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Az Operation Payback lehetséges célpontjai, új Pad-en folytatva.
  Anti-P2P Potential Targets List Anyone with the know-how please <strike> through targets which have DDoS protection, thanks! France: http://www.inpi.fr/http://www.adagp.fr/( see -http://www.adagp.org/ENG/presentation_1.html) http://hadopi.fr/( see -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HADOPI_law-http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2008 /11/three-strikes-p2p-rule-inches-closer-to-law-in-france.ars)ddos protection afaik http://www.betanews.com/article/French-Assembly-passes-three-strikes-HADOPI-law/1242172150http://www.tmg.eu(seehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trident_Media_Guard) Netherlands: http://www.anti-piracy.nl/home/home.aspBREIN ddos protection, but not very proffesional.http://www.sena.nl/Senahttp://www.bumastemra.nl/en-US/Buma/Stemra Germany:   http://www.xxxcopyright.com/( see -http://bit.ly/9x3gpN) http://www.waldorf-frommer.de/impressum/?i=0(http://bit.ly/c5apAB-- 1081 pages of fagotry since 2004) UK: http://www.gmlegal.co.uk (dropped dns and ran last time, back up now to hit again)http://www.steeleslaw.co.uk/( seehttp://bit.ly/bQbL6F) http://www.acs-law.co.uk ( Still attempting comeback? Still sending letters (http://bit.ly/bBXPul, keep an eye out so we can strike as soon as it goes live )http://wal-sca.com/The new ACS-Law site, Going live now NOT target:http://www.cramerpelmont.co.uk/(seehttp://www.slyck.com/news.php?story=2075Cramer Pelmont Bails out of Digital Economy Act Litigation apparently dropping Terrence Tsang in the process)http://www.fact-uk.org.uk ( responsible for the 'You wouldn't download a car?' tripe )http://www.bpi.co.uk (UK RIAA)http://www.prsformusic.com Canada: http://www.cria.ca/The Canadian Recording Industry Association USA: http://www.riaa.com( already attacked, DDoS protected )http://www.mpaa.com(already attacked, DDoS protected) http://copyrightalliance.org/http://www.baytsp.com/(known for poisoning torrents, fakes, logging IPs etc.)http://www.ascap.com/(industry toadies, repeat talking points of RIAA et al  . and assist them in lobbying efforts. Havealso attacked Creative Commons, amateur artists, and the copyleft crowd through direct mailings to members.) Ireland: http://www.imro.iehttp://www.eircom.nethttp://irma.ie/(seehttp://bit.ly/bU7zEG) http://www.justice.iehttp://www.warfaceaps.com/ Switzerland: http://www.safe.ch/- Raided & killed ShareReactor in 2004. Finland: http://www.antipiracy.fi/; generic propagandahttp://www.tslt.fi/; copyright propaganda sitehttp://www.gramex.fi/; CD/radio play moneygrabbershttp://www.teosto.fi/; artist raping moneygrabbershttp://www.ifpi.fi/; self-evident  Czech Republic: http://osa.cz/TOP PRIORITY - Music licensing whores, every indie artist hates them, pretty much SGAEhttp://www.cpufilm.cz/ Czech Antipiracy Union (CAU), propaganda, copyright whoring, they wanted to go after subtitle servers(what the fuck??!!) and shit like thathttp://www.bsa.org/ Business Software Alliance international, Aiplex style motherfuckershttp://www.filmynejsouzadarmo.cz/ movies aren't free operates under CAU, propaganda, low prio Colombia: http://www.sayco.org/portal/default.aspxRelatives with demanding people for making security copies of their musicand also anti-ripping. Italy: http://www.fimi.it<- already attackedhttp://www.pro-music.it<- already attacked Spain: http://www.sgae.es<- already attacked http://www.mcu.es<- already attacked http://www.promusicae.es<- already attacked  http://news245.com/the-law-sinde-goes-on-without-finding-its-way-almost-parliamentary-opposition/1514.htm Portugal: http://acapor.pt(Read:http://torrentfreak.com/movie-rental-outfit-calls-for-nationwide-pirate-bay-block-100916/) New Zealand http://www.Med.Govt.Nz Norway:http://www.ifpi.no/; tried to ban TPB from Norway Tunisia: http://www.rolandberger.com/(have been consulting for Gov. recommended legalizing censorship) Romania: <- we need links with info here http://www.upfr.ro/- Phonogram Producer Union of Romania; supports Gallo Reporthttp://www.aimr.ro- Musical Industry Association of Romania;http://www.cyberlaw.ro/2009/09/25/aimr-hostway-trilulilu/attacked Trilulilu(entertainment site) and it's ISP in court; propaganda*http://www.ucmr-ada.ro/- Composer and Musicologist Union of Romania*http://www.orda.ro/- Romanian Bureau for Artist Rights*http://www.credidam.ro/- Romanian Centre for the Rights Administration of Interpreting Artists ARTISTS MESSING WITH P2P: * Artists' who have teamed up with ACS:Law to fuck with people are listed @http://is.gd/fXnQP* SapphireCut - Tried to take down SoulSeek a few years ago Metallica - Napster  Madonna - Put fake mp3s all over FastTrack around 2002-3 Prince - Goes after everyone (yes, EVERYONE) using parts of his music, e.g. babies dancing on YouTube KISS / Gene Simmons - Just went public saying all P2P users should be suedhttp://www.kissonline.com/- he isgunna die of aids soon (The KISS star, who claims to have had sex with an estimated 4,600 women) Lily Allen : Started anti-P2P blog and deleted everyone else's posts, delusional. And for that song not fair alone sheneeds taking downhttp://www.lilyallenmusic.com/http://www.lilyallen.com/http://www.lilyallen.org/ Ramoncín : Self proclaimed king of the fried chicken , ex boss of SGAEhttp://www.ramoncin.com/ James Blunt - Annoying, whiney little bastard who supports Lily Allen and wants to taken down all pirates. Eminem - Said something along the lines of So some bitch ripped my shit and put it on the internets. Bitch, you can'tstep to me nigga, you get blast up bitch. when RNS released one of his albums a few years ago.  Scouting For Girls - Talentless hacks who are against sharing
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