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1. Peter Thusat Co-CEO & Intelligence Advisor Safos & Thusat, LLC 2. Peter Thusat Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Communication, M&A Business Finder…
  • 1. Peter Thusat Co-CEO & Intelligence Advisor Safos & Thusat, LLC
  • 2. Peter Thusat Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Communication, M&A Business Finder Services, Sales Channel Development & Optimization, Recruitment/Retention, In-Person & Online Interactive Training, Marketing and Public Relations Focus: He brings a recruitment mindset to marketing and a marketing mindset to recruitment. SM
  • 3. Education & Training *Peter graduated from: *Defense Information School, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana Diploma in Journalism & Public Affairs, 1982. *He studied Psychology at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978-1980. *His continuing fields/areas of interest include: Business Development, Community Currencies, Competitive Intelligence, Enterprise Search Technology, General Semantics, Geoeconomics, Green-Friendly Innovations, Information Retrieval & Management, Lifelong Learning, Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Policy Analysis, Political Philosophy, Private Equity, Recruitment, Strategic Partnering and Tactical Support.
  • 4. Positions Held *Co-CEO & Intelligence Advisor, Safos & Thusat, LLC *Partner, ONEtoONE Corporate Finance *Communication Director & CMO, Thunderstone Software, LLC *Executive Director, The Heartland Institute *Chief Writer/Consultant, PRS Resume & Writing Service *Public Affairs Specialist, 35th Signal Brigade, U.S. Army
  • 5. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat serves as Co-CEO and Intelligence Advisor for a private intelligence firm that offers precise, confidential scenario planning, timing/forecasting and decision recommendations to highly-placed individuals and executive teams in client organizations. * Peter has assisted many clients in a wide range of industries with efforts to reduce costs and/or increase revenues – while accepting a results-oriented compensation structure based on the actual amount of money successfully saved or generated.
  • 6. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat spearheaded creation of the free (ad-supported) P.L.A.D.™ Financial Ratio Analysis app for iOS and 15-KPI™ Financial Ratio Analysis (a $3.99 iOS app), both soon to also become available for Android devices. P.L.A.D.™ and 15-KPI™ can help to clarify understanding of performance improvement fundamentals for two main groups of app users: 1) business owners, executives and managers – plus the accountants, advisors, consultants, board members, bankers and investors who work with them; 2) teachers of business/accounting-related courses, as well as the high school and university-level students they teach.
  • 7. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat provided hands-on campaign expertise and support to entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, manufacturers, retailers, publishers, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, governments, political groups and nonprofit organizations. * Peter played an instrumental leadership role in developing strategic communication plans, as well as in formulating and implementing effective programs for direct and indirect sales to consumers, government entities, NGOs and businesses of all sizes. * He produced and coordinated implementation of persuasive print, digital, electronic, audio and video communication tools.
  • 8. Expert Experience * The Founder/Chairman of Gottesman Company recruited Peter Thusat to join his company as a Senior Business Intermediary. * Peter worked profitably with both buy-side and sell-side parties for this Business Finder Network specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions of entities throughout the United States and Canada – as well as occasional deals in South America and Europe. * He focused heavily on mid-market companies with sales of $20 million to $2+ billion, both platforms and add-ons, in a wide range of industries: manufacturing, distribution, software firms, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, aerospace and many more.
  • 9. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat currently assists the CEO and the COO of a startup company in Southern California to identify potential funders/collaborators and global channel partners for the CEO's patent-pending Vortex Compression Pump, a uniquely-engineered device which can move as much as 20,000 gallons of water per minute at sea level (and much, much more water at higher atmospheric pressures). * Peter collaborates on direct sales and sales channel development for the recently established U.S. manufacturer and distributor of an Australian-based inventor with a membrane-free water recycling technology that cost- effectively solves urgent water treatment problems in the municipal water supply, sewage infrastructure, agriculture, mining, oil & gas and other pollution/environmental cleanup-related industries.
