Romanticism Quest

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English Literature
  Romanticism Quest  A perilous Journey that will requiregreat imagination.To be victorious on this quest for knowledge, one must forget the mindand instead listen to the heart.  Rules  Two types of questions:  Team Questions  – for team points (majority of thequestions)  To answer a team question:  Your team must be the first to write it on an answer sheetand hold it up in the air.  Individual Questions  – for individual mystery prizes  –  hold on to your bag until the end of the game   At the top of the slide you will see “!! Individual Questions !!” and all of the questions on that slide will be individual.  To answer an individual question:  You must stand up and be called on  Round One(No books or notes allowed)   Name the two Lake Poets:  Wordsworth & Coleridge  Who is the classic “irresistible bad - boy”?    Lord Byron, or any other Byronic hero  Which Blake poem would belong in his Songsof Experience ?  “The Tyger”    The 2 nd generation poets were associatedwith what country?  Italy
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