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  11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1… 1/12 92/100 Alamat email *  11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1… 2/12 1. There are 6 routers running OSPF and connected with eachother using point-to-point network types. How many DesignatedRouters are there among them?2. The 'check-gateway' option is enabled for one route. Select allstatements that are true:  11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1… 3/12 4. It is possible to create a conguration where VLAN and PPTPinterfaces are bridged together.5. Routing protocols used within the same AS are referred to asExterior Gateway Protocols.  11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1… 4/12 6. When sending out an ARP request, an IP host is expectingwhat kind of address for an answer?7. It is possible to lter ospf routes within a single ospf area8. A MikroTik system administrator implemented OSPF Routingprotocol in the network. But realized that he has a static route onthe routers. What can be done to make the static route work as afailover whenever the dynamic routing protocol fails.
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