Muscle Physiology

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Muscle Physiology Muscle tissue types Skeletal Striated, voluntary Cardiac Heart, striated, involuntary Smooth Nonstriated, involuntary Table 10.2 Muscle tissue terminology Fiber ± skeletal, cardiac & smooth muscle cell Myofilaments Actin ± thin filaments Myosin ± thick filaments Sarcolemma ± plasma membrane Sarcoplasm ± cytoplasm Skeletal Muscle Structure Muscle = group of fascicles Muscle fibers extend length of muscle from tendon to tendon Motor units Motor unit: Composed of one
  Muscle Physiology  Muscle tissue types Skeletal Striated,voluntary Cardiac Heart,striated,involuntary Smooth Nonstriated,involuntary Table 10.2  Muscle tissue terminology Fiber ±skeletal, cardiac & smoothmuscle cellMyofilaments  Actin ±thin filamentsMyosin ±thick filaments Sarcolemma ±plasma membraneSarcoplasm ±cytoplasm  Skeletal Muscle Structure Muscle = group of fasciclesMuscle fibers extend length of muscle from tendon totendon
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