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INTERIOR DESIGN PORTFOLIOAAKANKSHA GUPTA INTERIOR DESIGNER ABOUT ME I am a fresh interior design graduate seeking positions as an junior interior designer in an…
INTERIOR DESIGN PORTFOLIOAAKANKSHA GUPTA INTERIOR DESIGNER ABOUT ME I am a fresh interior design graduate seeking positions as an junior interior designer in an interior commercial or retail design firm. With a background in architecture, I am keen on details and space design. I wish to expand my knowledge of software along with technical skills in order to achieve my goal of being a lead designer in coming 3 years for a design team.E D U C AT I O N MFA Interior Design Pratt Institute, NY 2017-2019 Furniture Studio DIS Copenhagen,Denmark Jun – Jul, 2018702-913-6229 aakankshagupta2505 @gmail.com BROOKLYN/ NY /UShttps://www.linkedin.com aakanksha-gupta-4130aSKILLS Autocad Photoshop Revit SketchUp Vray Rhino InDesign Illustrator Makerbot Microsoft Office OTHERSBachelors of Architecture Sushant School of Art & Architecture, India 2011-2016Research & Analysis, Draf Rendering, Sketching, Photography, Model Makin Material Library ManagemSummer School ‘Bene Comune Politecnico diMilano, Italy Jun – Jul, 2016Registered Architect under Councile of Architecture, In Registered IIDA memberm/in/ a2119/fting,ng, mentr the ndiaEXPERIENCEInternship Misra & Associates PC / New York City / Feb-May 2019 • Assisted the principal architect with schematic design and 3d renderings for various residential renovation projects. • Worked on specification and procurement of • materials(including furniture and finishes) for a • residential project with the approved budget. • Created working drawings for bathroom renovation and proposal elevation drawings for living room. Freelance Architect India / Aug- Oct 2016 • Assisted the principal architect in designing the interiors and settings in for an upcoming pool bar in an existing hotel.Prepared rendering and RCP drawings for the proposal. Internship Design Associates INC/ India/ Jan- Mar 2016 • Assisted the principal architects - Mr. Jay Kaktikar and Mr. Sumere Dar in preparing working drawings for landscaping, interiors, furniture layout projects and in preparing proposals for an upcoming residential complex. Internship IBI Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd./ India /Jun- Dec 2015 Graduate Student Office Assistant School of Design (SoD) Interior Design Pratt Institute / 2017-2019 • Worked as an assistant to the assistant of • department chair. • Also worked as a material library assistant and maintained it for over a year.INTERIORS thesis- sober venue tom tom headquarters office design hugo prefab wall textile design working drawingsINTERNSHIP WORK c.krishna’s apartment s.howlett residenceARCHITECTURE thesis- lutyens delhi measure drawing by handTHESISM AT E R I A L TA C I T I L I T Y“Vision reveals what touch already knows. Our eyes stroke distant surfaces, contours and edges, and the unconscious tactile sensation determines the agreeableness or unpleasantness of the experienceâ€? (Pallasmaa, The Shape of Touch,1996)It can be drawn from hi that tactile sensibility ca as an proficient design equally effective (if not important) tool as visua by enhanced materialit nearness and intimacy.is studies an be used tool; an more al imagery ty, .ACTIVITY AREAtouch texturematerial tactilitytransparency brilliancy category stiffness colourRough texNaturalWater texUILDING MATERIALITYSECTION ALONG WASHINTON