Magic Mushrooms Third World Countries

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1 Magic Mushrooms In Some Third World Countries BY John W. Allen and Jochen Gartz Fig. 1. Psilocybe samuiensis Guzmán, Bandala & Allen. 2 First Printing November 1977. Revised February 2009. COPYRIGHT NOVEMBER 1997 by JOHN W. ALLEN. PSILLY PUBLICATIONS, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. DISTRIBUTED BY HOMESTEAD BOOK CO. P. P. BOX 31608 SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98103. OUT OF PRINT, ALTHOUGH SOME COPIES MAY BE AVAILABLE FROM JOHN W. ALLEN, P.O. BOX 45164, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 98145. http://www.mushroomjohn.or
    1       Magic MushroomsIn SomeThird World Countries BYJohn W. Allen and Jochen GartzFig. 1. Psilocybe samuiensis Guzmán, Bandala & Allen. 2    3 First Printing November 1977. Revised February2009.COPYRIGHT NOVEMBER 1997 by JOHN W. ALLEN.PSILLY PUBLICATIONS, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON.DISTRIBUTED BY HOMESTEAD BOOK CO.P. P. BOX 31608SEATTLE, WASHINGTON98103.OUT OF PRINT, ALTHOUGH SOME COPIES MAY BE AVAILABLE FROM JOHN W. ALLEN, P.O. BOX 45164,SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 98145. Email:   ISBN:#158214028-6    4   SOME RECENT NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS ONTHE OCCURRENCE AND USE OF ENTHEOGENICFUNGI IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. I: The Symbiosis of Entheogenic fungi, IllicitDrug Use, and Tourist Influence on Third WorldIndigenous Peoples.The following notes regarding indigenousthird world inhabitants who cater to touristinfluence through entheogenic fungiassociation is not a scientific report butmerely a subjective report based on somepersonal observations of the authors.Special attention is focused on thetransition from the traditional use of thesacred mushrooms by indigenous peoplesresiding in México to the popular andwidespread illicit use by tourists in somethird world countries. INTRODUCTION  The casual use of entheogenic fungi forludible purposes first gained publicrecognition through research initiated byTimothy Leary, Richard Alpert and numerousundergraduate students at Harvard Universityin the early 1960's (Weil, 1963; Leary, 1968).Within ten years, psilocybin mushroom use hadspread from México (Ott, 1975; Pollock, 1977-1978; Weil 1973, 1975-1976) to Australia(Stocks, 1963; McCarthy, 1971; Southcott,1974), and then from Bali (Schultes andHofmann, 1980 [1973]) to Hawaii (Pollock,1974). Twelve years after the Wasson’s hadreported on the rediscovery of the ceremonialuse of sacred mushrooms in México (see Life
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