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Overview of the Aranyakas
   ARSHA BODHA CENTER  1 Satish Talekar  Brahmana& Aranyaka   ARSHA BODHA CENTER  2 Satish Talekar  Content of The Vedas ã Vedas divided traditionally into two parts – Mantras / Samhita – Brahmanas ã Collection of Mantras called Samhita – Sometime referred to as the Veda ã Brahmanas – Theological Treatises having their own names – Lays down various rites -karma -to be performed – Explains procedures as guide for the conduct of Yajnas ã End portion of many Brahmanas’are ‘Aranyakas’ ã Embedded in Aranyakas, at end are ‘Upanishads’   ARSHA BODHA CENTER  3 Satish Talekar  Content of The Vedas ã RV, SV, AV, YV (Shukla) – Clear separation of the Mantra collection fromthe Brahmanaportions ã YV (Krshna) – Mantra and Brahmanaportions are intermixed ã TaittiriyaSamhita-Mantras scattered with Brahmana ã TaittiriyaBrahmana-Mantras & Brahmanapassagesmixed with each other    ARSHA BODHA CENTER  4 Satish Talekar  Content of The Vedas ã Often no clear-cut distinction between – Brahmanasproper and Aranyakas –  Aranyakasand the Upanishads ã Brahmanatext proper often merges intothe Aranyakas ã Many Upanishads are actually embeddedin the Aranyakas
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