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Like Coco the monkey we sing the praises of the chocolatey cereal Kellogg Company Mission Statement Kellogg is a Global Company Committed to Building Long-Term LongGrowth In Volume and Profit and to Enhancing its Worldwide Leadership Position by Providing Nutritious Food Products of Superior Value W. K. Kellogg Kellogg s Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans Organizational Strategies      Leadership in product innovation Strengthening the company s seven largest cereal markets Acc
   Like Coco the monkey we sing the praisesof the chocolatey cereal   Kellogg Company Mission Statement Kellogg Company Mission Statement  Kellogg is a Global Company Kellogg is a Global CompanyCommitted to Building LongCommitted to Building Long--TermTerm Growth In Volume and Profit and toGrowth In Volume and Profit and toEnhancing its Worldwide LeadershipEnhancing its Worldwide LeadershipPosition by Providing Nutritious FoodPosition by Providing Nutritious FoodProducts of Superior ValueProducts of Superior Value W. K. KelloggW. K. Kellogg  Kelloggs MarketingKelloggs MarketingStrategy Strategy and and Marketing Plans Marketing Plans   O  rganizational Strategies  O  rganizational Strategies   Leadership in product innovationLeadership in product innovation  Strengthening the companys seven largest Strengthening the companys seven largest cereal marketscereal markets   Accelerating the growth of convenience foods Accelerating the growth of convenience foodsbusinessbusiness  Developing a more focused organizationDeveloping a more focused organization  Continuing to reduce costsContinuing to reduce costs
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