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Quarterly report. NorthGrid Quarter 3 2005 Alessandra Forti. Current site status data. Local network connectivity is that to the site SE It is understood that SFT failures do not always result from site problems, but it is the best measure currently available. All GridPP Resources.
Quarterly reportNorthGridQuarter 3 2005Alessandra FortiCurrent site status data
  • Local network connectivity is that to the site SE
  • It is understood that SFT failures do not always result from site problems, but it is the best measure currently available.
  • Quarterly report: NorthGridAll GridPP Resources
  • The GridPP-Tier-2 MoUs made reference to integrated CPU over the 3 years of GridPP2. Under the “Promised – integrated kSI2K hours until this quarter” an estimate is provided of what the Tier-2 would have expected to provide to this quarter on the basis of planned installations. “Static kSI2K” shows what would currently be expected if all purchases planned to this quarter had been made and implemented. The actual columns show what has been delivered.
  • Quarterly report: NorthGridLCG resources1) The estimated figures are those that were projected for LCG planning purposes:http://lcg-computing-fabric.web.cern.ch/LCG-Computing-Fabric/GDB_resource_infos/Summary_Institutes_2004_2005_v11.htm2) Current total job slots are those reported by EGEE/LCG gstat page.Quarterly report: NorthGridVOs supported by site0 => not supported 1 => supporteddteam not listedQuarterly report: NorthGridCPU used per VO over quarter (KSI2K hours)
  • Information currently available from APEL
  • http://goc.grid-support.ac.uk/gridsite/accounting/tree/gridpp_view.php- please note these pages are
  • still under development!
  • Nb. This could be automated with an SQL/R-GMA query
  • Quarterly report: NorthGridUsage by VO for Tier-2Quarterly report: NorthGridStorage resources in use per VO (TB)Difficult to provide this for the period but we can at least show *current* usage. Numbers need to be provided by siteAdmins (> du – sh) but this will change under dCache.Quarterly report: NorthGridCPU Usage by VO (KSI2K hours)Nb: This can be extracted from APEL – http://goc.grid-support.ac.uk/gridsite/accounting/custom.phpQuarterly report: NorthGridUsage by VO (jobs)Nb: This can be extracted from APELQuarterly report: NorthGridProgress over last quarterQuarterly report: NorthGridTier-2 risks
  • Here “risk” is any significant event (which has a reasonable chance of occurring) that could potentially prevent the Tier-2 from meeting its project commitments. For example, not getting expected funding to fund equipment/infrastructure is a reasonable risk whereas loss of all staff is not.
  • Quarterly report: NorthGridTier-2 planning for next quarter
  • Liverpool to be restored to LCG availability
  • Delivery of Manchester resources and commissioning
  • Answering where possible the networking questionaire circulated by Robin Tasker
  • Sheffield install dcache
  • Preparing at least 2 sites for SC4
  • Lancaster reviewing their security and network situation
  • Lancaster increasing storage with other 5TB
  • Quarterly report: NorthGridObjectives and deliverables for last quarterQuarterly report: NorthGridObjectives and deliverables for next quarterQuarterly report: NorthGridMeetings, papers & effortFor Tier-2 coordinator:Quarterly report: NorthGridSummary & outlook
  • New posts participated also to general meetings
  • Liverpool is still down in the last two weeks of the quarter there has been enough activity to let hope that they will go into LCG.
  • Sheffield keeps on doing very well
  • Manchester is near to the acceptance tests for the big farm
  • Manchester is actively working on VOMS deployment
  • Lancaster successfully carrying on SC3
  • Some some general points are still open
  • Even if not all directly involved in the service challenges sites should start to install software and get acquainted with it.
  • Given RB problems filling fabrics, can GridPP act in a way to improve this?
  • How will the switch from SJ4+ESLEA to SJ5 be managed?
  • Need for a model by which the distributed Tier-2 acts as a collective entity
  • Quarterly report: NorthGrid
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