  • 10. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat advised the owner of a cane-focused martial arts and therapeutic/exercise system to develop and manage profitable sales channels for the North American and international distribution of his custom-made canes, certification services, training videos, "how-to" manuals and other products and accessories. * Peter assisted a Hong Kong-based company with license sales for a patented crumb rubber manufacturing system (as well as finding potential sellers of the system's resulting "1000-mesh" crumb rubber) and with license sales for a patented data compression technology offered to targeted verticals in the U.S. and throughout the world.
  • 11. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat rapidly transformed recruitment advertising agency work orders and client job descriptions into results-generating text for Help Wanted ads to run in newspapers, trade magazines and electronic media. He wrote production copy for as many as 60 ads per week and contributed creative efforts to successfully land new accounts. * Peter also provided effective copy for recruitment billboards, brochures, outbound letters, employee referral programs, phone scripts, radio and television ads, videos, web sites, etc. * He prepared the first major-client RFP response and designed a recruitment web site for a new proprietary school in Michigan that wanted to train students for promising careers as railroad engineers and freight conductors.
  • 12. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat has developed interactive courses for executives, managers, professionals, students, suppliers and workers at all organizational levels. He performed necessary subject matter research, curriculum planning, course outlining and comprehensive writing/editing of detailed production scripts – maintaining the highest standards of quality, efficiency and timeliness. * Courses written include (partial list): Workplace Etiquette; Winning Strategies For Marketing Your Auto Repair Business; Network Security Policy and Planning; Successfully Managing Workplace Stress; Expert Stress Management Strategies That Work; Turning Strategy Into Action: Managing Change; Turning Strategy Into Action: The People Factor; High-Impact Skills For Career Success; Negotiate, Influence, Persuade...Succeed; Presentations That Impress; How To Conduct Highly Productive Meetings; High-Impact Writing
  • 13. Expert Experience Peter Thusat has successfully engaged with publishers, radio/television station managers, news directors, editors, journalists, reporters, writers and bloggers. * Peter has arranged and conducted analyst reviews with recognized subject matter experts who cover global marketplace developments at Gartner, Forrester, IDS, CMS Watch, Gilbane, et al. * He has publicized company news, events, awards, policy/price changes, product launches and enhancements. * He has identified under-served verticals with unique requirements, then formulated and executed plans to capture these new target markets.
  • 14. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat has defined a profile for ideal prospects and systematically graded prospects/customers against the profile. * Peter has generated many qualified leads via inbound marketing to increase demos, evaluations, sales and market share. * Peter has developed useful metrics to differentiate profitable from unprofitable marketing efforts and sales activities. * He has created effective tools to aid during the recruitment/sales process – including web content, email content, trade show materials, training presentations, RFP responses, proposals, product sell sheets, case studies, white papers, newsletters, press releases, advertisements, letters, etc.
  • 15. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat achieved praiseworthy accomplishments as regional executive director and chief Ohio spokesman for a public policy think tank. * He scheduled, funded, produced and edited cutting-edge reports, studies, white papers, newsletters, press releases and other publications. * He oversaw finances. * He organized and hosted special events. * He spoke at issue conferences and on radio and television programs. * He addressed numerous civic clubs and political groups. * He met with elected officials, lobbyists and opinion leaders. * He generated favorable newspaper stories, op-eds and TV/radio publicity.
  • 16. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat for 6+ years specialized in preparing factual resumes and cover letters 100% guaranteed to obtain job interviews for any candidate, regardless of employment history or difficult circumstances. * Peter helped thousands of extremely satisfied resume clients – including single mothers, widows, recent trade school and college graduates, military retirees, professional athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, fired workers, downsized middle managers, senior executives and ambitious individuals from nearly every imaginable occupation. * He sold and completed as many as 15 projects a week.
