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A historical account of how museums in Japan and its empire contributed to the reimagining of state and society during Japan's imperial era, from 1868 until 1945.
  Noriko Aso museums iNimperiAljApAN PublicProperties  ASIA-PACIFIC: CULURE, POLIICS, AND SOCIEYEDIORS: Rey Chow, Michael Dutton,H. D. Harootunian, and Rosalind C. Morris A SUDY OF HE WEAHERHEAD EAS ASIAN INSIUE,COLUMBIA UNIVERSIY  Public Properties ã ã ã MuseuMs iniMPerial JaPan noriko aso ue niversity ressurham and ondon 2014  © 2014 ue niversity ress ll rihts reservedrinted in the nited tates o merica on acid-ree paper ♾esined by eather ensley ypeset in rno ro by sen normation ystems, nc.ibrary o onress ataloin-in-ublication ata so, orio.ublic properties : museums in imperial Japan / orio es cm—(sia-acic) (tudy o the eatherheadast sian nstitute)ncludes biblioraphical reerences and inde.ISBN 978-0-8223-5413-0 (cloth : al. paper)ISBN 978-0-8223-5429-1 (pb. : al. paper)1. useums—Japan—istory—19th century. 2. rt, Japanese—eiji period, 1868–1912. 3. Japan—ntellectual lie—esterninfuences. . itle. . eries: sia-acic. . eries: tudies o the eatherhead ast sian nstitute, olumbia niversity.AM77.A2A75 2013069.0952′09034—dc23 2013018958 SUDIES OF HE WEAHERHEAD EAS ASIAN INSIUE,COLUMBIA UNIVERSIY Te Weatherhead East Asian Institute is Columbia University’s center or research, publication, and teaching on modern and contemporary East Asia regions. Te Studies o the Weatherhead East Asian Institutewere inaugurated in 1962 to bring to a wider public the results o signicant new research on modern and contemporary East Asia.
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