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  Instructional PlanningDetailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Format Quarter:Duration:Date: 1English7460 January 1! 01# Learning Competency/ies: Code: DomainDifferentiate reality from fantasy;Practice the value of respect while viewing the video presentation; and Valuing  Perform the given task with unity and cooperation $ %ontent&$ Learning 'esources4$ Procedures4$ ctiity1 minutes(he process of systematically planning! developing! evaluating and managing the instructional process y using principles of teaching and learning # D$%$ &'! s$ ')*+ ,o$: rae eve: Process information mentioned in the tet listened to;Determine the intentions of speakers y focusing on their uni0ue ver al and non#ver al cues; andDifferentiate reality from fantasy ased on a material viewed (Taken from the Curriculum Guide  ) 1,2LC#34#a#5; 1,2LC#34#a#5$);1,24C#34#a#*$) 6ey Concepts/ 7nderstandings to e DevelopedProcessing information mentioned in the tet listened to;Determining the intentions of speakers y focusing on their uni0ue ver al and non#ver al cues; andDifferentiating reality from fantasy ased on a material viewed  -dapted Cognitive Process Dimensions (D$%$ ,o$ 5! s$ ')8+ *+JE%,I-E./ ien dierent ideo 2resentations! 73 o the learners are e2ected to/ 5noledge The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association 'ememering Determine the intentions of the speakers in the video presentations y focusing on their uni0ue ver al and non#ver al cues; 8nderstanding   The ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, 22lyingnaly:ingEaluating%reatingttitude Responding to Phenomena -aluesDetermining the Intentions o the .2ea9ers and Dierentiating 'eality rom Fantasy Appendix A-1-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pikth_UkVsAppendix A-!-https: 4$1 Introductory ctiity 9tart the lesson y showing to the students different video clips (refer to -ppendices  -)!-'!-!-&+$ hen ask them if they knew the purpose of the speaker in each video presentation$ -sk them also if the content of each presentation is ased on reality of fantasy$ hen! present to the students the o ectives of the lesson$Divide the class into four goups$ 1ach group must have the following: leader! secretary or recorder! timer! and reporter or reporters of group<s output$ 1ach group is provided with a manila paper and a pentel pen for them to write their answers to the following 0uestions: )$ =hat is the intension or the purpose of the speaker in each video presentation>'$ =hat are the uni0ue ver al and non#ver al cues used y each speaker in presentating her/his speech>$ =hich presentations are ased on reality> =hich presentations are ased on fantasy>&$ Differentiate reality from fantasy$hey are given 5 minutes to do the task and ) to ' minutes to do the reporting of output$hey are reminded to o serve respect while watching the video and to work cooperatively with unity in doing the group task$,ote: Present again to the class the video presentations efore asking them to answer the 0uestions$  4$& nalysis10 minutes 4$4 straction10 minutes 4$ 22lication# minutes 4.6 Assessment Tests 5  minutes 4.7 Assignment 5  minutes 4$# %oncluding ctiity minutesPrepared y:,ame: '8,; <$ E.%8D'* 9chool: +I,**= =,I*=L -*%,I*=L ;I; .%;**L <.,E' ,E%;E' I Division: %E+8> 76#0#4 &  -fter having the presentations of outputs! ask the following 0uestions to the students:)$ Did each group have the same answer to each given 0uestion> =hy> (hey may have varied answers to each 0uestion+Process each group<s output y letting other groups give feed ack and comments regarding the work presented$  -sk them: =hich goup presented well> =hy> =hich group needs improvement in their performance> =hy>9ynthesi?e the discussion y presenting to the students the difference etween reality and fantasy (refer to -ppendi @+ and discuss it to the students$ hen discuss also the common non#ver al cues (refer to -ppendi C+ and some common ver al epressions$Present again the different video presentations and let the students find out if these non#ver al epressions that have ust een presented are o served in the prersentations$Let the students also discover if they were a le to identify the presentations correctly whether they are in reality or in fantasy$  -sk the students to go ack to their respective group$.roup ) A ' : =ill share or talk a out a realistic event that has ust happened in their lives$.roup  A &: =ill share or talk a out a fantastic event that they knew from their ancestors$hey are given 8 minutes to do the task$ %nly one representative from each group to share their output to the class$Bave the students answer the prepared test in a )/& sheet of paper$ (efer to -ppendi D+ Reinforcing / strengthening the day’s lesson 3n your ournal note ook! write your reflection regarding the lesson that you have ust learned a out reality and fantasy$ =rite in two to three short paragraphs only$ his will e checked net meeting$Bave the students reflect on the following 0uote a out life: “If you don't love yourself, you won't be happy with yourself If you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone else !ou can't give the love you do not have !ou can't ma e anyone love you without loving yourself first#  6emi 9ogunle $ 'emar9s6$ 'elections . o. o earners wo earned #$ in the evaluation.%. &id the remedial lessons work !o. of learners who have caught up with the lesson. . o. o earners wo require additional activities for remediation.&. !o. of learners who continue to require remediation.. c o my earnng strategies worked well *h did these work. encounter which my  principal or supervisor can . localied materials did  use/discover which  wish to oston Designation:Contact ,um er:1mail address:  7uthescuad7o@4mai.com  attitude 'eceiing Phenomena -aluing*rgani:ationInternali:ing aluesassignment assessment% servationests 'es2onding to Phenomena einforcing / strengthening the dayEs lesson1nriching / inspiring the dayEs lesson1nhancing / improving the dayEs lessonPreparing for the new lessonalking to Learners/ Conferencing -nlysis of Learners< Products
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