ST DESIGN STRATEGIESSTAGE-HERB GARDENHERB GARDEN LVL 46’-0”The grid pattern as per the existing column-ENCLOSURES settingsPERFORMANCE AREAENCLOSURES LVL 30’-0”WC BAR AREAROOF TOPUPWCPotential threshold nCAFE LVL 6’-0” STREET LEVEL LVL 0’-0”-CAFEROOF TOP 30’-0”LVLMEZZANINE 18’-0”LVLPARTY VENUEENTRANCETH STREETSECTION DD’program STAGEAAKANKSHA GUPTASober venueMEZZANINEUPDOWNABOUT THE PROJECT S I T E : SMACK MELLON, NEAR BROOKLYN BRIDGE A R E A : 6000 sqf. D E S C R I P T I O N : Thepeople in recovery from substance abuse. It explores the concept in an historical settin in Dumbo where the program divided into various zones ran ing on the level of interaction the user is seeking: Activity Ar behind this thesis is to reduce the Party venue, Cafe, Herb STREET SECTION ACROSS PLYMOUTH ST. Gard stigma associated with & Enclosures.objectives of this study were to establish how material tacitility can induce a holistic experience in social spaces and determine the experiences of the users and promote well-being. The idea ROOF TOPHERB GARDENACTIVvenuestruggling to find a place in their communityPeople who can’t or don’t want to drink. Not alcoholic, just sober curiousnodes.HERB GARDENENCLOSURESLounge Area65PERFORMANCE AREAENTRANCE-ng m is ngn rea, denVITY AREACAFEPROPOSED DESIGN- EXPLODED VIEW CAFEStructure was originally completely blocked on the top, feeling heavy and weighed down.Herb garden has been put in the previously blocked volume of the structure breathing a new life into it.Roof top can be us various larger or pri also be used for futFor the material pa load bearing masosed for organizing ivate events. It can ture expansion.alette: The exterior onry walls withHERB GARDEN exposed concrete & steel columns have been balanced with cool colors and natural finishes. The reflected light from the pitched glass roof create the aura of an underwater zen.ABOUT THE PROJECTStarted with understanding the 3 waves of feminism the project revolved around the artist and founder of TOM TOM magazineAbovitz. The magazine precisely features around female drumm and feminist issues around the world. The project started with an cise to design a drum set which reflected onto apersonal beliefsMindy mers n exers.TOM TOM HEADQUARTERSEXPLODED DESIGNROOFINGWING MEMBERSS E C T I O N A A ’ - A C R O S S S T. M A R K S S T R E E TSECTION AA’-ACROSS ST. MARKS STREETC E N T R A L S PA C ES E C T I OAA’-ACROSS N B B ’ - A C R OBEDFORD S S B E D F OAVENUE RD STREET SECTIONnt of exking theBar area The front room consists of a spacious bar and lounge, split into two sides, and in the back there’s the cozy music venue, located right behind the bar, which features a retractable wall to prevent sound bleed when necessary. Performance spaceLocation: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY The expansive bar, restaurant and music space. Total area: 5,000 sqf. Part circus, Part astrological mysticism, and Part quirky homestead. The club has a labyrinthine layout.Colorful lighting evokes a ’90s rap video — call it “Hype Williamsburg.