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  1THE 8 STEPS OF THE PATTERN OF SUCCESSNet Pro 1997 Publishing ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Reproduction COL PRO 1082CONTENTSPATTERN OF SUCCESS THE EIGHT STEPS STEP 1 STEP II DEFINE YOUR DREAM CYCLE COMMITMENTS MAKE SOME SUCCESS STEP III LIST OF CANDIDATES WRITE YOUR STEP IV INVITE YOUR TABLE TO CONTACT CANDIDATES AND STEP V INVITE SUCCESSFUL REUNION HAVE A STEPUP STEP VI VII REVIEW TEACH YOUR PROGRESS STEP VIII THE PATTERN OF SUCCESS 4 5 68 10 11 12 15 16 18 19 21THE SECRET TO DEVELOP A BUSINESS SCHEDULED A MONTHLY SOLID 22 233YEAR 2009Name ___________________________________________________ Address _______________  ___________________________________ City ____________________ __________________  _ Department ____________ Zip Code _________________ Tel Particular_____________  _________ Ofic Tel _______________ Fax ___________________ Distributor Celular__  _________ PIN No. _______________ In case of accident, notify: Name ____________  _______________________________________ Phone _________________________________ Relationship ___________________________ Dirección_____________________________ SPONSOR: Name ___________________________________________________ Address Email ___  _______________________________________________ ________________________________  __________ __________ Phone: Home Of Tel. LIVE ___________ _______________ CellEmail Address __________________________________________________ _______________  ___________________________ __________ Phone: Home Of Tel. D. ___________ Cell _  ______________ D. ESMERALDA Email Address ______________________________________  ____________ __________________________________________ Phone: Home / Office ___  _____________________ D. D. DIAMOND E-Mail Address _____________________________  _____________________ __________________________________________ Phone: Home / Office ________________________ 4THE PATTERN OF SUCCESSThis manual contains basic information that will help you develop your own business as Network should remember, however, that this guide is not intended to substitute for personal advice and support of the people who make their line of sponsorship. Keep in touch with them and always consult them. The economic benefitsgenerated by the distribution network may become great, but require effort and dedication. To develop this business we need to accept certain principles of faith, without trying to know all its aspects in depth. In the distribution networkshould be accepted in principle the methods, strategies and tools used by thosewho have had more success and follow their instructions and advice. The distribution network is a formula based on networking of Independent Distributors who use and / or marketing goods and services of high quality at a competitive price,giving consumers the opportunity to also become Independent Distributors. Thus,any person (regardless of age or economic status, social and cultural) has the possibility of having their own business, which will allow you the opportunity toachieve their goals and objectives in life, no matter how large may be. That'swhy he has presented a great opportunity to have a successful business. The potential for growth, the rewards for their hard work, economic independence and many other personal satisfactions are only limited by desire, initiative and visionof each person. No matter how big or small your dream, if he believes in and is  willing to make a constant effort, we know we will succeed. A clear plan is essential for success. So that is why it has developed a pattern of success, that if followed correctly, will take faster and easier success. The pattern has beendeveloped by many leaders over the past few years, so that, when used, is usingthe experience of successful people and applying highly effective methods. It isimportant to understand and memorize each step of the pattern, but that's not enough. It is also essential to apply it consistently in your business and teachit to others.5THE EIGHT STEPSStep 1 Define your dreams Step II Step III Make some commitments Write your listof candidates Invite Step IV Step V candidates Have a successful meeting Followup Step Step VI VII VIII Review your progress Teach Step Pattern for Success6STEP 1 DEFINE YOUR DREAMA dream is a goal, an important goal to be achieved and for which you are willing to strive and work hard.