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MELISSA | (818) 814-3365CONTENT01 | CENTER FOR GLOBAL INNOVATION | CSUSB SAN BERNARDINO, CA 02 | ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL | LAUSD BOYLE HEIGHTS, CA 03 | SAN PEDRO HIGH SCHOOL | LAUSD SAN PEDRO, CA04 | INTERIM DESIGN CENTER EXPANSION | CPP POMONA, CA 05 | LA URBANA CULTARA | THESIS LOS ANGELES, CA 06 | SAN PEDRO COMMERCIAL HOTEL & ART PARK | LINEAR VOID SAN PEDRO, CA 07 | THE MALL OF HISTORIC BASTAKIYA DUBAI, UAE 08| USC WRIGLEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE | ICONIC SUSPENSION SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, CA01CENTER FOR GLOBALINNOVATION |CSUSB SAN BERNARDINO, CA The Center for Global Innovation is currently under construction and will be the new home of the College of Extended Learning at Cal State San Bernardino. The Center for Global Innovation is located on Coyote Walkway and creates a welcoming space for interaction amongst international and local students. The budget of the project was $35 million and includes a Global Gallery to accommodate for large groups as well as classroom buildings and administrative offices. This Design Bid Build Project is approximately 88,000 SF and creates a sense of unity for the campus as it sits across from the upcoming student union and the main campus library.North ElevationEast ElevationConcept DiagramsSouth ElevationWest ElevationMaster Plan GoalsPurposeful LevelsBuilt ContextBuilt Context: FacadeTrellis Sollar StudyJune AverageDecember AverageJune - December AverageExterior Render of North EntryGround Floor PlanInterior Rendering of the Global GalleryInterior Rendering of Student ServicesFuture ParkingBiological SciencesCollege of EducationPhysical SciencesCoyote WalkSite Plan RenderingRoof TerraceExterior Social Space02ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL | LAUSD BOYLE HEIGHTS, CARoosevelt High School sits in the center of Boyle Heights, an eclectic and lively neighborhood that is passionate about its history and intrigued by its future. The new design incorporates features of the historic campus including a renovated Japanese Garden, a historic fountain and the use of terra cotta panels mimics the existing brick buildings to remain. This project was a Design Build Competition with the Los Angeles Unified School District and has a budget of $155 million. The project includes four buildings: a classroom building, a classroom & administration building, a gym, and a performing arts center which totals to 250,000 sf of new construction. The project is divided into three sectors: academic, athletic, and arts. This is a comprehensive modernization as there is also scope in the existing buildings to remain.Northeast View of New Classroom & Administration BuildingView of Main QuadView of Exterior Gathering SpaceClassroom & Administration BuildingGymClassroom BuildingPerforming Arts CenterSite Plan & Landscape DesignCampus Aerial ViewClassroom / Administration West ElevationPerforming Arts Center West ElevationWellness Center entryExisting Arcade to Campus QuadArt CourtCampus QuadProposed Lunch shelterOutdoor Learning SpacesAthletic CourtGymnasium Main EntryCampus QuadClassroom Building West ElevationGymnasium West ElevationChemistry LabFlexible Engineering ClassroomClassroom Building | First FloorPerforming Arts Center & Classroom / Administration North ElevationClassroom / Administration South ElevationGymnGymnasium | Large GymPerforming Arts Center | AuditoriumAdministration & Classroom Building | First Floornasium South ElevationPerforming Arts Center South ElevationLunch Shelter North Elevation03SAN PEDRO HIGH SCHOOL | LAUSD SAN PEDRO, CASan Pedro High School was identified for the development of a Comprehensive Modernization and is an active project with the Los Angeles Unified School District. The budget of the project is $132 million and includes the renovation of four existing buildings and two new construction buildings. The new classroom and administration building is approximately 42,000 sf. The historic aspect of the campus calls for classic architecture and innovative landscape strategies that will allow students to gather and collaborate. The design creates a new main campus entry for students