Natural Events and Human Influences Review

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#___ Name: ____________________ Date: ____________________ STUDY GUIDE SOL 3.10 Review for Natural Events and Human Influences 1. In your own words, describe what interdependency means: 2. What does the word “endangered” mean? 3. How do plants help the soil? A. Plants warm the soil. B. They help wash it. C. They protect it from wild animals. D. They keep it from eroding (washing away). 4. What is an example of pollution? A. Turning off drinking water B. Planting crops C. Feeding birds bird f
  #___ Name: ____________________  STUDYGUIDE Date: ____________________  SOL 3.10 Review for Natural Events and Human Influences 1. In your own words, describe what interdependency means:2.What does the word “endangered” mean?3.How do plants help the soil? A.Plants warm the soil.B.They help wash it.C.They protect it from wild animals.D.They keep it from eroding (washing away).4.What is an example of pollution? A.Turning off drinking water B.Planting cropsC.Feeding birds bird foodD.Pouring waste into oceans5.Which of these hurts the Earth’s waters the MOST? A.Recreational uses (boating, swimming, fishing)B.The ocean’s waters are evaporating too quicklyC.Too many fish are being added to the riversD.Pollution is harming the water and creatures in it6.What are some examples of how humans pollute the Earth? ã   ã   ã  7. What are some ways WE can help protect the Earth’s air? ã   ã   ã   8. Write the correct word using the words in the box below.  A shaking or sliding of the earth’s crust ___________ Types of, kinds ____________ Facing a very high risk of becoming extinct _____________ A mountain with an opening where lava, ash,rocks, and other materials come out ______________ Making new products out of old things, materialsused over and over again _______________ A natural disaster where there is no rain fora long time _______________    endangered speciesrecycledrought volcanoearthquake  9. Write the correct word using the words in the box below. Litter, harmful chemicals and wastes in theair, land, and wate r  (Automobiles, incinerators,coal-burning power plants, and factories)contribute to make air unhealthy. Oil, fertilizers,and factory wastes are dumped and washed intowater ________________ Protecting endangered plants by saving theirseeds, growing the seeds indoors, and laterputting the new plants back in their naturalhabitats _______________     The loss of topsoil by running water or wind _______________ Carefully using and preserving our naturalresources ___________ Fire, flood, drought, disease, erosion, earthquakes,and volcanic eruptions ________________   resource renewal erosionconservation   10. The use and preservation of our natural resources is called _______________. A. InterdependencyB. DependencyC. ConservationD. Extinction11. Place the following examples under the correct category:Leave the water running as we brush our teeth Taking public transportationRecycling cansLeaving the TV on all dayThrowing away paper with only one word on itTurning lights off when you leave a room Wasting our ResourcesGood Use of Our Resources ~~ ~~~~~~
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