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  E-reader News Edition 11/10/10 NY governor candidate Paladino says he onlyopposes gay marriage (and doesn’t like the parades) Tabassum Z akaria ( Front Row Washington  ) Submitted at 10/11/2010 9:07:12 AM Oct 11, 2010 10:07 EDTCarl Paladino, the Tea Partybacked Republican candidaterunning for New York governor,says he is not againsthomosexuals, only gay marriageand taking children to gay prideparades. News reportsquoted Paladino, inremarks to Orthodox Jewishleaders in Brooklyn on Sunday,saying: “I just think my childrenand your children would be muchbetter off and much moresuccessful getting married andraising a family, and I don’t wantthem brainwashed into thinkingthat homosexuality is an equallyvalid and successful option — itisn’t.”The Buffalo businessman was onall the morning talk shows todayresponding to criticismover thosecomments. Thecampaignof hisopponent, Democrat AndrewCuomo,said the remarksdisplayed “a stunninghomophobia and glaring disregardfor basic equality.”Today the message fromPaladino was that he is not anti-gay, he has a gay nephew, but heis opposed to gay marriage.“I wanted to clearly distinguishthat my feelings abouthomosexuality were no differentthat those of the Catholic Church.I’m a Catholic,” he said onABC’s“Good Morning America”show. “I only have one problemwith homosexuality and that’s thedesire to be married.”OnNBC’s “Today”show hecriticized Cuomo for taking hisdaughters to a gay pride parade. “Idon’t think it is proper for them togo there and watch a couple of grown men grind against eachother. I don’t think that’s proper. Ithink it’s disgusting.”As for the public opinion pollsthat show him trailing Cuomo —Real Clear Politicsaverage hasCuomo up by 18.8 points —Paladino says: “I don’t listen tothe polls. The poll that I will listento is on November 2nd.”Photo credit: Reuters/JacobSilberberg (two groops atopwedding cake at annual Gay PrideParade in New York)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readour FAQ page content-only/faq.php Five Filtersfeatured article:Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-Reporting of Falluja's CancerCatastrophe. Did The S&P Just Hit Up Against A Massive Ceiling Joe W eisenthal ( Business Insider  ) Submitted at 10/11/2010 11:26:28 AM, where authorChris Kimble notes that we're atthe 3rd anniversary of the stock market peak, and alo at a trend-line resistance (which some of thetechnically-oriented among youmay care about). Join the conversation about thisstory » Windows Phone 7hits ( CNET  ) Submitted at 10/11/2010 10:05:00 AM Sorry, Readability was unable toparse this page for content.This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readour FAQ page content-only/faq.php Five Filtersfeatured article:Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-Reporting of Falluja's CancerCatastrophe.  2E-reader News Edition K’Naan and Nas: Two Ways to “Manage” a Music Career Rick Tetzeli ( Fast Company  ) Submitted at 10/11/2010 11:42:36 AM From one hip-hop artist, a leakedemail exposing the ugly, angryside of the struggle between artistand label. From the other, a frank chat at the end of a long tourabout owning one's art and brand.Two very different leadershiplessons.Theleak late last week of anangry email from rapper Nas tothe folks running the label thatmay or may not be putting out hisnew record this winter, Def Jam(subject: Put my shit out! -- textbelow), is shocking mostlybecause it was leaked at all. Youhear plenty of rumblings in thepress these days about artistsbattling their labels (Lupe Fiasco'sTwitter-fueledprotestoutside of his label, Atlantic, for example),but you rarely get to see theexplosion up close. Then again,it's a volatile time. Labels aren’tmaking as much money, themusicians aren’t making as muchmoney, and they scream at oneanother as they flame out. Or untilthe artist breaks free, a la OK Goor Nine Inch Nails—and still,with rare exceptions, doesn’tmake the money they would havemade under the old system.There’s a third way to go, thecompromise route, which is whatSomali rapper K’naan is tryingwith his label, Octone A&M.K’naan has become friends withNas over the years, but instead of dissing his label, he’s doingeverything he can to work with itand, he says, guide it. “I’mprobably the best marketer in ourgroup,” he told me over dinner Business/  K’NAAN page 3  3E-reader News Edition K’NAAN continued from page 2 recently in Dublin, Ireland. Hewas at the