â€?LED panel made up1970s German wallpaper decorThe two bars, separated by a soundproof mechanical wall that is raised and lowered HQTUJQYUCTGĆ€CPMGFD[CHQQVHCDTKECTV installation. The LED panels are designed by industrial design “legendâ€? Tucker ViemeisterENTRANCE Wall panels with inset lighting reproducing constellations2NGPV[QHETGCVKXGĆ€QWTKUJGUNKMGYQQFGP crocodile sconces and a replica of the maze from The Shining on the fLoor of the performance space.EXPLODED COMPON Custom-designed LED light wall and opposing laser-cut, back-lit zodiac panels.ng the St. Marks Avenue g node as its the only major neighborhood.FIRST FLOOR PLAN(1’-1/4â€?)SECOND FLOOR PLAN(1’-1/4â€?)Feminism means celebration of life for everyone as an equal. means celebrating the complexities of being a women and having the freedom of expression. With the Third wave of Feminism, it’s high time we get the same opportunities as the men –It’s simply time to ‘Be the Beauty and the Beast Too’.TomTom represents a contemporary feminist perspective with its unapologetic statement of expression and lives. Everyone a TomTom walks the less travelled path for females, breaking th stereotypes along the way and being fuel to the fire for a new feminist movement.The main concept was inspired by a bird’s nest as Tom Tom holiding all the young female drummers who are trying to find a place for themselves in the world by providing them with a home to practice their art and express themselves as a feminNENTSE V E N T S PA C EREFLECTED CEILING PLAN(1’-1/16”). Ith at he wR E TA I L S H O P Sdnist.O F F I C E S PA C EOFFICE DESIGNABOUT THE PROJECT SITE:INDUSTRIAL CITY, BROOKLYN. AREA: 6000 sqf. HUB FOR INNOVATION & PRODUCTIVITY. Inspired by the illustration by designer Daniel Carlsten, the spaces have been translating the modern work space culture generating opportunities for Collaborative participation and better productivity.INTERACTIVE CAFEELEVATED SIDEWALKMAIN ENTRANCEOR SPACERECEPTIONSURROUNDING SPACESINTERACTIVE OUTDOOR SPACESCAFE34DISPLAY/GALLERY COURTYARD BETWEEN BUILDINGS SPACEHIVELOBBYHAVENWORKSHOPVESTIBULECLUBHOUSERECEPTIONMEETING ROOMCONFERELANDING WORKSPACEJUMPSPACE COVEENCLAVE SPACELOBBYELEVATED SIDMAIN ENTRANCEVESTIBULEFORUM PLAZATURE AND LIGHTING MAIN ENTRANCEELEVATED SIDEWALKCOURTYARDUPwallpaper-A-2560x1440.png4COURTYARD BETWEEN BUILDINGS 35th STREET42ELEVATED SIDEWALKUPRAMP UPRAMP UPPARTNERS SHOWER 11TOILET-W FABRICATION LABCE CULTURE WORKSPACE.PARTNERSTOILET-MMOTHER'S ROOMASSISTANTSCAFE33DISPLAY/GALLERY SPACERECEPTIONCONFERENCE ROOM WORKSPACEENCLAVE SPACELOBBYVESTIBULEMAIN ENTRANCEELEVATED SIDEWALK UPCOURTYARD BETWEEN BUILDINGS42Spaces have been divided to promote a flexible work envirom where everyone is approchable reducing the barriers between employs. FURNITURE AND LIGHTING Cafe has been planned along with the reception to create a w ing atmosphere with a double height. This feature not only bre second floor from the centre but also creates the interesting no FURNITURE interaction. The color scheme ofAND the LIGHTING office spaces have been neutral tones with a pop of color in furnishing and some featur FUGRAPHIC MADE BY SWEDISH ART DIRECTOR AND DESIGNER DANIEL CARLSTEN TRANSLATING THE MODERN WORKSPACE CULTURE INTO AN AILLUSTRATION. HE HAS CAPTURED THE GLOBAL AND UNIVERSAL SPIRIT OF WORKING IN A MODERN DIGITAL WORKSPACE. IT S INCLINED TOWARDS PLACEMAKING,COLLABORATIVE THINKING AND FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOUR WORKPLACE.CAFE33DISPLAY/GALLERY SPACERECEPTIONCONFERENCE ROOM WORKSPACEENCLAVE SPACELOBBYVESTIBULEMAIN ENTRANCEELEVATED SIDEWALK UPCOURTYARD BETWEEN BUILDINGS42DISPLAY/GALLERY SPACE 1PLANSPLANS UPCONFERENCE ROOM332WORKSPACEENCLAVE SPACE3RECEPTIONWORKSPACEENCE ROOMENCLAVE SPACEVLOBBYV35th STREETVESTIBULEMAIDEWALKMAIUPMAIN ENTRANCEBETWEEN BUILDINGSELEVATED SIDEWALKELEVATED SIDEWALKRAMP UP422COURTYARD BETWEEN BUILDINGS41TOILET-W FABRICATION LABment nwelcomeakes the ode for limited to re