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Girgarre GazetteGazetteJune 2018WALK ALL OVER BREAST CANCER Above: Trinity, Jeremiah, Cindy, Charlotte and Gabriella Attwell walk to raise funds in…
Girgarre GazetteGazetteJune 2018WALK ALL OVER BREAST CANCER Above: Trinity, Jeremiah, Cindy, Charlotte and Gabriella Attwell walk to raise funds in Girgarre’s first ever Mothers Day Classic. More on page 3Kinder kids working in their new garden. Story page 6 The Girgarre Gazette, a Girgarre Cottage Publication 1Girgarre GazetteJune 2018COTTAGE COORDINATORS CATCH UP Greetings everyone! It has been a very busy month here at The Cottage; we have had over 200 people visit us. Many of those have popped into the nursery for some last minute gardening ideas/plants before the weather becomes far too cold. We held our inaugural Mother’s Day Classic on the th 13 of May and I must say I was more than impressed with the turn out. We were hoping for 30 entries and received 50. The donations that were made were outstanding, bringing the total amount raised for breast cancer research to just under $1500.00. A huge thank you must go to Sandy Fletcher co-organiser and driving force, the amazing volunteers; Erin Potter, Koralynn Carroll, Karen Couston, Chloe Kavanagh, Marg Snelling, Katie & Ben Fletcher and my own children Ellie, Lane and Clarry Talbot. That was one of my Mother’s day gifts, no whinging when I woke them up at 6am to come and assist...lol! I also must acknowledge our sponsors; Major sponsor Forbes and Summers, Ky Party Hire and Ian Collie Pharmacy. In case you were not able to join us on the day, the following was part of my welcome and introduction which will give you an idea of the focus and feeling of the event.occurs continues to grow, touching more and more of the pond until it reaches the shore. As the ripple extends it engulfs the immediate family, then moves to the extended family. From there friends and work colleagues are affected, that ripple is why we are here. We are all here today for different reasons - to pay tribute to our Mums, to remember a loved one who has passed away from breast cancer, or to offer our support to those who are currently undergoing treatment. But most importantly, we are here to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation work towards their goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. This is especially close to my heart, and I thank you for being here. Before we commence the Girgarre MDC, I ask you to think of those you know who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and those close to them who have also been impacted by this devastating disease – partners, children, parents, friends and work colleagues. Please join me in remembering these people with one minute of silence.”Thank you everyone for your support and I am sure it will continue for our Biggest Morning Tea, being held on Tuesday the 29th of May. From little things, big “On behalf of Women in Super, Mother’s Day Classic things grow. Looking forward to seeing you, any enFoundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, quiries please do not hesitate to contact me. Take care I would like to thank you for joining us here today, for and bye for now. Kezia the 21st Mother’s Day Classic, Australia’s largest charity fun run and walk. Over the last 21 years we, and you From left, the willing volunteers. Ben, Katie, Sandy our amazing participants, have raised $33.2 million for Fletcher. Ellie, Clarry (front), Kezia and Lane Talbot breast cancer research; this money has allowed researchers to investigate how to better detect, treat and prevent the disease. Breast cancer remains one of the most commonly occurring cancers in Australian women, with one in eight women developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Men are also affected. Our campaign this year focused on the statistic of 1 in 8, 1 in 8 is the number of Australian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. However, 1 in 8 is just the beginning. 1 in 8 Australian women are a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripple that 2Girgarre GazetteJune 201850 + walkers taking part in the Mothers Day ClassicWalking in the sunshine for breast cancer researchNo rush, walking, pushing a stroller or jogging, it’s a fun walk for a serious cause.The Final Musical Fling for 2018. Graeme Leak called from Scotland recently. He sends his warm regards to the Girgarre Community and informs us he is busy planning the next steps for the Junkestra. Good news. Graeme conducted a final workshop at April’s Jigarre Jammin’ camp weekend. It was very popular, everyone playing along to the tune of ‘Sway Me’. After that, it was tidy up the old supermarket and say goodbye’s to all his new friends before heading back to the UK for a well earned rest and many new projects. 