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1. Panama Canal: Then and Now<br />NazeemaBaboolall<br />Brad Neumyer<br /> 2. History<br />1534<br />19th Century<br />1819<br…
  • 1. Panama Canal: Then and Now<br />NazeemaBaboolall<br />Brad Neumyer<br />
  • 2. History<br />1534<br />19th Century<br />1819<br />1904-1914<br />
  • 3. Cost and Limits<br />965 ft.<br />106 ft.<br />39.5 ft.<br />190 ft.<br />$370 million<br />$40 million<br />$10 million<br />
  • 4. US Control<br />Roosevelt Instrumental<br />From 42,000 to 88,000 “Zonians”<br />Racism in the Panama Canal Zone<br />1971 U.S. Revenue, $114,421,519<br />1985-1995<br />$460 million of revenues in 1995<br />
  • 5. Treaties<br />Spooner Act of 1902<br />Hay-Herran Treaty of 1903<br />Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty, also in 1903<br />The Carter-Torrijos Treaties of 1977<br />
  • 6. Transition & Dynamics<br />The Panama Canal Treaty of 1979<br />Withdrawal<br />Neutrality<br />Intervention<br />Pros & Cons<br />$10 million annually, adjusted<br />Percentage of annual tolls<br />Profit driven incentive<br />Panama uses U.S. currency<br />
  • 7. Environmental Effects<br />Deforestation<br />Lower rainfall rates<br />Loss of freshwater<br />Loss of vegetation<br />cover<br />
  • 8. Future of the Canal<br />Expansion<br />$5.2 billion proposed<br />Possibilities<br />Hydroelectric conversion<br />
  • 9. Panamanian Control<br />$569.7 million<br />$6,500<br />9,278 employees<br />
  • 10. Fun Page!<br />Famous people born in the Panama Canal Zone include John McCain and Rod Carew<br />Each door of the locks weighs 750 tons<br />Most expensive toll: $226,194.25 for a cruise ship in 2003<br />Least expensive toll: $.36, for author/swimmer Richard Halliburton<br />Fastest trip through the canal: 2 hours 41 minutes<br />
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