spaces.AND LIGHTING URNITURE 3CAFEMOTHER'S ROOMHUGOITS NOT JUST A CHAIR, ITS AN EXPERIENCE. ITS A HUGO ABOUT THE PROJECT inspired by Poul Kjaerholm’s pk 25 lounge chair, hugo depicts the the simple yet elegant Scandinavian design. the name hugo comes from the movie hugo by Martin Scorsese narrating the journey of new means in life for the young boy. with very clean lines,every detail holds an importance and adds to the final work. By developing various models,further explorations were done to get the right angles and for creating a comfortable lounge chair. M AT E R I A L U S E D : Birch Wood and Natural Hemp Ropevarious sketc360mm690mm450mm585mmmortise jointfinger jointchesP R E FA B WALLABOUT THE PROJECT The project began by investigating various different forms to create a prefab wall installation. with the basic concept of folding, traingles and squares were created out of cardboard to test out the modules.There are 9 which are m folded at v for the wal modules ar9 special and 1 basic modules made from 3,4 square peices various angles to form an itteration ll. with the help of magnets the re mounted onto the wall.M O U N TA I NVA L L E Y F O L DNestTHE NESTBook ShelfTHE SHELFWORKING DRAWINGS FOR CAFE DESIGN1 A-2002' - 6 3/4"24' - 6 5/8"C3C3C1T1C1C1T1C1C1T14' - 7 1/2"C34' - 9 1/2"T2 C34' - 9 1/2"C3C3T2 C14' - 7 1/2"C3C34C1T1C1C1T1C1C1T1C1C3C34' - 9 1/2"4T233 A-600 47' - 0"531 A-2002' - 5 1/4"7' - 0"24' - 9 1/2"34' - 8"C3C31 4' - 1 1/2"6' - 8 1/2"3' - 8" 6' - 11 1/2"3' - 11 1/4"1UPC4 DNT3DNC2NICC2C2 UPA-500 2-25' - 6"A-2002C2-36' - 9 1/2"C222 A-2002C1A-300T12C1 C3C2A-300T2C3C2 C1C2NICT1C1C3C3 T2C2C2-UPC13' - 6"-5C3C3C2 T1C13T30' -0'11" - 0" 3' - 0"RNITURE PLAN-LEVEL 1 4" = 1'-0"1' - 5"3A-300C3C1C36' - 1 1/2"0' - 11" 3' - 0" 0' - 11"6' - 1 1/2"A-300C3C30' - 9"2FURNITURE PLAN- LEVEL 2 1/4" = 1'-0"T1C1T2 C3C3PRO JECT TEAM:INTERIOR DESIGNER AAKANKSHA GUPTA PRATT INSTITUTE BROOKLYNCLIENT: INT 724 CONSTRUCTION & FABRICATIONFURNITURE SCHEDULE TypeType MarkManufactur erModelStandardC1Knoll, Inc.Knoll Studi o Kotilaine n Chip Ba rstool Knoll Studi o Architect ure and A ssocies Lo unge Chair 635x685x4 35mm Furniture T able Cafe Knoll Table Coff ee GlassC2Knoll, Inc.C3Knoll, Inc.Type CatalogType Catalog Corner table Type CatalogC4Knoll, Inc.T1Knoll, Inc.T2Knoll, Inc.T3RevitType Catalog Type CatalogCorner tableCount 20 11241 10 6 2FINAL SUBMISSIONREV NO.DATEDESCRIPTIONPRATT INSTITUTE | INT724PR OJECT :Cafe Design527 ATLANTIC AVE, BROOKLYN, NY11217 DRA WING TITL E:SEA L & SIGNA TUREFURNITURE PLANDAT E:04 /05/1 8PRO JECT NO. Caf e Desi gn DR AWING BY: Aut hor CHK BY:Chec kerDRA WING NO.A-102TEXTILES TEXTILES FOR FOR INTERIORS INTERIORS TEXTILES FOR INTERIORSPATTERN 1 PATTERN 1 Inspired by the Pink Zebra Inspired by the Pink Zebra Restaurant, India. PATTERN 1 Restaurant, India. Inspired by the Pink Zebra Restaurant, India.Tile repeat: Tile repeat: Horizontal straight Horizontal straight 6x6“ Tile repeat: 6x6“ GUPTA Horizontal AAKANKSHA straight 6x6“PATTERN 2 PATTERN 2 Inspired by the Starry Nights Inspired by the Starry Nights painting by Vincent van Tile repeat: PATTERN 2 painting by Vincent van Tile repeat: Gogh Vertical Half drop Inspired by the Starry Nights Gogh Vertical Half drop 6x6“ painting by Vincent van Tile repeat: 6x6“ Gogh Vertical Half drop 6x6“ABOUT THE PROJECTA collection of textiles designed keeping in mind the design schemes for the hospitality sector. The designs can be used for feature walls or upholstery in order to add vibrance to a