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This is a magazine that contains articles contributed by wadoora agricultural college students, most of whom are now holding responsible positions in Government & Private sectors.
  11   11  FOREWORD   This is a day of immense satisfaction to me as my ‘unaccomplished’ mission of showcasing the talent of my college friends, who studied with me at RRS&FOA, Wadura has materialized, albeit very late and not exactly in the form that I had dreamed of! My friends you may remember that I had made my best efforts to discharge the responsibility of launching the first-ever issue of college magazine ‘Bloom’. After initial hesitation, most of you participated enthusiastically by contributing your articles, while some others raised hurdles and criticized us bitterly. Their criticism intensified our resolve and   prompted us to work tirelessly so as to take our mission to its completion, remembering that, “Unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment”. Despite our good intention and efforts, our dream could not take shape of ‘Bloom’ because of the petty politics and issues beyond our control! Years after completion of our graduate degree some of you would enquire about the fate of the magazine and lament about its sad end. I would feel very bad because I felt that it was my ‘responsibility’ to project our collective talent on a wide platform, but was helpless. However, your ‘trust’ kept my hope alive for more than a decade! In 2007 when I returned back to Kashmir after completion of PhD and joined SKUAST-K as Assistant Professor I thought of reviving the abandoned project. At the time of leaving Wadura College in 1999 I had  serious reservations regarding the fate that your contributions would meet because of petty politicking taking place at College those days… Thank God! I had retained a photocopy of the same and kept it safely,as otherwise your contributions would have been lost forever! To begin I first got the material typewritten by hiring a professional typist and later, in order to save on the cost of printing, scanning and typesetting I bought my own scanner-cum-printer. Most often I had to devote hours together during night to finish my job to my satisfaction, even when I would be tired due to travelling about 140 km daily from my residence to place of posting i.e. Rice Research & Regional Station,Khudwani. With all this hard work I present to you this ‘gift’ as a token of thanksgiving for the moments we shared at Wadura. It would be unjust if I do not offer my special thanks to Matteen, Pervaze, Baseerat,Zubair, Hinna, Iffat, Wasim Qadri, Vaseem, Bashir Kumar, Altaf, Ashiq, Nasheeman and Sandeep Kour  for their support and sincere help, without which it would have been much more difficult to survive the clandestine opposition by some vested interest.Most of us have come a long way ahead in our personal and professional lives, but we all miss the days spent together. Some of us have kids too and may like to share with them and our families the days spent at Wadura. Now, here you are with a copy of your memories ready to re-live those golden moments! Please get a printout and enjoy reading, and please do not forget to send a silent prayer for my wellbeing to Almighty!  Amjad Masood Husaini.Srinagar 20  th  June, 2010 Email   33   CONTENTS   S. No. General Section Contributor’s Name Contributor’s PresentOccupation1.   Views Editor Sameera Waseem Qadri Baseerat Bashir Kumar Khurshid A. Shah Mubashir Zubair Sabeena  Javid A. Dar Bashir A. Rather Abida Jabeen Asima Khan Scientist, SKUAST-K Scientist, SKUAST-K Dy. SP, KPS Scientist, SKUAST-K Self Employed SDM, KAS -  Jt. Director, KAS Scientist, SKUAST-K Scientist, SKUAST-K Govt. ServiceScientist, IUS&T  -2.   Magic of a Smile Ashiq Hussain Scientist, SKUAST-K  3.   Media-Vulgarity and Obscenity Abida Jabeen Scientist, IUS&T  4.   The Name is Enough Ab. Matteen Rafiqi Post Doctoral Researcher,USA  5.   Good Education Altaf Naik AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 6.   