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Minutes of Board meeting re Badger Cull
  MINUTES OF A TELECONFERENCE OF THE NATURAL ENGLAND BOARD ON OCTOBER 23, 20131. Chair thank!  r#$n %$r &$inin' th t()$n%rn) *hi)h ha! +n )$n n! at B$ar! +r- r/-t t$ )$n-i!r th (at-t ! ($nt- in r(ati$n t$ th +a!'r )((. Th Chair )$n%ir! that a (ttr ha! +n r)i ! %r$ th Ba!'r Tr-t $n 1 O)t$+r 2013. Th Chair rin!! th B$ar! that it -h$(! n$t t$ + in%(n)! +# an# trna( r--r-. H a(-$ r$rt! that h ha! n$t t th S)rtar# $% Stat t$ !i-)-- r)nt ! ($nt- $n th )((.  Th Chair )$n%ir! that thr *a- a !)i-i$n t$ + takn t$!a# $n *hthr th B$ar! *a- )$ntnt %$r th !('ati$n $% th (i)n-in' !)i-i$n t$ 'rant a (i)n) t$ tn! th )(( in G($)-tr-hir t$ rain *ith th 2 E)ti  a- r$ i!! %$r in th S)h $% D('ati$n $r *hthr it *i-h! t$ r $k th !('ati$n an! %$r th !)i-i$n t$ + a! +# th B$ar!.2. At Chair- in itati$n, An!r* 4$$!, E)ti  Dir)t$r S)in), E i!n) an! A! i) 5A46 r$$-! th %$(($*in' %ra*$rk %$r th !i-)--i$n.2.1 Fir-t, a 'nra( !at $n th +a!'r )((in' i($t-, an! !tai(- $% th !)i-i$n h *a- in!! t$ tak in r-$n- t$ th a(i)ati$n t$ tn! th )((in' ri$! in th 4-t G($)-tr-hir i($t.2.2 S)$n!, a !i-)--i$n an! B$ar! !)i-i$n $n *hthr $r n$t t$ r $k th !('ati$n $% th (i)n)in' !)i-i$n. I% th !)i-i$n *a- t$ (a  th ( ( $% !('ati$n n)han'!, A4 *$(! tak th !)i-i$n. I% r $k!, A4 *$(! rin! th B$ar! a+$t th $(i)# %ra*$rk in *hi)h it *$(! ha  t$ ra)h it- !)i-i$n.2.3 Fina((# A4 *$(! -t $t th nt -t- !n!in' $n th B$ar! !)i-i$nU!at an! in!! t$ !)i-i$n3. A4 r$rt!73.1 A n* (i)n) ha! +n i--! %$r a thr *k tn-i$n $% th )((in' ri$! in S$r-t.  Th !)i-i$n ha! +n +a-! $n th $ri'ina( $(i)# %ra*$rk an! th a!!iti$na( a! i) r)i ! %r$ D%ra in)(!in' th Chi% 8trinar# O%%i)r an! Chi% S)inti%i) A! i-r- a! i) an! th i*- $% th S)rtar# $% Stat. Th -(ntar# (i)n) %$r S$r-t r/ir! th (i)n) h$(!r t$ in)ra- it- )(( n+r- %r$ &-t n!r 90: t$ ;0: $% th -tiat! +a!'r $(ati$n.3.2Th (ttr %r$ th Ba!'r Tr-t- (a*#r- ha! +n -har! *ith th B$ar!. Natra( En'(an! *a- )rrnt(# !ra%tin' a r-$n- t$ th (ttr. Th Natra( En'(an! r-$n- *$(! + r i*! in th (i'ht $% th B$ar!- !)i-i$n- t$!a#.3.3 In G($)-tr-hir, ar$iat(# 30: $% *hat *a- n$* -tiat! t$ + th +a!'r $(ati$n ha! +n )((! +# th n! $% th -i *k ri$!. An a(i)ati$n ha! +n r)i ! %$r a n* (i)n) *hi)h *$(! tn! th )((in' ri$! +# a %rthr i'ht *k-. In )$n-i!rin' th (i)n) a(i)ati$n A4 ha! )$n-i!r!7< Th $(i)# %ra*$rk, an! %rthr a! i) %r$ D%ra, *ithin *hi)h Natra( En'(an! *a- a-k! t$ tak it- !)i-i$n.< Th +a(an) +t*n th ri-k $% an# %rthr rtr+ati$n %%)t- an! $tntia( +n%it- %r$ an# %rthr !i-a- )$ntr$( %r$ %rthr )((in'. A4 a! i-! that th -)in) *a- n)rtain an! !i! n$t 'i  a !%initi  an-*r. A &!'nt +a-! !)i-i$n ha! t$ + a!. Th k# t$ 8trinar#  O%%i)r 5C8O6.