€Dreams are important because they stimulate people and make them continue the effort. It is therefore necessary to define them, namely to specify and learn to become familiar with them. So set your goal or dream forthe business. His goals and dreams are going to provide fuel and creativity to the success of this business. Decide what your future aspects are very importantand will motivate you to do more today to achieve tomorrow. A. Write down your dreams or goals. Write what you would want in the future if time and money were not an issue. Be specific. Describe how your life would be different in five years after reaching some of their dreams and goals. B. Familiarize yourself with your dreams. See them, tap them, cut specific images and póhgalas goals in a visibleplace for you, as a mirror or refrigerator door. This will help you remember your dreams every day and remind him of his reason for wanting to develop this business. C. Rehearse your commitment to achieve their goals and achieve their dreams. Are they worth the time and effort these objectives? Is he happy that made the effort to get them? Knowing what you want and when they want to allow your vendor directly help you design a plan to achieve your goals. DREAM BIG and do notlet anyone convince you that their objectives are not achievable and NOT let anyone steal your DREAM. SOME OF THE QUESTIONS YOU CAN MAKE AND WE CAN HELP YOUR DREAM IS TO DEFINE THE FOLLOWING:How I wish I was financially within two to five years? How soon I would like tosettle my debts? What person would want to be? What do I need? What education Iwould give my children? What I would do in my spare time? Where do I like to travel? What kind of car I like to have?7 Goal / Dream desired one. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The things listed are worthy of your time and effort? Once you have clearly defined his dream, determineexactly what it intends to take or do to make the dream or goal you want, set aspecified period in which you want to achieve their goals and create a detailedschedule your sponsor or direct distributor to carry out and begin at once no matter if it is ready or not, to put the action plan and finally write a clear and concise statement of the goals you want to accomplish to realize your dream with time limits and what is proposes to give in return and can also accurately describe the plan by which intends to achieve it, read their statement aloud twicea day and while you read, see, feel and think your dream has come true. Date8DO SOME STEP II COMMITMENTSNothing worthwhile in life is achieved without compromise and without giving any  thing in return. To conquer his dreams must make commitments and be willing to comply. You need to put everything, whatever is on their side in order to realizethe goals and objectives it has set. To achieve its list of goals and dreams through interactive distribution business, you need to make some compromises. Among the commitments that it should take to succeed in this business are the following. A. Commit yourself. Take a firm determination to develop until the end allactivities necessary to achieve their dreams. Commit yourself to your sponsor and your entire line of sponsorship. Commit also sponsored and established their relationships with them cordial and mutually supportive. B. Be a professional inyour business.Must assume responsibility and professionalism all the tasks arising from theirbusiness, such as leaflets and continually seek new markets, arranging meetingsand present the plan regularly, think carefully about all the stages of growth and all group activities, support and guide members of its network, providing anexcellent service to customers and avoid unfair competition or unethical practices of business and have always on hand tools to build your business. The following are the tools necessary to ensure a successful start. Ask your sponsor to obtain them. 1. The kit of products and sales. 2. Ten or more additional productsfor personal use or for display. 3. Self-improvement books that direct dealer recommends. 4. Pattern of Success Manual. 5. Basic learning CDs, CDs and videos seguiminto basic. 6. Recorder to play CDs.C. Use your own products.Almost everything you buy now, can and must be purchased from their own business. This is called product loyalty. €Carefully check all the catalogs to become familiar with the products and services that are available to you in your business.It is you who must persuade first on the benefits of consuming the products it distributes. You must be the first and most enthusiastic customers, and the moreconvinced of the superiority and excellence of its products and your company. Make your own orders and set a minimum for home consumption. Your sponsor will help you with all the procedures for ordering and will be useful to set a time eachweek for you to see his family make their purchases from home.9 D. Explore opportunities for marketing. As you review the catalogs, you will notice that there is a multitude of products that are readily marketable and thatwill help you generate revenue. With the assistance of your sponsor, choose anappropriate strategy for designing a marketing method that fits your lifestyle to achieve their goals and financial dreams. E. Use the education system available. Knowledge is power and successful leaders in this business have developed a system that provides you with e! knowledge they need to build and replicate successful in this business. The education system consists of: 1. CDs and videos available to learn from experts who have been successful time and again. 