3Girgarre GazetteJune 20184Girgarre GazetteJune 2018The Rich Fabric of Girgarre A large crowd of local and district residents along with Graham Coffey, Co-ordinator of the Regional Arts Victoria Small Towns Transformation Program and RAV representative, Edwina Guiness, Shire of Campaspe Councillors, Annie Vickers, Vicki Neale and John Zobec were all warmly welcomed to the Grand Unveiling of the ‘Fabric of Girgarre - Past Present and Future’ by MC Lisa Smith on Friday evening 11 May . The Quilted panels, now permanently displayed on the back of stage wall in the Girgarre Hall, are a stunning masterpiece and a credit to the 20 or so enthusiastic quilters (pictured below) who have spentmany hours piecing it together. It’s a beautiful, visual addition to the Spirit of Revival flowing through the Girgarre community at the moment. Flowers were presented to designer and leader of the quilters, Gloria Loughman who resides in the Bellarine Peninsular. Gloria estimated she had travelled 5000 Kms back and forth during the project, loving every minute of it. The significance of each panel and the process the community had undertaken before designing and building the panels was explained to the audience before the evening concluded with the usual Girgarre style supper.ABOVE: Local Boutique Growers Group representative Duncan Rodrick (left) with Shire of Campaspe Cr John Zobec.A justifiably happy Gloria Loughman (centre) and Quilters Win Clavell (left) and Gillian Schoenborn (right)LEFT: The Quilted Panels. ABOVE: Cr Vicki Neale (left), Graham Coffey Regional Arts Victoria Small Towns Transformation Program Coordinator with Edwina Guiness also from RAV.5Girgarre GazetteJune 2018Kinder Gardens Upgrade - Community at its best The Girgarre Community Kindergarten lived up to the name ‘Community’ with an amazing effort over the holidays resulting in an outdoor area in the Kinder grounds to be thoroughly proud of. Kyabram Preschool Management Committee’s PAC approved lead educator Robyn’s request for funding to buy some plants to refresh the gardens. Green Thumbs Nursery were extremely generous in supplying the plants to budget and then provided whatever we needed to finish the job as a donation. Not only that, but two of the nursery’s hard working ‘gnomes’ along with kinder family members spent an afternoon planting, watering, adding stepping logs throughout the gardens, moving and topping up unused planter boxes with new soil and a prune lopping effort that was second to none. To finish off the upgrade a Kinder Working Bee was held on Sunday 15 April 2018. Des from the Stanhope Men’sShed was on hand to install a larger garden bed that the Shed has kindly donated, as well as the soil required to fill it. Educators and families from Girgarre Kinder combined forces to install some additions to our playground equipment (thanks to Knights Kyabram for the supplies), wheelbarrow the mulch onto the gardens & mow the lawns. The following week was the first of term two. The children were taken by Robyn on a ‘magical mystery tour’. They loved the new stepping logs and were happy to report that so far so good, there were no plant fatalities. The old strawberry patch was dug up and the plants replanted into the new planter box. They also discovered some hidden bulbs starting to sprout so they too were replanted. A huge thanks to all those that were involved in revamping Girgarre Community Kindergarten so it resembles, on the outside, the warm and inviting kindergarten that it is on the inside!Where would we be without them? Des Crichton from Gig/Stanhope Men’s shed and Joel Canny installing the new planter boxesLots of those little garden ‘gnomes’ helping with the watering, and transplanting the strawberries (below)The chickens banished to their own run now there’s a new, beautiful garden6Girgarre GazetteJune 2018OUR COMMUNITY Rushworth and District Community Bank Working Together to Achieve Outcomes What a month for Girgarre, I was very proud to represent Rushworth and District Community Bank and launch the unveiling of the spectacular “Fabric of Girgarre-Past, Present and Future” quilt. Congratulations to Gloria Loughman and her team of talented artists for the design and creation of such a work of art. Another wonderful project in the small town revival project, and displayed magnificently in the Memorial Hall. Myself and fellow directors are delighted to be partnering with this terrific community with the sponsorship of $40,000.00. To support the projects like the launching of the quilt project and the recent opening of the Soundshell, with the Jigarre Jammers playing on it, brings a wonderful feeling of a community coming together. We are very proud of our partnership and ongoing relationship with Girgarre and now look forward to the spectacular display of the Sound and Light Show on 16th June. The sponsorship and support of our small communities can only continue if you all support the Community Bank, contact the staff at either Stanhope or Rushworth,and discuss your financial requirements, insurance, superannuation, banking, credit cards, travel insurance, all the products the big 4 offer. The point of difference with supporting our Community Bank is that your community gets the benefits. Profits come back to