< I--in' a (i)n) -+&)t t$ )$n!iti$n- that *r ra)ti)a( an! a)hi a+(.3.= A4 ha! )$n-i!r! thr $ti$n-. Th- *r t$7< r%- t$ i-- a n* (i)n)>< i-- a (i)n) $n th -a +a-i- a- %$r S$r-t, r-tatin' th ;0: tar't an! r/irin' th )$an# t$ a)hi  it>< i-- a (i)n) +t ($$k %$r a ra)ti)a+( ini tar't that *$(! a)hi  !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it-.3.? A4 ha! )$n)(!! that a ;0: tar't %$r an tn!! )(( *a- n$t ra(i-ti) in G($)-tr-hir  n *ith $r )$ntra)t$r- an! /int a ai(a+( +)a- th *athr an! *intr (thar'# *$(! a%%)t th n+r- takn> an  *k tn-i$n *$(! tak th )(( +#$n! th 30th N$ +r *hn th $n -a-$n %$r )a' train' n!- an! th rin) in S$r-t *a- that th n+r $% a)ti  +a!'r- an! n+r )((! *a- !iini-hin'.3.9 A4 r%rr! t$ th ar that ha! +n )ir)(at! t$ B$ar! +r- ar(ir that $rnin' *hi)h )$ntain! an ana(#-i- $% th ini tar't n+r. H $int! $t that th ana(#-i- )$n)(!! that ar$n! ?=0 *a- a ra)ti)a( n+r $% +a!'r- t$ + )((! in G($)-tr-hir in an# tn!! ri$!. A4 a(-$ r%rr! t$ th C8O a! i) that it *a- ra-$na+( t$ )t that th r$$rti$n $% +a!'r- )((! in S$r-t in th -i *k )(( ri$! *a- -%%i)int t$ r-(t in a nt !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it an! $int! $t that i% a n+r $% a+$t ?=0 +a!'r- *a- t$ + r$ ! in G($)-tr-hir it *$(! +rin' th t$ta( r$$rti$n r$ ! in G($)-tr-hir )($- t$ th r$$rti$n )((! in S$r-t in th -i *k ri$!. A4 a! i-! that h ha! thr%$r )$n)(!! that thr *a- a +a(an) $% a! anta' in )$ntinin' th )(( in G($)-tr-hir an! $n that +a-i- h *a- in!! t$ 'rant a (i)n) t$ a(($* th )(( t$ )$ntin.= In r-$n- t$ th Chair- in itati$n %$r /-ti$n- an! $+-r ati$n-, th %$(($*in' i--- *r !i-)--!.th *i'ht +in' 'i n t$ th a! i) %r$ th C8O, *hthr thr *a- a n! %$r %rthr in!n!nt a! i) an! *hthr thi- *a- a ai(a+(>th anin' $% @ha in' r'ar! t$ in r(ati$n t$ th +(i-h! Gi!an) an! th %rthr C8O an! CSA a! i) that ha! +n r)i ! %r$ D%ra in (i'ht $% th  $( in' i)tr %r$ th i($t->< Natra( En'(an!- r$( in )$n-i!rin' th (i)n) a(i)ati$n> an! *hthr it *a- art $% it- r$( t$ )$n-i!r th %%i)a)# $% th i($t. Th B$ar! *r a! i-! that it *a- th E)ti - i* that thi- *a- a attr %$r th in!n!nt an(>< th %a)t that th )rrnt )ir)-tan)- !art! %r$ th$- $% th Ran!$i-! Ba!'r C((in'  Tria( 5RBCT6 an! it *a- !i%%i)(t t$ r!i)t, thr%$r, *hat th !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it- *$(! +>< th %a)t that art- $% G($)-tr-hir ha! n$t +n a))--i+( !rin' th 9 *k )(( ri$! ! t$ r$t-tr a)ti it# +t that (an- *r a%$$t t$ %a)i(itat )((in' in th- ara- i% th )(( ri$! *a- tn!!> an!  < th n+r $% +a!'r- that n!! t$ + )((! t$ a)hi , a))$r!in' t$ th C8O- a! i), a !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it an! *hat *$(! han t$ $nit$r r$'r--.=.1 A4 a! i-! that Natra( En'(an!