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Program of ADB Quantum Leap in Wind Workshop, 21 June 2010
    Quantum Leap in Wind Power in Asia: StructuredConsultationAsia Clean Energy Forum – Pre-event Workshop Asian Development Bank, 6 ADB Avenue, Metro Manila, Philippines, 21 June2010ADB is committed to increasing access to clean and affordable energy for peoplethroughout the region. This is translated through the 2009 Energy Policy for itssupport to the energy sector and energy security in Asia. ADB will support low-carbon pathways through renewable energy and energy efficiency, universalaccess to energy, and energy sector reforms, capacity building, and governancein ADB’s quest for a region free of poverty.Wind power is poised to simultaneously address the three challenges of energysecurity, climate change and access to energy for all. The ADB would like toexplore options for a quantum leap in wind power development in Asia, in itsaim to help Developing Member Countries (DMCs) to provide reliable, adequateand affordable energy for inclusive growth in a socially, economically, andenvironmentally sustainable way.While wind power has gained momentum in China and India, even surpassingthe achievements of some developed countries, the rest of Asia has yet to see aconsiderable increase in wind installed capacity. Persistent institutional,technical, regulations, market and risk perception, economic and financialbarriers continue to hamper large scale wind investments and deployment. Thekey challenge is to identify country specific impediments and developcomprehensive multi-sector multi-stakeholder roadmaps to overcome thesebarriers and achieve the quantum leap.ADB proposes a three-phased approach starting with consultations to achieveunderstanding of the risks and hindrances to wind power development as wellas of the driving factors in the success of China, India and other wind powergenerating countries. The lessons learned shall form the framework forstrategies and solutions on a regional, country and sector wide bases. Thesecond phase will involve the formulation of ADB’s response andcommencement of project development activities through technical assistance,pre-feasibility studies and other analyses for selected and interested countries. The third phase will be for initiation and implementation of both public andprivate sector investment projects in key DMCs. Pilot wind farms (at the size of 100 MW each) can be established through joint ventures that will facilitatetechnology transfers, capital in-flows, and management adaptation. In priorityDMCs ADB would like to support over 1.0 GW wind power to be developed in thenext 5 years with total investment of over $1.0 billion from ADB and others. This 1.0 GW can generate 2,000 GWh of clean and renewable electricity at acapacity rate of 22% (2,000 hours per year). This will reduce CO 2 by 2 milliontons per year, at a rate of 1.0 kg/kWh.       The high level structured stakeholder consultation workshop will kick-off ADB’sAsia Clean Energy Forum in June 2010 (seehttp://www.adb.org/documents/events/2010/asia-clean-energy-forum/default.asp). Key players in the global and Asian wind industry, from thesectors of finance, technology, project development, policy and regulation, shallgather to brainstorm and devise the Asian quantum leap in wind powerroadmap. For more information please contact Leah Jean Luna at: Tel: +632632 5982 and Email:ljluna@adb.org.      Quantum Leap in Wind Power in Asia: StructuredConsultationAsia Clean Energy Forum – Pre-event Workshop 21 June 2010, Proposed Agenda Objective:  To bring together major stakeholders to consolidate lessons learned and formulatea roadmap to achieve a quantum leap in wind power development in Asia. Thespecific objectives are to:(i)Present status and country perspectives in wind power development inselected countries in Asia and Pacific(ii)Share successful experiences and models from China, India and from aroundthe World(iii)Identify major barriers and solutions for Asia and construct roadmaps for windpower development in selected countries(iv)Encourage public private partnerships, participation of civil society inthe promotion of wind power, and provide venue for networkingParticipants:DMC Government Representatives, Wind Technology Providers, WindExperts, Financing Institutions, bi-laterals and multilateralsdevelopment institutions, Private Project Developers, ResearchInstitutions Pre-Workshop Mixer, Sunday 20 June 20106:00 – 8:00PM Ice Breaker, Cocktails/ light snacks: Welcome: Soo Yang Han, POSCOE&CVenue: Discovery Suites - 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Philippines– 63 2 719 8888 Workshop, Monday 21 June2010 Venue: ADB Auditorium, unless otherwisespecified  TimeTopicDetailsModeratorPresenter8:30 – 9:00AM Registration and Thematic Sessions sign up 9:00 – 9:10AM Welcome Address WelcomeRemarksXianbin Yao, DG,RSDD, ADB Philip C. Erquiaga DG, PSOD, ADB 9:10 – 9:30AM Wind PowerDevelopment aroundthe World andImplications for AsiaKeynoteSpeechHonourable MinisterDr. Farooq Abdullah MNRE, India 9:30 – 9:40AM Objectives of thestructuredstakeholderIntroductionWooChong Um Deputy Director General, RSDD, ADB    consultation 9:40 – 10:05AM Wind PowerDevelopment in PRC -lessons for othercountries in AsiaExecutivePresentationLi Junfeng , Deputy Director General of Energy ResearchInstitute &Sec. General of China RenewableEnergy Industries Association 10:05 –10:30 AM Policy Evolution andPrivate SectorPerspective of WindEnergy - IndiaExecutivePresentationV. Subramanian, Secretary Generaland CEO of IndianWind    Energy  Association 10:30 –10:45 AM Refreshments 10:45 –11:05 AM Wind Power MatureMarket: History andLessonsPresentationAnil Terway Sr. Advisor and co-chair Energy COP,RSOD, ADB Angelika Wasielke, Chief Technical Advisor,GTZ, Viet Nam   11:05 –11:25 AM IEA Wind EnergyRoadmapPresentationThomas Kerr, IEA 11:25 –12:25 AM Selected Country and RegionalPerspectives: Armenia,Pakistan   ,Sri Lanka,Thailand, Vietnam Areg Barseghyan,ARM, ADB, Mr. Arif Allaudin, CEO AEDBPakista; UpaliDaranagama,Additional SecretaryMOPE Sri Lanka; Dr. Twarath, DEDE Thailand; Dr. NguyenAnh Tuan, ConsultantVietnam   12:25 –12:30AM  Thematic Sessions Mechanics andSign upMary GraceAlindogan and Cindy Tiangco,  ADB 12:30 – 1:30PM Picture Taking ADB Courtyard followed by lunch - on your own – ADBCafeteria / near by 1:30 – 3:00PMParallel Group Discussions on Barriers and Solutions for keyThemesRole of the Chair: Guide technical discussion, ask right questions,challenge the participants, summarize and present findings at theplenary Role of the Moderator: Ensure that everybody is heard, discussionsare on time and keep the focus on the topic and note questions thatare deferred for the plenary Role of the Rapporteur: Capture salient points in the discussion andwork with the session Chair and moderator on the presentation of breakout session results  
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