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  Quarantine Ashley HahnMarch 22, 2006  Outline:  What is Quarantine?  History of Quarantine in the World  Use of Quarantine in the world today  Ethical Concerns of Quarantine  Legal Authorities for Control ofCommunicable Diseases (Quarantine)  Conclusion  Questions?  What is Quarantine?  Quarantine is the: “Separation or restriction of activities of well persons who are not ill but who are believed to have been exposed to a communicable disease andare therefore at high risk of becoming infected. In the context of SARS,quarantine refers to a combined approach to managing contacts, which consists of active monitoring plus activity restrictions”     Quarantine, a medical term (from Italian:quaranta giorni, forty days) is the act ofkeeping people or animals separated for aperiod of time before, for instance, allowingthem to enter another country. By doing this,it is possible to limit the risk of spreadingdisease.
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