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PUPCET Practice Test Booklet PREPARED BY: G.i.f PUPCET Practice Test 1 Section 1 Language Proficiency 1-70 I. Error Identification: Select the letter of the portion of the sentence that contains an error. If there is no error, select D
    PUPCET Practice Test Booklet PREPARED BY: G.i.f  PUPCET Practice Test 1 Section 1 Language Proficiency 1-70   I.   Error Identification: Select the letter of the portion of the sentence that contains an error. If there is no error, select D to indicate that the sentence contains no error. Each item may only have up to one error underlined. 1.   In the 1990’s, the People’s Republic of China grew economically, territorially, and culturally. No Error.  A    B   C   D 2.   Latin is practically a dead language, spoken only by students, academics, and the Catholic clergy. No Error.  A    B   C   D 3.   In November 29, 1890, the Imperial Japanese Diet convened for the first time. No Error  A    B   C   D 4.   The financial expert which flew in to advice the president, came from London. No Error.  A    B   C   D 5.   In 2010, Harvard University had an acceptance rate of 6.9%, and will have rejected students with perfect SAT scores.  A    B   C No Error. D 6.    Akihiro tried to acquire as many of the valuable and groundbreaking knowledge as he can from the lecture. No Error.  A    B   C   D 7.    Ateneo’s rank of 307 in the 2010 QS University rankings is far ahead of La Salle, ranked 451. No Error.  A    B   C   D 8.   The Continental Congress is drafting a constitution for the delegates they will address in June. No Error.  A    B   C   D 9. Xabi Alonso’s shot was wide off the mark and the goalkeeper Casillias did not have to make a save. No Error.  A    B   C   D 10.   The proposal made by the British Labour Party was in opposition of privatization of state holdings. No Error.  A    B   C   D  PUPCET Practice Test 1 II. Sentence Completion: Select the word/words that best completes/ the sentence. 11. Just like National Bookstore, Barnes & Noble sells 12. The Royal Albert Hall ____ South Kensington,  _____ and writing tools. London, was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871. a. Stationary a. On  b. Stationery b. In c. Stationarry c. Over d. Stationairy d. Along 13. Alexei had ______ over the vast Siberian expanse 14. As one continues to play basketball, ____ will realize more than once. that handling the ball becomes second nature. a. Drove a. He  b. Drived b. They c. Driven c. I d. Been Driving d. One 15. My dad gave Erik and ____ some UAAP season 16. Economics students in Cambridge Univ  ersity’s  tickets. Trinity College are tipped to become ______ in the future. a. Me  b. I a. A technocrat c. Them b. Technocrats d. Us c. Technocrat inclined d. Technocrats themselves 17. Johnny _____ ate the cookies by the time we got 18. Students prefer the Ateneo ____ other private home. colleges and universities because of the unique Jesuit education it provides. a. All ready  b. Al ready a. Than c. Already b. More than d. Readily c. To d. Compared to 19. The amalgamation of the various unions across the 20. Neither Mikhail Gorbachev ____ Boris Yeltsin country _____ given workers more leverage. emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union with his reputation intact. a. Has  b. Have a. Or c. Had b. Nor d. Will have c. And d. But  PUPCET Practice Test 1 III.    Vocabulary  A. Synonyms: Select the word/s that best capture the meaning of the italicized word. 21. As a result of inbreeding, some members of the 22. The rapid staccato  of raindrops on the roof kept Russian Imperial household suffered from everyone from sleeping early. hemophilia . a. Sharp, rapid sounds a. Bloodthirstiness b. Heavy banging  b. Infertility c. Incessant tapping c. Uncontrollable Bleeding d. Flowing d. Mental Disorders 23. Te caniate committe a serious aux pas  wen e 24. George Orwe riianty portraye a sociaist dystopia in his book 1984. described th e laborers as “ignorant.”  a. Sin a. Fable  b. Misstep b. Anti-utopia c. Offense c. Myth d. Insult d. Utopia 25. Fabio never liked the ancient necropolis  at the 26. The Pope appointed a new apostolic nuncio  to outskirts of town. France. a. A large and old cemetery a. Bishop  b. A city on a hill b. Cardinal c. An elevated villa c. Envoy d. A dark city d. Prelate 27. In medieval England, papists, or Catholics, could be 28. In the U.K. the name of the Scottish city Edinburgh, obtruncated if caught. in the vernacular , is actually pronounced “E -din-  burrah.”  a. Deported  b. Beheaded a. Native Language or Dialect c. Tortured b. Local Slang d. Imprisoned c. Peculiar manner d. Surrounding area 29. Te nomaic Mongos ive in yurts  since te ays o 30. Te  Apoteosis  o Wasington is a unique wor o Genghis Khan. art that can be found in the U.S. Capitol. a. Tents a. Glorification  b. Houses b. Deification c. Caravans c. Inauguration d. Wagons d. Archetype
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