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  Mac4Lin Project DocumentationRevision 2.0Decemeber 18, 2007Developer and Guide Copyright: Anirudh.R.Acharya (infra_red_dude)Website: Mac4Lin Documentation1  Table of contents Project Overview 31. GTK-Metacity theme 42. GTK Icon theme 63. Emerald theme (For Beryl/Compiz-Fusion) 94. GTK Cursor theme105. GDM Login theme126. GTK Splash theme137. USplash (Bootsplash) theme148. Fonts159. GRUB splash theme1710. Docks10.1 Avant Window Navigator1810.2 SimDock1911. Pidgin iChat theme and AWN Plugin2012. Exaile AWN Plugin2113. System Sounds2214. iTunes Media Player theme2215. Mozilla Firefox theme2316. Wallpapers2417. Screenshots2518. Developer Information and Credits28 Mac4Lin Documentation2  Do you want to give your GTK desktop a dash of Mac OS X? Do you want to change thedefault look of your desktop to something like this? Then read on.....Is that Mac OS X Leopard??? Naah... Its just GNU/Linux + GNOME + Mac4Lin!The goal of this project is to bring the look and feel of Mac OS X on GNU/Linux and Unix-System like GTK based systems. This document will present the procedure to install Mac4Linpack & tweak certain things to get that almost perfect Mac OS X like desktop.NOTE: Backup all files before deleting/replacing the srcinal ones. Nobody is responsible for any loss of data that may occur when installing and/or during the usage of Mac4Lin. Thisguide holds good for all versions of Mac4Lin. For version specific information please see theREADME file of each component (if any). Also see the changelog file for changes in specificreleases. Unless specified, the installation procedures apply to all versions of GNOME. TheGNOME version can be checked by clicking on System > About GNOME. Similar procedurescan be applied to XFCE, however all Mac4Lin components may not work. Instructions for XFCE installation are not provided in this documentation. Download all the Mac4Lin release tar.gz files from the download page of the websiteand extract them to a temporary folder for installation. Mac4Lin Documentation3  1.   Applying GTK-Metacity Theme GNOME 2.20Goto System > Preferences >Appearance. Click Install.Browse and choose theMac4Lin GTK MetacityTheme .tar.gz file (wherever itis extracted).After the installationis confirmed click on'Apply new theme'.After the theme isinstalled and you donot get the option of Applying the Themethen please restartAppearancePreference and clickon Customize buttonto make sure thatboth Controls andWindow Border areset to Mac4Lin GTKtheme. Mac4Lin Documentation4
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