neutral palette or themed projects.PATTERN 1 Inspired by the Pink Zebra Restaurant, India.PATTERN 2 2 PATTERN Inspired by the Starry Starry Nights Nights Inspired by the painting by by Vincent Vincent van van painting Gogh GoghPATTERN 2 Inspired by the Starry Nights painting by Vincent van GoghPATTERN 3 3 PATTERN Inspired by by pop pop cultural cultural Inspired illustrations illustrationsPATTERN 3 Inspired by pop cultural illustrationsTil Ho heavily 6inThe palette is art culture in terms of d niques of repition and usually associated with books and mundane cssGogh Gogh Tile repeat:AAKANKSHA GUPTA GUPTA Horizontal AAKANKSHA straight 6x6“ AAKANKSHA GUPTAVertical Vertical Half Half drop drop 6 x6 6x “6 “TEXTILE DESIGNTile repeat: repeat: Tile Vertical Half drop drop Vertical Half 6 xx 6 6 ““ 6Tile repeat: Vertical Half drop 6x6“PATTERN PATTERN 33 Inspired Inspired byby pop pop cultural cultural illustrations illustrationsTile Tile repeat: repeat: Horizontal Horizontal straight straight 6 x6 6x “6 “Tile repeat: repeat: Tile Horizontal straight straight Horizontal 6 xx 6 6 ““ 6le repeat: orizontal straight nspired by the x6“pop design using techdotted texture thats h advertising, comic cultural objects.The color scheme for each palette is inspired by Wes Anderson’s movies where there’s always a selected color scheme that relflects onto the emotions of the narrative.C.KRISHNA APARTMENTABOUT THE PROJECTLocation: Roslyn, NY 11576 Area: 1,423 SF Scope of work: Worked on finalizing the furniture selections as p the budget and client visions. The mood board was created to reflect the client visions for a contemporary setting with a limite colour palette. Also created various 3d schemes to test out dif ent variations for furniture selections.per o ed ffer-drawing credits:ABOUT THE PROJECT Location: New York City, NY,10025 Area:1,400 sqft Scope of work: Worked on the layout and kitchen, bathroom and living room details. Prepared working drawings after the initial approval from the client. Also generated the 3d model and renderings for the proposal. drawing credits:S.HOWETT'S RESIDENCEWORKING DRAWINGS FOR CAFE DESIGNABOUT THE PROJECT The Museum chronicles the important event that took place in Lutyens’ Delhi after 1905 and acknowledges his contribution to Delhi. With a 7200 sqm of site area and 11000 sqm if built up. the project celebrates his idologies and visions with a modern vocabulary to fit into the present context.3 structures are linke ground connection historic Gole marke serve as a part to th single entity. The pa based on the hexa that were prominen A new dome has a complete the spaced through underns that link the main et complex. They all he museum forming a alnning has been done agonal grid principles nt in Lutyens’ designs. also been added to ce.ABOUT THE PROJECT The havelis of Bikaner were chosen to understand the traditional typologies and issues in Indian context. Various Havelis were taken in order to develop an understanding of scale, built typolo-gies, materials and design in the desse Rampuria Haveli(n hotel) is a magnific stone Indian Europd climate effective ert settings. now a heritage cient red dumera pean style structureMEASURE DRAWINGS BY HANDwith intricate wooden and stonework carvings. These details were studied and hand drawen in order to understand the srticulation and play of scale and proportions.THANK YOU A A K A N K S H A G U P TAaakankshagupta2505@gmail.com 702-913-6229
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