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It will be a embarrassing moment if he become the PM of India
  Delwadia1 Kunal DelwadiaPersuasive Speaking for Leadership28 th September 2013IIM Kashipur  NaMo: Hate Speech On his various communication on the subject, Gujarat chief minister Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi (NaMO) often distinguish himself from any other hardcore “hindutav” political leader. So what exactly is the appeal of Modi’s speech? Of course, there is one (and indeed only one) point that no other leader so openlyrepresents the politics of the discriminating minority population of India ( Shankar Gopalkrishnan & Editor:Shudddhabrata Sengupta ). It can be concluded through sequence of his speeches given over the period of time at different locations. The interesting aspect of Modi- and this makes him honest- is that he genuinely  believes the things he represents. Discussing Kashiram Rana, Surat’s six term undefeated Lok Sabha of  Parliament (Whom Modi denied a ticket in 2009) with journalist Saba Naqvi, Stating that he has observed thatRana was different because he was non- vegetarian: “ Maans khane wale logon ka vyavhar alag hota hai (meat - eating people have different temperament)” (Aakar Patel). Here he pursue the similar section of people whoreally agree with his dislike of Muslims and his love of unity of command, should consider this aspect to himand what it means for them if he takes power. He is aching to bring with him his social vision, which is alignedwith that of RSS, to rest of India from Gujarat. A money minded, intellectually barren, segregated, ghettoized,non-drinking and vegetarian utopia that some of us have fled from. Today, the group of those who idolize himis large as we observe on social media, which the group, in fact, dominates. A quick transition is happening asthe middle class expands, education and awareness have produced a yearning for identity that is broader thancaste, and for many urban Indians, Modi has provided this. The contour of his message is simple: Indians aregreat people, but our leaders are corrupt. If we have firm and decisive rule, the “Hindu N ation ” will become aworld power again. This message is not simplistic but it is darker because it is colored with hatred. Modi cancommunicate over the head of the media with his audience, and he can do this better than any other leader inIndia. This is why his power is independent of the media or the traditional party structures. He reaches outdirectly to his group in the eternal way of the demagogue. Like Modi, none of the leaders in India appealed tothe most populous segment of their society, the servants, and the real landless (Aakar Patel).  Delwadia2 Modi’s 9 th September 2002 hate speech at Bahucharaji, Gujarat (Gauvrav Yatra) is often cited byformer DGP Gujarat R B Sreekumar as “ a communally objectionable speech by the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Sept 2002”. He provided the content of the speech to the National Commission for Minorities. Rhetorical tools used1. Analogy    –   A kind of extended metaphor or long smile in which explicit comparison is made betweentwo things (events, ideas, people, etc.) for the purpose (GPBCL) “ Blowing the bugle of self-respect of Gujarat. This is the holy place of power (Shakti), the power for extermination of Ashuras. We haveresolved to destroy and stamp out all forces of evil, which are a threat to the self-respect of Gujarat. A setof people, who are not concerned about ordinary Gujarati citizens, are keen to impede progress of Gujar at State and its future, are out to defame Gujarat State”. (Speech)2. Onomatopoeia- The formation or use of words that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to (GPBCL). “There is allegation against us that we are Hinduwadis . Oh! Brothers, forthe development of Bahucharaji Devi temple, our Govt. has allotted 8 Crore Rupees. Is it a crime done by us?” (Speech).3. Litotes - An understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by negating its opposite (GPBCL)   “ Since, we (means BJP) are here, we brought water in Sabarmati during the month of Shravan, whenyou (Congress) were there, could bring it in the month of Ramzan (the holy month of Muslims) ” .4. Metaphor An implied analogy or comparison between two unlike things that actually have something important incommon. (GPBCL) “ If some people go on producing children”, “A need for teaching a lesson to thosepeople, who are expanding their population”, “ We (Hindus) can not permit merchants of murder freely operate in Gujarat”, “ The schemes of Alis, Malis and Jamalis will not successful to do any harm to us”  (Speech)    Narendra Modi's oratory captivates his audience. A demagogue's agenda is facilitated via language,which becomes a site of power and violence in the political public sphere. This article looks at Modi'semotionally charged speeches, which are emblematic of his larger political language. (Nonica Datta) . It is clear   Delwadia3 from a close perusal of the speech that there is a desire to create hatred and ill will towards minority  (DGP, Chakravarti). The speech clearly indicates the indirect justification of policy carnage against theminority. There was a clear-cut design behind the deliverance of such speech by the CM, Gujarat. The comment on Narmada water clearly signifies the motive behind the making the reference that if congressgovernment is in power then they would have been brought Narmada water in the month of Ramzan, a holymonth of Ramzan and observance of Roza are one of the Five pillars of Islam hallowed in the Holy Kuran. Thecomment “(Ame panch, Amara panch, referring the Muslim producing five children)” & “ refugeecamps ”   the comment reflects an attempt to ridicule the plight refugees from the minority community who weredispersed from their house because of the widespread violence that was not contained. The comment magnifiesthe poisoned stereotype of the alleged Muslim aversion to family planning. The statements also project that theMuslim minority as a stumbling block to progress and patronizes an “ Us versus them” mind set among the populous that then becomes easy fodder for incitement and the outbreak of communal violence.   Whole speech displays a definite communal bias, denigration of the minority community, ridiculingand belittling of the Holiest scriptures of the minority community particularly the five pillars of Islam, the holymonth of Ramzan and observance of Roza. These references will certainly germinate a sense of hatred ill willand exclusivism towards the Muslim minority in the minds of the minority community. Speech from a senior  most state head will lead communal biases among the people and that’s the reason why he turn his strategy to address development agenda simultaneously which is however irrelevant to his personality. The speech wasdangerous and untenable because the sense of exclusivism and sectarianism obvious in the tone and tenor thatclearly indicated from the present state of Muslim community in Gujarat spreading ghettoization and separatingthem from the basic needs of human being. The speech indicated the personality that can do anything, anytime,at any location to anyone for Power. The speech not only goes against the concept of emotional integration of the Indian people but also engenders an intense feeling of alienation among the Muslims towards Hinducommunity. (Shankar Gopalkrishanan) In this perspective the speech of the chief minister is injurious to thePreamble of the Indian constitution.The government reflects the true face of the society that seems true for state, Gujarat. Resident of Gujarat perceives hatred and therefore NaMo is successful in winning election in the Gujarat for three  Delwadia4 consecutive periods. The every single speech given to anywhere in India consists of metaphors that reflects the hatred to the minority community to persuade vote bank of majority section of “Conservative Non Literateand even literate section of Hindu community” and these persuasive speeches may lead h im in successivevictory to form government in coming years and that will be the most embarrassing moment in history of Indian politics (Aakar Patel).
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