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On Orly Taits's website she claims this Application for Emergency Stay and/or Injunction Re: Sanctions was (filed and/or directed to) Justice Clarence Thomas.
    This brief for stay was forwared to Hon.Assocate Justice of the Supreme CourtClarence Thomas  Posted on | July 7, 2010 | No Comments  No.In TheSupreme Court of the United StatesRhodes v. MacDonald APPLICATION FOR EMERGENCY STAY AND/OR INJUNCTION AS TO THEsanctions  Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ29839 Santa Margarita PkwyRancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688949-683-5411  ADDRESSED TO THE HONORABLE ASSOCIATE JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMASQuestions posed  1. Is a Federal Judge allowed to persecute a Civil Rights attorney and sanction her for merelybringing Civil rights violation cases to his court?2. Are members of US military reduced to the level of slaves or serfs, if they are refused ahearing on the merits of their grievances in both military and federal courts and their attorneysare harassed and intimidated and verbally assaulted and insulted by a presiding Federal Judge?3. Can a federal judge arbitrarily decide, what civil Rights violations case he wants to hear andwhich case he will not hear, and arbitrarily sanction a civil rights defender attorney for bringing to court a case that he doesn’t feel like hearing on the merits, as it is not beneficial for his career?  4. Should a federal judge forward a case to the jury for determination on issues of fact and law,when a case involves a president of the United States, his legitimacy and eligibility, which bydefault, affects the career of such judge?5. Is the whole nation de facto reduced to the level of slaves or serfs, when one without validvital records, without Social Security number of his own and without a valid long form birthcertificate is able to get in the position of the President; and Congress is refusing to hear thisissue, claiming that it is for the courts to decide and the courts are refusing to hear this issue,claiming that it is for the Congress to decide?6. Can the courts indefinitely evade the issue of eligibility of US president, while endangeringthe well-being of the public?7. Should there be a decision from the Supreme court, clarifying legitimacy of US president or anorder to the lower court to hear the issue on the merits? 8. What Constitutes “natural born citizen” according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Cons titution?   AFFIRMATION OF JURISDICTION  Applicant respectfully submit to this Honorable Court that she had brought this emergencyapplication directly from a final judgment from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Originalcase Rhodes v MacDonald 4:09-CV-106 was heard by US District Court Judge Clay D. Land(Hereinafter Land) in the middle District of GA (Exhibits1. 2, 3), Appeal in 11th circuit, Case #09-14698.(Exhibit 10) PROCEDURAL HISTORY  This emergency application is brought to this Honorable Court from a final decision of theHonorable Eleventh Circuit court of Appeals denying reversal of sanctions assessed against theapplicant by District Court Judge Clay D. Land in retaliation for her bringing to his courtroom asecond case on behalf of a member of US military officer questioning the legality of deploymentorders issued by Barack Hussein Obama, who refused to unseal any of his vital records andnever qualified as a legitimate President and Commander in Chief, based on Article 2, §1 of theConstitution of the United States of America. Application for stay of sanctions  The appellant in this case is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq, seeking a stay and reversal of the $20,000 Rule11 sanctions assessed against her by Judge Clay D. Land in the Middle District of GA. Rule 11sanctions are typically applied when the case is not sufficiently investigated by the counsel priorto bringing it to court. The facts of the underlying case  Rhodes v MacDonald  4:09-CV-106Middle District of GA were researched for a year. Licensed investigators were used, Taitz hasreached the highest ranks of the military in her investigation of the case. It was not a case of anything improper done by the counsel, rather it was an attempt by judge Clay D. Land tosilence and intimidate Taitz, as well as other attorneys, an attempt to instill fear in eachand every attorney, who dared to bring an action on behalf of members of the US military challenging Barack Hussein Obama’s complete illegitimacy for the US presidency. She isseeking a stay and reversal of sanctions, as well as limited rule 11 discovery, to show that heractions were not frivolous, but rather reasonable and justified, that is not only not frivolous, butis the most important case today and possibly most important in US history , as sanctions were asserted to obfuscate illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama for US presidency. Land’s order canonly be characterized as a legal “hit job”. Land really wanted to deter any further legal actions against Obama. He started his order with a statement comparing Taitz to Alice in Wonderlandand saying that just saying so, does not make it so. Unfortunately, Land did not think of theunderlying case, where Obama is saying , that he is a legitimate President and Commander inChief, however in light of the fact that multiple experts show him using Social Security   numbersof others, not having a valid Social Security number of his own, not willing to unseal his srcinal  1961 birth certificate with the name of the doctor and hospital , just saying he is legitimate,does not make it so, does not make him legitimate and discovery is warranted. Taitz was subjected to ridicule and insults on account of Land christening her “Alice in Wonderland”. She was even put on the hit list of Southern Poverty Law Center under the name Alice in Wonderland. While Taitz appreciates Land’s fondness of Lewis Carroll, it is really important for  Land to wake up from his slumber and sweet dreams about Alice in Wonderland and appreciatethe fact that US military did not fall in the rabbit hole and is not looking for an adventure, but iscurrently in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting real Radical Muslim Terrorists, and it is important forthe military officers, as well as the whole nation to know if the Commander in Chief isLegitimate, and where does his allegiance lie. While citizens of this country do not expect Caroll’s mathematical abilities to be exhibited on the bench, never the less, they do expect more than the Lilliput deductive reasoning and legal analysis in ascertaining that, when the Militarypressures a defense contractor to fire a decorated officer and an active reservist from his$120,000 a year job in retaliation for questioning legitimacy of Obama in court, that indeedrepresents an injury in fact that warrants discovery .Background of the case  Taitz has done extensive research for over a year and provided the court with information, showing that Barack Hussein Obama not only didn’t provid e any proof of his Natural BornCitizen status, but also used multiple Social Security numbers of deceased individuals, as well asnumbers never assigned. Taitz has presented the trial court with an affidavit from Mr. NeilSankey, a licensed investigator, former Scotland Yard officer, working with the elite antiorganized crime and anti communist proliferation units. (Exhibit 4). This report shows thataccording to National databases Choice Point and Lexis Nexis, there are multiple Social SecurityNumbers connected to the name Barack Obama and Barry Obama. None of these numbers wereissued in the State of Hawaii, where Mr. Obama claims to have been born. Selective Serviceofficial on line records (Exhibit 11) show Mr. Obama using Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was issued in the state of CT to an individual born in 1890. Even today Mr. Obamais residing in the White House, using this Social Security number, which not only points to hisforeign birth, as typically individuals not born in this country use Social security numbers of others, but it is also an indication of multiple crimes committed, such as Social security fraud,Elections Fraud and Identity Theft. Any other citizen of this country would not be allowed to getaway with such crimes. Any other citizen would be serving a lengthy prison term for suchcrimes. It is only a testament to utter corruption in the Judiciary, that such crimes were allowedto go on and attorneys like Taitz were intimidated, harassed and subjected to retaliation in theform of sanctions and threat to her license for bringing forward evidence of such crimes.Taitz has brought two cases on behalf of members of the US military, seeking stay of their deployment pending verification of legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s status as t he President andCommander in Chief. Both of these cases were heard by Judge Clay D. Land in Columbus GA.The First Action was brought on behalf of a member of active reserves Stefan Cook. Upon revocation of Major Cook’s orders, Judge Land has dismissed th e case, refusing to consider thefact that Major Cook was also fired from his position as a defense contractor employee in aclear retaliation for his filing the above legal action against Barack Obama , the court also
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