tail end of a Europeantour, with little break between thatrun and his new American tour,which kicked off Saturday nightat Webster Hall in New York.K’naan’s best-known song isWavin’ Flag, which formed thebasis of Coca-Cola’s $300 millionWorld Cup of soccer marketingcampaign. The partnershipbetween Coke, A&M/Octone, andK’naan put the singer in themiddle of a bigger campaign thanhe could ever have imagined.After all, his first album, calledThe Dusty Foot Philosopher, hassold something like 20,000 copiesin the U.S., while his second,Troubadour, has only recentlyedged over 100,000. So whenCoke came calling, saying thatthey wanted him to create a songfor the World Cup and tour theworld supporting their campaign,he faced a real challenge: How tomake this a K’naan moment aswell as a Coke moment.The first hurdle was his song, Wavin’ Flag. While Coke execsloved its upbeat chorus, theycouldn’t reconcile the song’slyrics about poverty andrepression in Somalia with theirmessage of happiness and anexuberant soccer moment. So theyproposed that he write anotheranthem. He told them no, thathe’d rewrite Wavin’ Flag. Hemade it much more poppy, muchmore celebratory, a song that trulyfits its name— The CelebrationMix of Wavin’ Flag —and itsvideo, which shows K’naan andmany kids bopping aroundbeaches and playing the beautifulgame. “Writing a whole new songfor Coke would have been a jingle,” he says. “By reusing'Wavin Flag' I did a creativeremix. It was the pop musicversion of my song.”The World Cup campaign wasone compromise after another,with a crazy 20-country touringschedule, 15 versions of the Celebration Mix created forspecific countries, like theMexican mix with David Bisbol,or the Chinese mix with JennyZhang. Throughout, K’naan didhis best to manage between Cokeand the label. “I think theyfollowed my lead, I was the silentleader without showing that.Everyone kind of knew what Ifelt. There’s a difference betweenself-marketing and marketing anidea. I think they knew my belief in my music, and followed that.”He used Twitter to keep his fansupdated throughout the wholetour, and is far more engaged inthat than most other artists. (Afterhe canceled a recent date inVancouver, he went back-and-forth with upset fans so intenselythat at one point he tweeted, “Imay be a PR disaster.” He added,“but I prefer being that than beingan inaccessible shell who doesn'tspeak his mind.”) The touringschedule during the World Cupand after was crazy, and by thetime he hit Dublin he was soexhausted that he was talkingabout canceling dates andpromotion. But ultimately, hesays, because they fit his long-term goal: “I’m not intoinstantaneous gratification,instantaneous success. I wantedmy audience to grow with me, soI’m on a label that is truly intoartist development. It’s the onlylabel I know like that.”It’s not sexy to write about anartist who says stuff like that. Butwhat’s forgotten in all thecoverage of the music industry’sdecline is that this is what mostartists are doing: trying to createand perform great music whilealso trying to manage theirrelationship with the label—acorporate organization whosetime may have come and gone,but who for now is still prettymuch the only hope for any bandlooking to break big.And then there's the Nasapproach. Here's his e-mail:From: NasTo: LA Reid, SteveBartels, Steve Gawley, MichaelSeltzer, Joseph Borrino, ChrisHicks Subject: PUT MY SHITOUT! Peace to all, With all dorespect to you all, Nas isNOBODY's slave. This is not the1800's, respect me and I willrespect you. I won't even tapdance around in an email, I willget right into it. People connect tothe Artist @ the end of the day,they don't connect with theexecutives. Honestly, nobodyeven cares what label puts out agreat record, they care about whorecorded it. Yet time and timeagain its the executives whoalways stand in the way of acreative artist's dream andaspirations. You don't help drawthe truth from my deepest andmost inner soul, you don’t evendo a great job @ selling it. The #1problem with DEF JAM is prettysimple and obvious, theexecutives think they are the stars.You aren't…. not even close. As amatter of fact, you wish you were,but it didn't work out so you took a desk job. To the consumer, ICOME FIRST. Stop trying todeprive them! I have a fan basethat dies for my music and a RAPlabel that doesn't understand RAP.Pretty fucked up situation Thisisn’t the 90's though. Beefing withrecord labels is so 15 years ago.