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  Kush TandonBBA 5 th  Sem. (Sec.-B)40851101716PRO! T#O$ A$ OP%RAT#O$S &A$A'%&%$TASS#'$&%$T   A.   %*a+uate the ,nducements oeed Southen Receat,ona+ /eh,c+e oman 2 commun,t +eades ,n R,d3ecest &,ss,ss,,.Anse  The inducements offered Southern Recreational Vehicle Company are not unusual.Such inducements are offered in anticipation of the benefits to be derived from the relocationdecision. Among the more common financial inducements is an arrangement under which acommunity development firm will purchase a plant facility and lease it to a company on a long-term basis. Whenever financial inducements are etraordinary! management should reali e thatthere must be something undesirable about locating in that community. B.   hat o2+ems ou+d a coman ee,ence ,n e+ocat,n3 ,ts eecut,*es om a hea*,+ou+ated ,ndust,a+,9ed aea to a sma++ ua+ ton:Anse A ma#or problem in relocation decisions is the reluctance of eecutives to move fromindustriali ed! heavy populated areas to small! rural towns. $ften! the educational! recruitment!and cultural opportunities are lac%ing. &n addition! residential housing! shopping facilities!  medical facilities and ade'uate police and fire protection play an important role in the decision of eecutives to relocate.  . %*a+uate the easons c,ted 2 O;B,an o e+ocat,on. Ae the <ust,,a2+e:Anse Relocation   decision are bac%ed by economics substance which give a reason to movetowards relocation decision if an organi ation can produce more and more revenue and canfunction competently with low cost as a different sites. (et discomfited demands claim fromunions must be in'uired critically and their compromises and re'uirements must be negotiated sothat both company and union can mutually wor% together. . hat +e3a+ and eth,ca+ esons,2,+,t,es does a ,m ha*e to ,ts em+oees hen a dec,s,onto cease oeat,ons ,s made: ).Companies which are ceasing their operations should immediately inform their employees.*.They should eecute the actions defined in the laws about compensation.+.Supporting the #ob-see%ing process of the employees is a favorable action for a companyin such occasions.
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