2. Businessbooks and materials that will be recommended for reading. They also teach you principles that can serve as successful in its efforts to develop a large interactive distribution business. 3. Seminars and conventions are planned throughout the year. These meetings provide an opportunity to switch interacts with many other people who are building their businesses and also allow you to learn about the principles of success in this business directly from the leaders. F. Take action and be positive. As you will learn and practice, will develop the skills necessary to build your business. Therefore must develop certain behaviors and certain activities that daily practice habits will become able to help you build a successful business. In Interactive Distribution business all his actions are duplicated, ie if you keep a positive attitude, people in your network also will double. Therefore, each time offering kindness, care, kindness, happiness, encouragement and building up of people, receive far more than he has given. Here are the success cycle, which consists of a series of practices that are connected instages to form a circular process that will help you build a successful business. TAKE ACTION experience is the best teacher!Be a go-getter, plan many meetings will present a week!  10CYCLE OF SUCCESS11WRITE YOUR STEP III LIST OF CANDIDATESThe key to success is people. Make a list of names. Spend two hours only to prepare a list of names of everyone you know, who live far away, who do not see often, and so on. (Married couples can do together this list.) As we mentally classify people according to the relationship we have with them, start your list the same way: A. A candidate immediately. Family 2. Friends and acquaintances 3. Neighbors (new and old) 4. Colleagues (current and past) 5. Fellow students (elementary, etc.) 6. Everyone who knows and who use soap and want to earn more money. Do not prejudge. B. Candidates Indirect 1. Who knows from children, school, cars,personal or domestic service, military, clubs, churches, committees, pets, theyshop, etc.. 2. Consider a group, not only people's names. 3. Continue adding names to its list, write them down as soon as the recall. If your list contains less than one hundred people, certainly not all-inclusive and you should contact your sponsor for assistance. Your list will grow rapidly if you remember or see other people, so always carry pencil and paper. This list is very important because it is the beginning of its organization and its business and retail continueto grow as you get to know new people, your best resource: Learn to meet new friends! C. The major source of candidates: Strangers with whom you can make friends. 1. Develop the ability to see candidates every day. Make it a habit. 2. See people as if they were already in business or as if they wanted to be. 3. Learn to listen. If you pay attention when you hear a person€easily know what the time sheis willing to talk to you business. 4. Frequent and cultivate friendships. If you shop at the same stores, attend the same restaurants, etc, established good relations with some people who may invite the business. So enter the names and numbers of EVERYONE you know ... by chance, professionally, and so on., everyone!do not try to determine if they will last or not distributors. Simply enter thenames. Ask yourself, Who know? and do not forget to ask the dealer directly or sponsor.12STEP IV INVITE YOUR CANDIDATESThe way each person invited is very personal, because it also depends on the type of relationship you have with the person you are inviting. The best way to start your business is having two big meetings at home, during which the sponsor will explain the business. Business Orientation Meetings open to the public (OE) are another good way to motivate candidates and to provide more evidence on the success of the business. Then prepare individual meetings (one to one ) for persons who could not attend the meeting as a group. Plan two meetings always closeto each other, to increase the likelihood that candidates attend any of them, suggest alternative appointments. Group meetings should be planned for 7:00 pm andlast no longer than two hours.To start with the best prospects of success, first invite the best candidates from your list of friends, mature and ambitious people who respect and backgroundsto support them. They will take the initiative and example to others. Here we point out some ideas and suggestions so you can invite and you may have in mind:1. Some phrases you can use to invite 1. We have a very good idea of how to obtain additional income and would like to share it with you. 2. Do you like your job? 3. Do you know someone who is really interested in having an extra income? 4.Would you like a second income important? 5. Are you spending all the money youwant to spend? 6. Do you think staying at work all the rest of your life? 7. Are you interested in another activity that will yield a extra income? 8. Would yo
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