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  QuestonCodeQueston Module 7 : Maintenance PraccesThis is exam number 1. 1. Where would you disconnec a chain?2. How many srokes per minue should be used wih a hacksaw?3. Unused holes in an elecrical mult-pin connecor should be4. How many tmes can a locking plae be used?5. In a fron release connecor he pin will be7. Brinelling of a wheel bearing could be caused by8. A hi-lock collar should be9. A CAA issued capabiliy lis gives10. Mandaory Warning Plaques and symbols This is exam number 2. 1. A chain removed for routne inspecton2. Taper pins resis wha loads3. The pipe aring angle is4. Wha is a drill cung angle?5. When drilling ou a rive, use a drill6. A dry join in soldering is caused by7. Wha ype of drill would you use on carbon bre?6. Wha cable would you use where emperaures are going o exceed 200 degrees C?  8. Aer welding why would you normalise o9. A sud broken o below he surface is removed by 10. Following a major defec he C of A This is exam number 3.  1. Brinelling of a bearing is2. The purpose of a joggle is5. Proof estng aer cable insallaton is6. An aircra conrol chain is conneced using7. If a conrol chain can be lied clear of a ooh, i should be8. A conrol cable ha has been conaminaed wih acid should be9. Removal of a scrach from a shee of meal requires10. When dimpling a shee of meal you would require This is exam number 4. 1. A micro-shaver is used o2. The skin on an aircra is normally manufacured from3. Springs are manufacured from4. The mold poin is5. Relief holes are3. When rivetng wo dissimilar shees of meal ogeher he join should be proeced wih4. Caustc soda applied o a meal urns black. This would indicae he meal is  6. The 'seback' is7. A balance cable is insalled in a conrol sysem o8. Faying surfaces are9. Aer a heavy landing you should inspec10. The ux used during brazing is a mixure of waer and This is exam number 5. 1. A wear check on a cylinder head valve spring should include 2. A apered roller bearing is designed o ake4. The ype of ux o be used When so soldering on aircra is5. When carrying ou a pressure es on a pipe i should be7. If he ouer cover of a exible hose is found o be cracked8. A rigid hydraulic pipe requires shaping. I should be carried ou9. The maximum permissible bow in a seel ube is  This is exam number 6. 1. A repair has a double riveed join. The shear srengh would be3. Freng corrosion on a braided pipe would mean i was3. When rivetng, he disance from he edge o he rive (land) should no be less han6. When checking a hose aer insallaton i should be checked for freedom of movemen10. The srengh of a riveed join compared o ha of he srcinal meal is2. The equipmen required o carry ou a run-ou check on a sha would be4. When weighing an aircra he hydrosatc weighing unis are positoned5. To enable a composie panel o dissipae satc charge i would be sprayed wih  7. How many eeh per inch are here on a ne hacksaw blade? 8. Wha is he cung angle of a drill?9. When insertng a helicoil inser, which way does he ang face? This is exam number 7. 1. During a colour conras es he peneran tme should be4. How would you es a mach swich in-siu?6. The sandard minimum rive row spacing is8. A dry join when soldering is caused by9. Wha elemens is solder made from?10. How should a dye peneran eld ki be sored? This is exam number 8. 1. When carrying ou a colour conras es on a pressure vessel2. Aer a repored lighening srike 6. When carrying ou a dye peneran es, aer he developer has been applied i should be inspeced10. When using a moving coil as an ammeer he greaes amoun of curren ows hrough he2. When using he old syle vernier caliper for aking inernal measuremens3. To carry ou an insulaton es on a wire raed a 115 vols you would use5. A wire clamped vertcally a one end and horizonally a he oher end should have a bend radius of no less han7. In shee meal bending, how would you measure he bend radius o calculae he bend allowance?3. Aircra below 5700kg no used for commercial air ranspor purposes are required o be reweighed4. When an aircra has been reweighed under JAR OPS, wha should be done o he old weigh and balance repor?
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