- r-$n-i+i(it# *a- t$ tak a i* $n *hthr thr -h$(! + an tn-i$n t$ th )((in' ri$! in G($)-tr-hir in (i'ht $% th a(i)ati$n that ha! +n a!. Ba-! $n th  i!n), th +(i-h! Gi!an) an! th C8O- a! i) that *a- a ai(a+( th &!'nt t$ + a! *a- *hthr tn!in' th )(( *$(! (a! t$ a +n%it in !i-a- )$ntr$( *hn *i'h! a'ain-t th %%)t- $% rtr+ati$n.In!i i!a( B$ar! M+r- a! th %$(($*in' )$nt- a- art $% thi- !+at.=.2 Cathrin GrahaHarri-$n 5CGH6 r--! )$n)rn a+$t th *i'ht +in' 'i n t$ th a! i) %r$ th C8O an! r--! th i* that in!n!nt a! i) -h$(! ha  +n -$'ht. A4 a! i-! that Natra( En'(an! ha! t$ ha  r'ar! t$ th C8O- i* an! that Natra( En'(an! !i! n$t ha  th /i a(nt trinar# rti-. A4 a(-$ )$nt! that in th ti-)a(- a ai(a+( it *a- n$t $--i+( t$ -$r) $thr in!n!nt a! i) an! that in an#  nt th C8O *a- thr t$ r$ i! iartia( a! i).=.3 Da i! Ma)!$na(! 5DMa)6, Mana'r $% R'(ati$n D(i r#, -ai! that $n th +a-i- $% hi- rin), hi- r-$na( $ini$n *a- that th C8O- a! i) that ki((in' %rthr +a!'r- *$(! (a! t$ +ttr !i-a- )$ntr$( *a- n$t a-i(# r)$n)i(! *ith th  i!n). H *a- a(-$ (! +# th $i--i$n $% nti$n $% th Ra)ti  tratnt $% th RBCT *hi)h $%%r! an in-tr)ti  a( $% th )$n-/n)- $% ki((in' a+$t 30: $% th +a!'r-, th -itati$n )rat! +# th tria( th- %ar in G($)-tr-hir. Thr%$r, h )$n)(!! that in hi- $ini$n th C8O- a! i) *a- a (-- than r%)t +a-i- %$r !)i!in' $n th (ik(# )$n-/n)- %$r !i-a- )$ntr$( +# tn!in' th tria(. DMa) a(-$ )$nt! that th )rrnt )ir)-tan)- *r n$ ( an! !art! %r$ th RBCT t$ -)h an tnt that it *a- har! t$ r!i)t th (ik(# $t)$ +t that in-$%ar a- th  i!n) $% th RBCT )$(! + tra$(at! it (! hi t$ th $ini$n that an tn-i$n $% th )((in' ri$! in G($)-tr-hir *a- n(ik(# t$ (a! t$ !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it-. H r%rr! t$ th  i!n) +a- %r$ th RBCT *hr th ra)ti  )(( 530: +a!'r- )((!6 ha! (! t$ a nt *$r-nin' $% th in)i!n) $% B$ in TB, an! th r$a)ti  )(( 5;0: $% +a!'r- )((!6 that ha! (! a%tr - ra( #ar- t$ a -a(( nt 'ain in th rat $% in)ra- $% th !i-a-. H i!nti%i! th /-ti$n that n!! t$ + a!!r--! a- +in'7 *hat *a- th tiin' $int +t*n 30: an! ;0: t$ a)hi  a nt 'ain H *a- t$(! that th n+r a)hi ! in 4-t S$r-t *a- ar$iat(# ?: an! that th C8O a! i) ha! +n that it *a- ra-$na+( t$ )t that thi- *a- -%%i)int t$ a)hi  a nt !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it. DMa) a-k! h$* thi- n+r ha! +n )a()(at! an! *a- t$(! that Natra( En'(an! ha! a-k! D%ra th /-ti$n +t r)i ! n$ an-*r. DMa) !i! n$t %( that th C8O- a! i) ha! +n h(%( in thi- r'ar!. Frthr$r in DMa)- i* th tiin' $int *a-, $n th +a-i- $% th RBCT rin), (ik(# t$ + hi'hr th ($n'r th )((in' ri$! *a- r$($n'! an! *$r- a- *intr r$'r--!.=.