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  Mac OS X Technology Overview General 2009-08-14  Apple Inc.© 2004, 2009 Apple Inc.All rights reserved.Nopartofthispublicationmaybereproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, inany form or by any means, mechanical,electronic, photocopying, recording, orotherwise, without prior written permission of Apple Inc., with the following exceptions: Anyperson is hereby authorized to storedocumentation on a single computer forpersonal use only and to print copies of documentation for personal use provided thatthedocumentationcontainsApple’scopyrightnotice.The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.No licenses, express or implied, are grantedwithrespecttoanyofthetechnologydescribedin this document. Apple retains all intellectualpropertyrightsassociatedwiththetechnologydescribed in this document. This document isintended to assist application developers todevelop applications only for Apple-labeledcomputers.Apple Inc.1 Infinite LoopCupertino, CA 95014408-996-1010.Mac is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.iDisk is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.Apple,theApplelogo,AirPort,AirPortExtreme,AppleScript, AppleShare, AppleTalk, Aqua,Bonjour, Carbon, Cocoa, ColorSync, Dashcode,eMac, Exposé, Final Cut, Final Cut Pro, Finder,FireWire,iBook,iCal,iChat,Instruments,iTunes,Keychain,Mac,MacOS,Macintosh,Objective-C,Pages,Quartz,QuickDraw,QuickTime,Rosetta,Safari, Sherlock, Spaces, Spotlight, Tiger, TimeMachine, TrueType, Velocity Engine,WebObjects, Xcode, Xgrid, and Xserve aretrademarks of Apple Inc., registered in theUnited States and other countries.OpenCL is a trademark of Apple Inc.Adobe,Acrobat,andPostScriptaretrademarksor registered trademarks of Adobe SystemsIncorporatedintheU.S.and/orothercountries.IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of CiscointheU.S.andothercountriesandisusedunder license.Intel and Intel Core are registered trademarksof Intel Corportation or its subsidiaries in theUnited States and other countries.JavaisaregisteredtrademarkofOracleand/orits affiliates.OpenGL is a registered trademark of SiliconGraphics, Inc.PowerPC and and the PowerPC logo aretrademarksofInternationalBusinessMachinesCorporation, used under license therefrom.UNIX is a registered trademark of The OpenGroup EventhoughApplehasreviewedthisdocument,APPLEMAKESNOWARRANTYORREPRESENTATION,EITHEREXPRESSORIMPLIED,WITHRESPECTTOTHISDOCUMENT,ITSQUALITY,ACCURACY,MERCHANTABILITY,ORFITNESSFORAPARTICULARPURPOSE.ASARESULT,THISDOCUMENTISPROVIDED“ASIS,”ANDYOU,THEREADER,AREASSUMINGTHEENTIRERISKASTOITSQUALITYANDACCURACY.INNOEVENTWILLAPPLEBELIABLEFORDIRECT,INDIRECT,SPECIAL,INCIDENTAL,ORCONSEQUENTIALDAMAGESRESULTINGFROMANYDEFECTORINACCURACYINTHISDOCUMENT,evenifadvisedofthepossibilityofsuchdamages.THEWARRANTYANDREMEDIESSETFORTHABOVEAREEXCLUSIVEANDINLIEUOFALLOTHERS,ORALORWRITTEN,EXPRESSORIMPLIED.NoAppledealer,agent,oremployeeisauthorizedtomakeanymodification,extension,oradditiontothiswarranty.Somestatesdonotallowtheexclusionorlimitationofimpliedwarrantiesorliabilityforincidentalorconsequentialdamages,sotheabovelimitationorexclusionmaynotapplytoyou.Thiswarrantygivesyouspecificlegalrights,andyoumayalsohaveotherrightswhichvaryfromstatetostate.  Contents Introduction IntroductiontoMacOSXTechnologyOverview13 Who Should Read This Document 13Organization of This Document 13Getting the Xcode Tools 14Reporting Bugs 14See Also 15Developer Documentation 15Information on BSD 15Darwin and Open Source Development 16Other Information on the Web 16 Chapter1 MacOSXSystemOverview17 A Layered Approach 17The Advantage of Layers 18Developer Tools 19 Chapter2 DarwinandCoreTechnologies21 Kernel and Drivers 21Mach 2164-Bit Kernel 22Device-Driver Support 22File-System Support 23Network Support 24BSD 28Caching API 29Scripting Support 29Threading Support 29X11 30Security 30Core Technologies 30Blocks 31Grand Central Dispatch 31OpenCL 32Core Foundation 32IPC and Notification Mechanisms 33Software Development Support 36Binary File Architecture 37Language Support 41 3 2009-08-14 | © 2004, 2009 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Chapter3 GraphicsandMultimediaTechnologies43 Drawing Technologies 43Quartz 43Cocoa Drawing 45OpenGL 46Core Animation 46Core Image 47Image Kit 48QuickDraw 48Text and Fonts 49Cocoa Text 49Core Text 49Apple Type Services 50Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging 50Multilingual Text Engine 50Audio Technologies 50Core Audio 51OpenAL 51Video Technologies 52QuickTime Kit 52Core Video 52DVD Playback  53QuickTime 53Color Management 54Printing 55Accelerating Your Multimedia Operations 56 Chapter4 ApplicationTechnologies57 Application Environments 57Cocoa 57Carbon 58Java 59WebObjects 59BSD and X11 60Application Technologies 60Address Book Framework  61Automator Framework  61Bonjour 61Calendar Store Framework  62Core Data Framework  62Disc Recording Framework  62Help Support 63Human Interface Toolbox 63Identity Services 64 4 2009-08-14 | © 2004, 2009 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. CONTENTS
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