and staff and is welcoming to the surrounding community.Northeast View of New Classroom & Administration BuildingView of Cafeteria PatioView of Exterior Gathering SpaceClassroom BuildingBuilding 1Building 6AuditoriumBuilding 2Classroom & Administration Building 3Building 8Site Illustrative & Lanscape ConceptClassroom & Administration : New CafeteriaBuilding 1: Longitudinal SectionClassroom & Administration : Corridor ViewClassroom & Administration Building : Longitudinal SectionCampus Flag Court AerialSan Pedro High School North ElevationCampus Northwest AerialSan Pedro High School West Elevation04INTERIM DESIGN CENTER EXPANSTION | CPP POMONA, CAThe Department of Architecture (CPP ARC) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona engaged LPA Inc. to complete an expansion study of the Interim Design Center (IDC). The design team was asked to perform a space program study for expanding and consolidating spaces currently in the IDC and the College of Environmental Design, building 7, as well as a site planning study. The information gathered and feedback provided through this interactive process established a roadmap from which the design team obtained inspiration. The goal is to describe a vision which supports the unique architecture program, allows for growth, and expresses the University’s culture while utilizing cost-effective planning concepts. Two phases were identified for the IDC Expansion: Phase I is 34,000 sf and includes a new studio workspace for students as well as instructional space and faculty offices. Phase II is a 5,000 sf lecture space that provides a street and campus frontage of the IDC.Aerial of CPP Design CenterView from Citrus LaneInterior View of Studio SpaceHistoric Campus ContextPhase I Expansion: 34,150 SFStreet & University FrontageSun MovementPre-Engineered with Slope Facing SouthConnecting Extents of CollegeFault LinesWater Collection / Sustainable StrategiesGallery as ConnectorCampus Access & ConnectivityPhase II Expansion: 7,846 SFFull Build Out 41,976 SFPositive Experiences at CPP Department of ArchitectureWhat Do You Think Makes the Department of Architecture Unique?Negative Experiences at CPP Department of ArchitectureWhat Features of an Improved CPP Design Center Would Make You Proud?Student & Alumni Responses05LA URBANA CULTURA | THESIS LOS ANGELES, CAThe Tower creates a juxtaposition between the integration of the built environment and nature. Los Angeles is known as a melting pot, an amalgamation of cultures and arts. The Tower is a collaboration of the arts and cultures; housing museums ranging from concert halls to cultural history and modern art essentially becoming a Cultural Hub for the city of Los Angeles. The city was previously the home of various urban farms but as the city developed the urban farms were demolished. The Skyscraper aims to essentially give the city the farms it has lost while simultaneously creating a green and sustainable ecosystem. The Skyscraper ultimately becomes the incubator for urban farming in Los Angeles and a node for cultural exploration. The urban farm in the tower is a call for an urban revolution in reclaiming the city in the name of nature. The Faรงade of the LA Urban Cultura is a critique of the conventional building envelopes that simply provide enclosure and is two-dimensional. The skyscraper will serve as an environmental vessel that drives conservation and will unite humans, the environment, and the urban condition. The air quality of Los Angeles is of poor quality. The air we breathe can ultimately lead to illness. The North & East facade of the Cultural Tower aims to minimize the pollutants in our environment , recycling the air from the nearby freeway and the surrounding winds and releasing it as natural ventilation for the tower and its patrons. The South & West Facade collect solar energy through the use of PV panels for reusable energy.North & East Facade AssemblySouth & West Facade AssemblySolar Study:North FacadeNorth ElevationSouth FacadeSouth ElevationEast FacadeEast ElevationWest FacadeWest Elevation1. Restaurant 2. Farmer’s Market 3. Community Garden 4. Escalator to Tower 5. Ground Floor Plaza1 51 544Existing BuildingExisting Structure 2233urant er’s Market munity Garden ator to Cultural