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sample paper fot nat test
  Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing SamplePaperNAT IM Sample Paper NAT IM 1  Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing VERBAL Complete the sentences by choosing the mostappropriate word, from the given lettered choices (Ato D) below each. 1.Sensory cells _______ impulses by producing electrical respondC.respond toD.respond2._______ crude hydrocarbons into such products as gasoline andpetrochemicals is at the heart of the petroleum refiningD.refining Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Selectthe lettered pair that best expresses a relationshipsimilar to that expressed in the srcinal pair. 3.CINNAMON: BARK::A.pea: climberB.nutmeg: seedC.tea: bush4.SNAKE: FANG::A.vampire: teethB.rabbit: hutchC.snail: antennaeD.action: fin Choose the lettered word or phrase that is mostnearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitalletters. 5.SIMULATED:A.realB.contrivedC.unassumingSample Paper NAT IM 2  Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing D.false Choose the word most similar in meaning to thecapitalized ones. 6.INTERVENE:A.come betweenB.withdrawC.contactD.constructE.require7.SLOTH:A.sadnessB.regretC.lazinessD.forgetfulness Read the passage to answer question 8-10 Exercise and vitamin D increase the amount of calcium in your bones. Youcan get all the vitamin D you need from simply being outdoors for thirtyminutes. Milk is fortified with vitamin D, and drinking nonfat milk gives youcalcium, vitamins, and energy. However, if you decide to take supplementalvitamin D, 400 to 800 IU per day will safely prevent any deficiencies.8.The word “fortified” is closest in meaning to:A.blendedB.flavoredC.irradiatedD.enhanced9.The word “supplemental” is closest in meaning to:A.additionalB.specialC.naturalD.concentrated10.The word “deficiencies” is closest in meaning to:A.abnormalitiesB.insufficienciesC.illnessesD.excessesSample Paper NAT IM 3  Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing ANALYTICAL REASONING Questions 11-13 A spice farmer must harvest exactly five spices grown on her farm. Thespices must be harvested consecutively, the harvest of one being completedbefore the harvest of the next begins. The five spices to be harvested areallspice, cloves, nutmeg, sage, and thyme.Nutmeg must be harvested before thyme.Cloves must be harvested immediately after allspice.Sage must not be harvested first.11.Which of the following is an acceptable order for the harvesting of thefive spices?A.nutmeg, sage, allspice, cloves, thymeB.sage, nutmeg, thyme, allspice, clovesC.allspice, sage, thyme, cloves, nutmegD.cloves, nutmeg, allspice, sage, thymeE.allspice, cloves, thyme, sage, nutmeg12.If nutmeg is the fourth spice harvested, which of the following must befalse?A.Allspice is the first spice harvested.B.Sage is harvested immediately after cloves.C.Exactly one crop is harvested between sage and thyme.D.Nutmeg is harvested immediately after cloves.E.Thyme is the last spice harvested.13.If sage is the second spice harvested, allspice must be which of thefollowing?A.the first or the third spice harvestedB.the first or the fourth spice harvestedC.the third or the fourth spice harvestedD.the third or the fifth spice harvestedE.the fourth or the fifth spice harvested Questions 14-17 Individual members from eight animal species are to be chosen for a specialexhibit habitat. The eight species are P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W. Because of the way these animals interact, certain guidelines must be followed.Animals that will fight cannot be placed in the habitat together.Members of species V will fight with members of species S, T and U.A member of species R will fight with a member of species Q, but only if amember of species V is present.If a member of species W is present, a member of species P will not fightwith any animal.If a member of species W is not present, a member of species P will fightwith members of species Q and R.No fights other than those described above will occur.Sample Paper NAT IM 4
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