Constructions on Agricultural land Altaf Soharwardi JAA, Dept. of Agriculture 7.   Agriculture and Islam Ansar-ul-Rabani Self-Employed  8.   My Dream Baseerat Afroz Scientist, SKUAST-K  9.   Entertainment Explosion- Blessing or CurseBilal A. Lone Grading & Marketing Officer , HPMC  10.   Layman Looks at Weeds Gh. Jeelani Zargar ETO, KAS  11.   My Fancy Gh. Jeelani Zargar ETO, KAS  12.   Cultivation of Agricultural Graduates Heena Athar Govt. Service 13.   Tree of Friendship Iffat Shahnaz Scientist, SKUAST-K  14.   Moral System of Islam Manzoor Hajini Scientist, SKUAST-K  15.   Muslims- The Precursors of Scientific World Mohammad Ashraf -  16.   My Experiments with Ragging Amjad Masood Husaini Scientist, SKUAST-K  17.   True Version Amjad Masood Husaini Scientist, SKUAST-K  18.   Current Status of Women in Society Munazah Yaqoob Scientist, SKUAST-K  19.   And that I Lay Wrong Pervaze Sofi Scientist, SKUAST-K  20.   Think & My View Sabina Naseer Scientist, SKUAST-K  21.   Life- A Struggle Sakhi Khan Govt. Service 22.   Appointment of Mess Manager Sandeep Kour -  23.   Alphabets of Success Showkat A. Siddique Scientist, SKUAST-K  24.   Should we Blame Others Shabina Majid Scientist, SKUAST-K  25.   Memory- Its Improvement Shabir A. Shah Govt. Service 26.   Who Did it Showkat Rafiq Wani Govt. Service 27.   Plants Give Beauty to Life T. H. Masoodi Scientist, SKUAST-K  28.   A Conversion Vaseena Yousuf Govt. Service NostalgiaA Gift for Friends of Wadura CollegeAmjad Masood Husaini   44   S. No. General Section Contd. Contributor’s Name Contributor’s PresentOccupation29.   Oceans of Love Zubair Jt. Director, KAS  30.   Let us Change it Please Zubair Jt. Director, KAS   31.   Peals of Wisdom Editor Nasheeman Ashraf Saima Hamid Sumera Shamim Rubeena Kawkab Farzana Ashai Tabasum Rehana Qadir Gazala Hamid Tufail A. Malik Zameer A. Wani Scientist, SKUAST-K Scientist, IIIMHDO BDO, KAS Govt. Service- - - STA, SKUAST-K - Govt. Service Science Section32.   Farmyard Manure Abdul Hamid Pandit JAA, Dept. of Agriculture 33.   Medicinal Value of Plants Ab. Majeed Lone AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 34.   Vanishing Plants Asifa Nabi AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 35.   Biofertilizers for SustainableAgricultureBashir A. Rather Govt. Service 36.   Nigella sativa Iffat Shahnaz Scientist, SKUAST-K  37.   Need for Eco-friendly Farming Khalid M. Chesti Govt. Service 38.   Consuming Olive oil and Applying it Mushtaq A. Malik Scientist, SKUAST-K  39.   Pashmina Goat of Cold Arid Eco- region of Western Himalayas Dr. S.A.Wani & Dr. M.H.Wani Sr. Scientist SKUAST-K & Professor (Rajiv Ghandi Chair) SKUAST-K  40.   Wonderful Facts Shabir A. Malla AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 41.   Agriculture in Ladakh Shakeel A. Mir JAA, Dept. of Agriculture 42.   Indian Agriculture in 21 st  Century Tahir Salim Dy. SP, KPS  43.   Vegetables-A vitamin & Mineral Rich Food Vaseema Yousuf Govt. Service 44.   X-Ray Analysis of Seed Waseem Qadri Dy. SP, KPS  45.   Tree Bombing Waseem Raja Self-Employed  Poetry Section46.   Real Friend Ab. Matteen Rafiqi Post Doctoral Researcher,USA  47.   She Was Not A Lady Akash Gulzar AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 48.   Oh God! What to do? Amjad Masood Husaini Scientist, SKUAST-K  49.   Ragging Bashir A. Kumar Self-Employed  50.   Mess-You Can’t Guess Bashir A. Kumar Self-Employed  51.   The Introspection Bilal A. Lone Grading & Marketing Officer, HPMC  52.   Woman Fahima Mushtaq Scientist, SKUAST-K  53.   Rolling Stone Farooq Dar Pvt. Company  54.   Sorrow Farooq Dar Pvt. Company  55.   Turn to Allah Mushtaq A. Malik Scientist, SKUAST-K  56.   Miss Modern Pervaiz A. Shah AEO, Dept. of Agriculture 57.   The Snows of Yesteryear Pervaze Sofi Scientist, SKUAST-K  58.   Not Free Even In A Name Sandeep Kour  -59.   Why Shouldn’t I Zubair Ahmad  - NostalgiaA Gift for Friends of Wadura CollegeAmjad Masood Husaini 
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