tower nd Floor PlazaNew Structure for PlazaArt Gallery 125’ 10’5G25’100’10’50’50’Ground Floor Lower Plaza1. Upper Plaza Level 2. Exterior Cafe 3. Tower Lobby1New Parking1. Restaurant 2. Farmer’s Market 3. Community Garden 4. Escalator to Cultural tower Ground Floor 5. Ground Floor Plaza2Art Gallery 2 4122 23 3urant er’s Market munity Garden ator to Cultural tower nd Floor Plaza1. Upper Plaza Level 2.Exterior CafeGround FloorLobby 3. Tower25’ 10’Lower PlazaUpp100’ 50’25’Upper Plaza Level10’50Dir ectAcc essto Down townTYPOLOGY I URBAN FARM GREENHOUSE EAST FACADEFree w 110 ayJefferson- Focuses on natural light enhancement - Balanced Distribution - VentilationBlvSmogdSOUTH FACADE- Focusing on Solar Energy - Natural Light Enhancement - Energy For Building - Smog FiltrationSt.SG randAveExposition BlvdTYPOLOGY II KINETIC FACADE Solar : Energy Harvesting Wind: Smog Filtration & VentilationsunSHope Freeway St. On Ram pPROJECT SITE35thThe Urban Farm encircling the Tower enables urban ecology and allows nature to once again become a part of the Los Angeles Urban Condition.Sun MovementTYPOLOGY III TOWER The Tower Serves as a Cultural Hub for the city of Los Angeles. The Museums and arts located in the tower attract local residents and tourist. The Tower is also the incubator for Urban Farming in Los Angeles.City BlocksTYPOLOGY IV ATRIUMCHINA TOWN MAC ARTHUR PARKKOREATOWNCULTURAL MUSEUMSLight Enters the Atrium by the elevated Tower . Light will bounce into the atrium space.UNION STATIONCITY HALLBUNKER HILLFINANCIAL DISTRICTCIVIC CENTERLITTLE TOKYOGALLERY ROWJEWELRY DISTRICTART DISTRICTSKID ROWTYPOLOGY V UPPER PLAZA NORTH FACADEENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT-Creates an even layer of smog filtering modules - The modules are dense in specific areas based on program and the morning sunFASHION DISTRICTUSCWEST FACADE- The proximity of the West Facade to the freeway allows for the Kinetic Facade to filter smog and minimize pollution - Provide Ventilation to the Tower - Reduce Emissions from structure - Will also harvest Energy for the TowerThe uper plaza engages the public from the plaza below by guiding them through the site .TYPOLOGY VI EDUCATIONAL SPACE Light Enters the educational space through the atrium and also serves as the circulation core that takes visitors from the plaza to the Cultural Tower.SITETYPOLOGY VII PARKINGCity DistrictsThe existing structure is an existing parking structure . Part of the program is preserved to accommodate for the circulation of vehicles as they visit the cultural museums of the Tower.La Brea Tar PitsWalt Disney Concert HallLA OperaTYPOLOGY VIII PERIMETER MUSEUM A linear perimeter is created around the parking structure that creates a linear museum experience. This space behaves as a lantern lighting the perimeter of the site. The interior condition is similar to that of a loft and with linear circulation.The Broad CAFAMLACMAThe Grammy MuseumPetersen Automotive MuseumMOCAUSC Japanese American Museum California Science CenterNatural History Museum SITEExisting MuseumsTYPOLOGY IX LOWER PLAZA The Plaza is located at ground level and is inviting to pedestrians. The Plaza creates a cultural experience at street level. The Plaza is inviting to local pedestrian and visiting tourist. It houses arestaurant and farmer’s market for the produce grown in the tower.PROJECT SITEProjected Growth of Urban FarmsUppe Plaza | Main EntrancePROJECT SITEPROJECT SITEPROJECT SITEPROJECT SITEJanuaryUpper PlazaFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune06SAN PEDRO COMMERCIAL HOTEL & ART PARK | LINEAR VOID SAN PEDRO, CAAerial ViewSite Plan NFigure GroundCliff | Transition PointLandscape/ Topography SequenceResidentialIndustrialCommercialPublic FacilitiesInterior Render | LobbyExterior Render | Train Drop- OffInterior Render | GalleryIndustrial Sparrse ConditionWaterExisting Street Conditions Streets Streets Leading to WaterReinforcing Linearity0- 2% FLAT2% ALMOST FLAT2%- 15% RAMPViewsExterior Render | CourtyardLinear Void is located in San Pedro, California, adjacent to the unique San Pedro Fish Market. In the analysis of the site three distinct areas were identified: industrial, residential, and an unoccupied spine that travels from the iconic bridge of the