@ this point I just need you all tobe very clear where I stand andhow I feel about my label. Icould go on twitter or hot 97tomorrow and get 100,000protesters @ your building but Ichoose to walk my own path myown way because since day one Ihave been my own man. I didbusiness with Tommy Mottolaand Donnie Einer, two of the mostpsycho dudes this business evercreated. I worked well with themfor one major reason……. theybelieved in me. The didn't give afuck about what any radio stationor magazine said….those dudeshad me. Lost Tapes is amovement and a very importantset up piece for my career as itstands. I started this over 5 yearsago @ Columbia and nobodyknew what it was or what it didbut the label put it out as an LPand the fans went crazy for it andI single handedly built a newbrand of rap albums. It's smartand after 5 years it's still a head of the game. This feels great and younot feeling what I’m feeling isdisturbing. Don't get in the way of my creativity. We are alignedwith the stars here, this is amovement. There is a thing calledKARMA that comes to haunt youwhen you tamper with thealigning stars. WE ARE GIVINGTHE PEOPLE EXACTLYWHAT THEY WANT. Stopthrowing dog shit on aMAGICAL moment. You don'tget another Nas recording thatdoesn't count against mydeal….PERIOD! Keep yourbullshit $200,000.00 fund. Openthe REAL budget. This is a NewYork pioneers ALBUM, thereain't many of us. I am ready todrop in the 4th quarter. You don’teven have shit coming out! Stopbeing your own worst enemy.Let's get money!For more on K'Naan's uniquepath through the music industry,pick up the November issue of Fast Company, on newsstandssoon.[Image Flickr usermanumilou]  4E-reader News Edition The New Windows 7 Phones: All You Need to Know Kit Eaton ( Fast Company  ) Submitted at 10/11/2010 12:34:51 PM Microsoft's launch vessel for itsprestigious Windows Phone 7 OSis one heck of a leaky ship: In thehours before the event data onhandset after handset has leakedout. Then MS revealed a total of 10 different handsets, destined for30 nations worldwide. Here arethe ones worth knowingabout—and whether they mightchip away at iPhone's dominance.Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus The Omnia 7 isSamsung'sWindows 7 phone that's destinedfor Europe. It has 4-inch screendevice, bearing that SuperAMOLED screen that peoplehave been banging on about for awhile--since it puportedly beststhe iPhone's IPS LCD unit (eventhough he can just still read theiPhone's display in sunlight, butthe OLED is a blank). Sadly it has just a 1GHz Qualcomm chip as itsCPU, placing it as a late-arrivingcompetitor for this year's iPhone4, with the new unit now only 6months away. There's 8GB of storage, and a 5-megapixel rear-facing cam with a flash that canrecord 720p video. It's basically aslightly larger-screened iPhonecopy.The Omnia's interesting becauseAT&T is featuring the SamsungFocus, which seems to beessentially the same phone, withan AMOLED screen, re-housed ina curvier frame and aimed at theU.S. market. The presentationmade much of the Focus' 9.9mmdepth--the thinnest Windows 7phone (still 0.6 mm, or nearly 7%fatter than the iPhone).LG Optimus 7 A 3.8-inch LCD screenwith 800by 480 pixel resolution places thisunit in even more directcompetition with the iPhone's 3.5-inch 960 by 640 unit. There's16GB of storage aboard,Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, compass,proximity and orientation sensors,and a rear-facing 5 megapixelcam that can shoot 720p videofootage. It also streams DLNAcontent over your network to yourcompliant media devices (such asa PS3) using a system dubbedPlay-to, that sounds like acompetitor to Apple's upcomingAirPlay.HTC Surround, HTC Mozart, LGQuantumThese devices all leaked out indifferent places, courtesy of AT&T'swebsiteand Australia'sTelstranetwork. They're allvariations on a theme that theOmnia and Optimus typify.HTC's Surround is a 3.8-inchWVGA unit with a 1GHzSnapdragon CPU and that same 5-megapixel camera resolution with720p video powers. It sets itself apart from its brother phones bybeing media-centric: The case hasan integrated kickstand, and thepop-up sliding speaker systemmakes the most of Dolby Mobileand SRS Surround soundtechnologied.The LG Quantum is a landscape-format slider phone with fullQWERTY keypad in a chiclet-format that'll please manyphysical keyboard fans. It's aquadband EDGE and tribandHSPA handset with 16GB of storage aboard, a 3.5-inch WVGAscreen and the same 1GHz CPU Business/  NEW page 6
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