those who support us, our Community Bank also provides sponsorship of $5,000.00 to the Moosic Muster each year. Consider what any of the big 4 have given your community in the past ,can I suggest nothing. Our committed staff at Rushworth Branch and the Stanhope Service Centre are eager to help you, no recorded messages just face to face service. If you support us we can continue to support you. My congratulations to the staff at the Cottage for the wonderful work they all do, and the services offered, my visit to the plant nursery was such fun, selecting from such an amazing array of plants, thank you Loraine. This community venture epitomizes the philosophy of Community Banking, looking after our community. Christine Borger. Chair, Rushworth & District Financial Services Ltd.Tongala & District Memorial Aged Care Service Inc. Serving the Community since 1925 • R.M McHale Hostel, Koraleigh Nursing HomeGirgarre Farmers’ Produce Market A Slice of True Country Lifefor planned & emergency respite care & permanent residential aged care • Deakin Village – retirement rental units • Memorial Drive Retirement VillageSECOND SUNDAY OF MONTHFor further information contact:January to DecemberSarah Tee, 18 Purdey St, Tongala Vic. 3621 Phone: 03 5859 800 Email: tacs@tongalas.own.net.au2018 DATES“Care in a Friendly Town”Chook Auctions: 10 June, 8 July, 9 Sept, 14 Oct.Stall Bookings: Jan (Produce): 5854 6283 Carol (Craft): 5854 6371Like us on Facebook: @girgarrefarmersmarket 7Girgarre GazetteJune 2018Girgarre Development Group Notes The Regional Arts Grant.– The Girgarre Revival is coming to a Market close with one amazing event to take place in Girgarre on • Mother’s Day May market was the best market in two th June 16 . years – lots of stall holders and lots of market go-ers. A very happy market indeed.The Great Girgarre ConstellationChook auction - Greg Reported that 370 lots sold in record time with good prices prevailing. He also reported that they will be holding a chook auction in June this year. The first June chook auction everto be presented by Robin Fox 16th June.The Great Constellation (see page 4) is an immersive, audio-visual installation and performance which will trans• Additional permanent markers will be installed to form the Memorial Hall into a cornucopia of sound and light make market set up easier – thank you Bill Casey, that will feature 8 massive laser projectors to create one of Dennis Hammond and Allan Ohlin the most complex laser installations that Robin has ever unJigarre Jammin’ dertaken. Running concurrently outside on the site of the Gargarro Garden Fox will also install a magical high-powered The Jigarre Jammin camp over was a wonderful laser across the area and into the night skies to present weekend of music and friendship White Beam, which was commissioned and featured in the • Graeme Leak ran an amazing workshop on Saturday inaugural Dark Mofo. morning In the supper room next door Ye Olde Winter Feast will be available – this will be lots of fun of come and join us for • A very well attended jamming session followed on an evening of good food and laughter – bookings essential. Saturday afternoon and a very successful concert completed a great day. Sunday morning Jammers Come and join us for all or part of this unique event. Go to attended a great gospel session at the local our web site www.girgarre.com.au for more information or Community church – another great camp over the Cottage for tickets •Giant Quilt •Friday11th May saw the launch of the giant quilt. Opening was a huge successOptus - contracts with Optus have been sign and work on tower installation in the Botanical Garden is expected to commence shortlyWith over 100 people enjoying the opportunity to see the magic work that the Girgarre Quilters had spent 2000 hours in the making – a huge thank you to all the quilters who were involved in this wonderful project – our beautiful old hall has never looked better. The evening was competed with a delicious supper provided by the Quilters. •Peter Leeson – solar farm reportA big thank you to Rob Axen and Dennis Hammond who spent many, many hours working to display this unique piece of workBotanical Gardens Report •Shed has been installed around pressure system•Temporary fencing has been installed around the Sound Shell.•May’s J.J held last weekend saw over 60 musicians who had travelled from across Northern Victoria enjoy a wonderful day packed full of music .·Permit obtained from Shire·Site investigation next month·Study re network Power Cor – loads approved·Stage 2 diagnostic study – detailed documentation next step to be undertaken·Construction expected early 2019Girgarre Website www.girgarre.com.au ·Brad Canny will complete power installation in next 2 weeksOur four administrators, Naomi Kelly, Lyn Cosham, Sally Canny and Lisa Smith are working diligently updating web pages. Please forward any interesting stories of interest to these girls (and to the Girgarre Gazette). girgarregazette@yahoo.com.au continued page 98Girgarre GazetteJune 2018Girgarre Development Group Notes Recreation Reserve /Tennis Club •Greg Fitzpatrick reported that discussions had taken place re new tennis courts – delays have occurred due to resignation of project manager and an over run of costs. He was assured that court construction will go ahead•Greg invited the Development Group members to provide a team for the Football Clubs trivia night on July 14 th.