city to the fish market. This division in the program is emphasized by an existing hill. This hotel occupies this spine and connects the top residential area to the below industrial zone. and furthermore reinforces the linearity of the spine of the city. The landscape condition allows the hotel to be open to the public and while the hotel has a sense of privacy the interventions on the landscape are for the community of San Pedro. A louver system was used as a facade technique and solar shading system and break the orthogonal form of the hotel.Longitudinal SectionRendered Section DetailGrasshopper Script | Parametric LouversCross SectionBasement Floor Plan07THE MALL OF HISTORIC BASTAKIYA DUBAI, UAEThe Mall of Historic Bastakiya is directly inspired by the ancient city and celebrates the local culture and architecture through an aggregation of buildings that ultimately function as one. The unique geometry of the Mall creates a rooftop condition shaded by a canopy that spans the site to accommodate for the hot weather of Dubai. The Souk located in the groound floor mimics the traditional souks found in Dubai with an exterior circulation that allows for exploration of products for consumers. The Souk is divided into sections depending on product to ensure an efficient and unique shopping experience. The Mall of Bastakiya encourages exterior interaction while simultaneously shading consumers from the local heat. The Mall attracts locals and tourist by its high end retail and its access to local products.Exterior Render | Overlooking the Historic Mall of BastakiyaInterior Render | Dior BoutiqueInterior Render | BoutiqueConcept Diagram SPICE SOUKKBAI SOUBUR DUHISTORIC BASTAKIYADUBAI MUSEUMSite AnalysisAxonometric DrawingExterior Render | Rooftop Lounge & CanopyLongitudinal Sectional PerspectiveExterior Render | Shisha Lounge39A3A 1 2 1 3110 7122 112637BB 5115242C22C92 11228221. Restaurant 2. Shop 3. Department Store 4. Shisha Lounge 5. Traditional Clothing Souk 6. Textile Souk 7. Souvenir Souk 8. Valet 9. Kiosk 10. Shoe Souk 11. Purses Souk 12. Traditional Accessories1. Restaurant 2. Shop 3. Department Store 4. Shisha Lounge 5. Traditional Clothing Souk 6. Textile Souk 7. Souvenir Souk 8. Valet 9. Kiosk 10. Shoe Souk 11. Purses Souk 12. Traditional Accessories2222NN0Ground Floor Plan3D Printed Model Images10202050Second Floor Plan102050Third Floor P9122222Cross Section A22229Plan322 1. Restaurant 2. Shop 3. Department Store 4. Shisha Lounge 5. Traditional Clothing Souk 6. Textile Souk 7. Souvenir Souk 8. Valet 9. Kiosk 10. Shoe Souk 11. Purses Souk 12. Traditional AccessoriesN0102050Cross Section BCross Section C08USC WRIGLEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE | ICONIC SUSPENSION SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, CASanta Catalina island provides a unique location for the USC Wrigley Center for Environmental Study. The current site condition allows for visitors to meander through the island and experience nature through a unique perspective. Iconic Suspension aims to facilitate the engagement of individuals in Santa Catalina and emphasizes the significance of the landscape. The program is strategically placed throughout the building in order to maximize public interaction and facilitate circulation. Iconic Suspension offers two types of circulation: a direct path that allows for quick access and a meandering path that allows the individual to wander and experience the plaza located directly below the Wrigley Center. This unique circulation and plaza condition allows for the landscape to become a significant aspect of the architectural design. The Iconic form suspended below creates a sense of interior space with an exterior condition.SplitFacetLandscapeSubmerge LandscapeBuilding FormMirror Landscape/ Extrude FormSubmergeOverlapMergeInterpretive CenterLab 4Lecture HallLab 3 Lab 1 Lab 2 OfficesLobbyCirculation/Restroom StorageVertical CirculationProgram DiagramWest ElevationCirculation DiagramExterior Render | AerialFigure Ground & Existing StructuresLIGHT SHADOW HEIGHT OF TOPOGRAPHY NLight vs. ShadowVIEWS DENSE ROCK TTEXTURE CIRCULATIONLecture HallCross Section BViews / CirculationNExterior Render | PlazaFin.
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