement and repeat the steps. You may add up heights so that nothing comes short. You finally should test the fit of the hurricane shutter that you are installing. Best time to install the shutters These screens should be installed when you are designing your house. If you have a home with ordinary windows, you should immediately consider a replacement with the storm protection shutters. While installing you need to check, that panels are smooth. You should always practice the opening and closing of the shutter before the storm season. It is time to practice the installation of the panels before the rusty weather season.Thus, you can stay safely by installing these shutters. Check with the expert technicians on the type of shutters that you should install in your house.
  • 2. Choose Aluminum Roof in Miami To Protect Your Homes After steel, aluminum is the second most used metal, mostly because of its versatile nature. The metal is resistant to dust and erosion and is therefore, excellent for outdoor use. If you live in a region that is prone to either warm weather conditions or experiences a lot of pollution, you must use an aluminum roof for your house as it comes with the phenomenon of passivation and thus, will protect your home from getting damaged due to the affect of the flying debris. Moreover, since aluminum is a lightweight material, installing roofs made from it will not require much labor. Advantages Of Aluminum Roofing Aluminum roofing beats out the traditional roof materials on innumerable counts. First and foremost, if properly installed, the aluminum roof in Miami is sure to last as long as your house survives. It will seal out water, protect the interior of your house from Category 5 storms, and keep the entry of snowflakes into your home at bay. The metal is resistant to insects and rots and therefore, will never get bad. This means, once you install an aluminum roof on your house, you will be saved from the expenditure of replacing or renovating it from time to time. Ease Of Installation Compared to roofs made from tiles and cement, aluminum roofs are light. Instead of replacing your old roof with a new aluminum roof in Miami, you can purchase the roof and apply it over your already existing roof. This will save you from spending money on hiring labor to remove your old and heavy roof and installing a new lightweight roof in its place. Alongside this, since most of the aluminum roofs come in twelve to thirty-six inches wide panels, a proficient contractor can install them on top of your old roof easily. Again, since the material is light you can save on spending for hiring masons to build a supporting structure for installing the roof. Points You Must Know Since aluminum is a noncombustible metal, it is known to be naturally resistant to fire. Thus, by applying the metal over your already present roof, you will protect your house from being struck by lightning. In addition to this, aluminum roofs are capable of reflecting the sun’s rays. By installing aluminum roofs on your house, you will be saving the interior of your home from the midday heat. Furthermore, if you wish to protect the inside furnishings of your home from rain and snow, then you must ensure installing the aluminum roof in Miami. The roof’s metal, on being slippery, will shed off maximum rain and snow falling on it. Facts About Aluminum Roof Installation The aluminum roof in Miami is resistant to all weather conditions and will never get tampered even during winters. Thus, aluminum roofs are one of those roofs that can be installed during winters. However, what is important for you to know is that aluminum roofs should be installed on buildings or homes that have a slope of 3:12 or more. Additionally, aluminum roofing requires special tools and professionals that know how to handle the complexity that comes when covering your already existing tile roof with an aluminum one. The rate of the installation of the metal roof depends on how many panels have to be covered with the metal roof.