  • 17. Expert Experience * Peter Thusat managed a busy Public Affairs Office and photo lab for the 35th Signal Brigade – with more than 2,600 soldiers and about 1,400 vehicles/major assemblages – including the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 35th Signal Brigade (Corps) (Airborne); the 50th Signal Battalion (Corps) (Forced Entry) (Airborne); the 51st Signal Battalion (Corps Area) (Airborne); the 327th Signal Battalion (Airborne); and the 514th Signal Company (Long Range Extension) (Airborne). * He regularly wrote or edited 8-12 feature articles a month plus public service announcements and PR-related print and broadcast materials. * He handled a wide variety of media inquiries, historical documentation, HR/employee information, community relations and publicity campaigns. * He approved/denied requests for photographic coverage of events and implemented a highly successful Hometown News Release Program. * He recruited, trained and supervised six stringers, one photojournalist and two darkroom technicians.
  • 18. Expert Experience * Peter oversaw creation of the standard operating manual, rate card, commission schedule, order form and internal/external web sites for a small, start-up weekly broadsheet newspaper. He trained and directed account executives to sell display advertising. He formulated all necessary policies and procedures, implementing an efficient methodology that grew ad sales from zero dollars to more than $79,000 in the first three weeks. * Peter wrote the video script for a "capabilities overview sales video" that helped a high-precision cutting tool manufacturer to land a major new Fortune 500 account. * Peter field tested sales techniques enabling a local, independent barter company to quickly sign new trade clients including a retail florist, a residential HVAC contractor, a video/film production studio and a regional distributor of restaurant supplies.
  • 19. Expert Experience * Peter created a comprehensive marketing plan and a qualified prospect database for a boutique video production company specializing in corporate sales videos, training videos and television commercials. * Peter drafted effective support materials for an entrepreneur's winning bid to acquire a coveted franchise in the staffing industry. * Peter presented and sold direct marketing "prospect qualification" and "lead generation" services to clients such as a commercial real estate developer, a manufacturer of insulation materials for industrial vacuum furnaces, an elevator maintenance/repair company and others. He participated as an expert in designing direct response surveys and questionnaires, ensuring quality control during the data collection process and analyzing/reporting results from completed research projects.
  • 20. Expert Experience * Peter provided pre-launch marketing leadership related to positioning and provisioning a sales channel enhancement package comprised of the AnswerGuide electronic directory and multi-modal (mail/phone/fax/web/e-mail) response system, the "i-number" single-address unified messaging system, plus the "Network i" branded infrastructure for aggressively co-marketing products/services. * He determined the best vertical markets for targeting initial sales, and he field tested presentations for one-on-one/group sales. * He pre-sold AnswerGuide and i-number packages to clients in selected regions and industries.
  • 21. Focuses *Strategic Internal and External Communication – Branding and Product/Service Differentiation – Inbound/Outbound Marketing and Recruitment – Audio, Video, Digital and Print Materials *Employee, Investor and Media Relations – Executive Coaching – Staff/Management Training and Support – Promotional Campaigns as Contact and Spokesperson
  • 22. Focuses *Competitive/Collaborative Intelligence – Scenario Planning – Timing and Forecasting – Decision Recommendations *Channel Partner Program Development and Optimization – Increasing Revenues – Decreasing Costs
  • 23. Focuses *Government Liaison *Policy Analysis *Public Affairs Initiatives *M&A Business Finder Services (Buy-Side and Sell-Side)
  • 24. Summary *Mr. Peter Thusat brings a recruitment mindset to marketing and a marketing mindset to recruitment SM – with more than 30 years of frontline success as a business writer and recruitment/marketing consultant providing practical solutions in print/broadcast/Internet advertising, audio and video productions, media relations and sales channel optimization. *His background includes considerable accomplishments as a journalist, public affairs professional, curriculum designer, chief marketing officer, competitive/collaborative intelligence advisor, M&A business finder and executive director of a government policy think tank.
  • 25. Contact Information Peter Thusat Tel: +1 216 264 9610 Fax: +1 216 521 5033 Skype: peter.thusat
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