Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors: An Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World

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The first of four volumes in the landmark Lives and LegacieS≪/i Oryx Press series, Scientists, Mathematicians, and InventorS≪/i profiles approximately 200 men and women who changed the world by leaving lasting legacies in their fields. It fills a gap in the biographical reference shelf by offering far more than basic facts about a scientist's life and work—each entry describes not only the immediate effects of the individual's discoveries, but their impact on later scientific findings as well. Each entry contains a timeline listing important dates in the biographee's life as well as a bibliography of the most important works on the subject. A master timeline chronicling major events in scientific exploration and an annotated general bibliography are also included.
       Page i Lives and Legacies:An Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors Edited by Doris Simonis Writers Caroline HertzenbergJohn LuomaTami Schuyler Jonathan Secaur Doris SimonisDaniel SteinbergValerie TomaselliGayle Weaver Kelly Wilson ORYX PRESS1999    Page ii The rare Arabian Oryx is believed to have inspired the myth of the unicorn. This desert antelope became virtually extinct in the early 1960s. At that time several groups of international conservationists arranged to have nine animals sent to the Phoenix Zoo to be the nucleus of a captive breeding herd. Todaythe Oryx population is over 1,000, and over 500 have been returned to the Middle East  .© 1999 by The Oryx Press4041 North Central at Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85012-3397Produced by The Moschovitis Group, Inc.95 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016Executive Editor: Valerie TomaselliSenior Editor: Hilary PooleDesign and Layout: Annemarie RedmondOriginal Illustrations: Lucille LaceyCopyediting and Proofreading: Carole Campbell, Carol Sternhell, Melanie RellaIndex: AEIOU, Inc.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from The Oryx Press.Published simultaneously in CanadaPrinted and Bound in the United States of AmericaISBN 1-57356-151-7Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataSimonis, Doris A.Scientists, mathematicians, and inventors: lives and legacies: anencyclopedia of people who changed the world / by Doris Simonis. —(Lives and legacies)Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 1-57356-151-7 (alk. paper)1. Scientists—Biography—Encyclopedias. 2. Mathematicians— Biography—Encyclopedias. 3. Inventors—Biography—Encyclopedias.I. Title. II. Series.Q141.S54 1999509.2'2—dc21[B] 98-48484CIPThe paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Science—Permanence of Paper for PrintedLibrary Materials, ANSI Z39.48, 1984.    Page iii TABLE OF CONTENTS Listing of Biographies iv Introduction v-x The Biographies  Biographies 1-200 Appendices, Bibliography, and Index  Appendix One: Timeline 203-208Appendix Two: Geographic Listing of Biographies 209-214Appendix Three: Listing of Biographies by Discipline 215-220 Bibliography 221-226 Index 227-244
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