•Rob Axen reported on a very successful Dawn Service with well over 100 people attending. A sausage sizzle was enjoyed by those attending•Rob reported that the Annual Golf Bowls Day held at Valley View Golf Club was their most successful day yet•Plans are underway to make Remembrance Day a unique experience for those attendingRSLFriends of the Garden •Bernie Ryan reported. That the Jones Brothers from Rushworth had donated 3 loads of mulch for the gardens•That replanting along east fence line had taken place•That Noel Mattei had completed deep ripping on south side of garden readying for next planting•That he was working with Nerida to create a Brand for the Gardens•That staking of the trees along the Grand Avenue has commenced with additional working bees being planned. Bernie thanked the Fire Brigade for their assistance making an almost impossible task possible with the use of their watering skills.Lorraine Warde reported on a very successful Biggest Morning Tea with over 35 people attending a great morning at the Cottage •Lorraine reported that the nursery is continuing to be a very busy place to be. Sales at the market continue to expand.John Warde reported that he had a new load of Bio Mix that been bagged up ready for sale Memorial Hall Report •Dennis Hammond reported that cracks in rear of hall have again been reported to the Shire of Campaspe•Dennis expressed frustration at the lack of feedback from the Shire on this issueGirgarre FOOTBALL NETBALL CLUB - Worksafe Game of the month On Sunday June 24th Girgarre will host the Worksafe Game of the Month which highlights the strength of country football and netball and the importance of workplace safety in our communities. Girgarre will play Tallygaroopna - what a match this will be. These matches across Victoria have become a flagship event, highlighting the strength of country football and netball and the importance of workplace safety in our communities. Workplace ALF Victoria Country partners with Netball Victoria to bring some of football and netball biggest names to meet the locals and share their sporting stories. Spectators can also enjoy the local atmosphere with a host of family friendly activities including interactive inflatables, face painting and giveaways.Come along and make this a fabulous family day 9Girgarre GazetteJune 2018GIRGARRE COMMUNITY COTTAGE SERVICESWHAT IS THE GIRGARRE COMMUNITY COTTAGE? A COMMUNITY SPACE WHERE YOU CAN:                HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? BOOK SWAP - Leave a book and take one. Free service PRESCRIPTION SERVICE - Leave your scripts and we will have them filled for you. SENIORS GROUP - Come and make new friends or catch up with old acquaintances.Join classes and learn new things Access library books, magazines and DVDs Meet new people Socialise and make friends Hold meetings Free use of computers, Wi-Fi and the internet Get assistance with community & shire issues Be safe and welcomed at all times Access activities during school holidays Book the Community Car Assist others by volunteering Fundraise for worthy causes Training courses Access printing, fax and photocopying services Cook meals for seniors Access Food packagesHOW YOU CAN HELP OTHERS DONATE CLEAN DENIM - Ros makes it into quilts. Stains don’t matter DONATE ITEMS FOR REDISTRIBUTION TO OTHERS IN NEED - Spectacles, mobile phones, routers, bras, all things for baby and nursing mothers, mastectomy items, cotton clothing suitable for Fijian climate. www.upliftbras.org VOLUNTEER - Teach a class, join the committee or help out at the nursery.The Cottage is open from 10am until 3pm Monday to Thursday. For enquiries on any of the items in the Cottage pages, please contact us.Our address is 27 Olympic St Girgarre. Cottage Coordinator, Kezia Talbot PH:5854 6482 or email girgarrenh@ bigpond.com If you would like to help out at the Cottage or offer to teach a class, or be on the Committee of Management, please drop in for more information. Your commitment can be short term/long term, whatever suits you! The Committee of Management Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month, 10:30am at the Cottage. The President of the Committee is Theresa Biggs, phone, 0429 478 780.FOR HIRE Specialty items available for hire at a charge of $5 per month and a fully refundable (upon return of the item) $30 deposit. Items available include: Shower Chair Walkers Porta Cot Childs Car Seat (birth to 4 years old) Walking Sticks Large Wheel Chair Baby Bath High Chair. FOOD BANK Food parcels are available to those in need. Confidentiality ensured. Available Monday to Thursday, 10AM t
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