  • 3. Why Select Impact Windows in Miami To Protect Your Home If your house is located in a hurricane prone zone then it is vital for you to have windows that can take on the flying debris and damaging winds associated with the hurricane. This means to save your home from getting damaged by the impact of hurricanes, you must install impact glass windows. Impact windows are windows that can help you and your house to have a better chance of surviving in a hurricane. These windows are laminated products. However, there are two main types of impact windows. While one comprises of multiple layers PRB between two thick sheets of glass, the other one is known as the PET laminated glass. Reasons To Install Impact Windows The impact windows in Miami have come to the point where each glass is tested to check whether it can resist the Category 5 wind and all dust and debris that goes along with it. This is done to help your home, items in the home, and you along with your family to survive with minimal damage caused. If any one of your windows falls as a victim due to the force flying wood applied to it, then the air pressure inside your home is likely to increase rapidly and some part of the other of your home is sure to give away. Once this happens your home is sure to become vulnerable to deterioration. To save your lives, you must ensure installing impact windows in your homes. Choosing Impact Windows To keep yourself safe, you must choose strong and durable impact windows in Miami. While purchasing an impact resistant window you must check whether laminated glass has been used for crafting it. A good impact resistant glass window comes with innumerable glass options. However, if you wish to buy a cost-effective insulated laminated glass window. This window type is coated with LoE and is therefore capable of delivering energy savings. If you live in a warm climate zone, then the LoE coated laminated glass windows is perfect for you as alongside protecting you from the effects of a hurricane, it will keep the interiors of your house cool. Benefits Of Installing Them Since impact windows in Miami comprise of many sheets of glass sandwiched between two durable sheets of glass, they are thick enough to protect your house from ultraviolet rays. It is a known fact that laminated glass has the capacity to eliminate up to ninety-nine percent of UV rays. This means by installing impact windows in your house you will protect the furnishings of your house from getting, damaged, disfigured and discolored. Additionally, installation of better windows in your house means giving your home an improved protective envelope. Thus, in case if you wish to move out and plan on selling off your home, it is natural for the better windows to add to the resale value of your home. Necessity Of Having Impact Windows When buying impact windows you must keep in mind that it the window will not only resist the storm and help you to survive, but is a product that will survive the storm and will live long. It is the long lastingness of the product that makes it worth purchasing. Also, the impact windows in Miami comprises of good manufacturers that provide long term warranty for their products.
  • 4. Install Screen Enclosures in Miami for Higher Privacy The term screen enclosure refers to screens made from glass that you can install around your pool and patio to protect their beauty. These screens are made from glass so that alongside keeping away dust, twigs and debris at bay, you can enjoy the beauty surrounding your pool and patio. Additionally, glass enclosures will also allow you to see if anyone is coming to visit you down the pool or at your patio. However, when you deiced to install screen enclosures, you must make sure to choose laminated glass screens as these screens comprise of a number of glass sheets sandwiched in the middle of two thick glass sheets and therefore are strong and durable. Advantages Of Installing Screen Enclosures Adding screen enclosures in Miami to your patio or pool area will be the best improvement that you can make within your home premises, as a homeowner. There are innumerable advantages of that come by adding screen enclosures. First and foremost, installation of a screen enclosure will protect you from various types of weather conditions when you are swimming in the pool or preparing a food item on your patio. Addition of the structure on your patio will keep your patio dust free and save you the money maintaining the location. Last of all, the structure increases the safety of the zone and will provide you with privacy. Reasons To Install Them The screen enclosures in Miami will keep out horse flies, bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, and various other insects away from you while you are working in your patio or are in the pool with your friends or family. This means by installing the screen enclosure you will keep all the harmful substances, carried by the insects that can cause disease in you, at bay. The screens are thick and therefore, capable of reducing the emission of ultraviolet rays in your location. Things You Must Know Before you can go ahead and purchase a screen enclosure you must have knowledge of the total measurement of the area in which you are going to install the screen as it is in accordance to the size of the space that you will know many glasses you need to buy. Alongside this, while buying the screen enclosures in Miami you must bear in mind the color of your house doors and windows. In accordance to this, you will be able to purchase a screen enclosure that has a contract supporting boundary color to your home doors and windows. This will enhance the appearance of your house. Choosing The Right Company When you are determined about installing a screen enclosure to get some privacy in your pool or patio, then you must make sure to purchase the same from an authentic company. Instead of asking your friends or relations to suggest a good screen enclosure providing company, you can search the internet as it comprises of innumerable companies that promises to offer excellent quality screen enclosures. When you are done selecting a screen enclosures company in Miami, you must conduct online research about it to gain knowledge about the type of materials it uses to make the screen enclosures and how much will each enclosure cost you. If you are satisfied with the price at which the firm is selling the screen enclosures, you can order the same immediately.
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