= D$' H(#r 5DH6, Dir)t$r R'(ati$n, a-k! %$r %rthr )(ari%i)ati$n $n th a))$nt takn $% th RBCT r-(t- in th !)i-i$n akin' r$)--. O%%i)r- )$n%ir! that in ra)hin' thir !)i-i$n th# ha! takn a))$nt $% th $(i)# an! Gi!an) -t +# D%ra an! th -(ntar# a! i) %r$ th C8O an! th i*- $% th S)rtar# $% Stat that ha! r)nt(# +n r)i !. Th# )$n%ir! that th# ha! a(-$ takn int$ a))$nt th RBCT  i!n). Th# -tat! that th r$$-a( t$ 'rant a (i)n) *a- +a-! $n &!'nt +)a- $% th !i%%rnt )ir)-tan)- %r$ th $ri'ina( RBCT. O%%i)r- a(-$ )$nt! that th RBCT ra)ti  tria(- *r n$t !ir)t(# )$ara+( +)a- th# *r n!rtakn *hr thr *r kn$*n T+ hr! +rak!$*n- an! that *a- n$t th )a- in G($)-tr-hir an! thr%$r it )$(! n$t + -ai! that #$ *$(! 't th  -a n'ati  r-(t- a- in th RBCT ra)ti  tria(-.=.? At thi- $int Da  4+-tr, 5D46 th Chi% E)ti , (%t th tin'.=.9 Th Chair )$nt! that h n!r-t$$! th )(( ha! +n at)h# in G($)-tr-hir an! h a-k! i% that ha! an ia)t $n th !)i-i$n. A4 )$n%ir! that thi- ha! +n )$n-i!r! a- ha! th a-r- that it *a- r$$-! *$(! + t in (a) i% th )(( ri$! *r t$ + tn!!. O%%i)r- a! i-! that !rin' th 9 *k ri$! art $% th G($)-tr-hir )((in' ara ha! +n ina))--i+( ! t$ r$t-tr a)ti it#. Th ran' $% a-r- a'r! t$ a(($* in)ra-! a))-- !rin' an# tn-i$n *a- n$t! +# th B$ar!.=.; Da i! Hi(( 5DHi6 )$nt! that h ha! an $n in! a- t$ th *a# %$r*ar!. H r)$'ni-! that a ;0: tar't a# n$t + a)hi a+( in G($)-tr-hir an! that it *a- n)--ar# t$ %in! th ri'ht +a(an). H *a- $r )$n)rn! t$ kn$* i% r--r ha! +n a(i! t$ %$r) th E)ti  t$ ra)h thi- !)i-i$n. A4 )$n%ir! that n$ r--r *hat-$ r ha! +n a(i!.=. A4 (ain! that it *a- i$rtant that th B$ar! n!r-t$$! that an# !)i-i$n takn ha! t$ + takn ha in' r'ar! t$ th $(i)# %ra*$rk that i-t! an! that i% th B$ar! *ant! t$ !art %r$ th Dartnt- a! i) thn in !$in' -$ th B$ar! )$(! n$t tak a))$nt $% iatria( )$n-i!rati$n- -)h a- Natra( En'(an!- rtati$n. DMa) a-k! i% )$n%i!n) in a)hi in' !i-a- +n%it *a- a atria( )$n-i!rati$n. A4 )$n%ir! that it *a-. DMa) rat! that h r-$na((# !i! n$t ha  that )$n%i!n).=. In r-$n- t$ a /-ti$n a+$t *hat *$(! han i% )(( n+r- *r n$t ra)h! A4 a! i-! that Natra( En'(an! *$(! + in%$r! $% th n+r- $% +a!'r- +in' )((! an! i% a (i)n) *a- 'rant! it *$(! r/ir *k(# r$rtin' $% )((! n+r-. Th- r$rt- *$(! + a----! an! th ra)ti)a(it# $% a)hi in' th )(( ra----!. A4 )$n%ir! that i% Natra( En'(an! %$r! th i* that t$$ %* +a!'r- *r +in' )((! it ha! $*r- t$ r $k th (i)n). DMa) )$nt! that h %$n! it har! t$ n!r-tan! h$* %rthr tria(- )$(! + (i)n-! %$(($*in' th %ai(r $% th (i)n) h$(!r- t$ t th $ri'ina( )ritria an! th (a)k $%  i!n) $n th !i-a- )$n-/n)- $% tn-i$n-.=.10 B$th $ H$r*$$! 5H6, Ha! $% L'a( Sr i)-, an! Ni'( Ra!r, 5NR6, rin)ia( S)ia(i-t, S)i- R'(ati$n )$nt! that th# r)$'ni-! th !i%%i)(t $-iti$n *ith r'ar!- th -)in) an! n$t kn$*in' %$r )rtain *hat th tiin' $int *a- *hr !i-a- )$ntr$( +n%it *a- )rtain +t, ha in' (i-tn! t$ th )$nt- that ha  +n a! an! r)$'ni-in' that it *a- )(ar that G($)-tr-hir a# n$t a)hi  th ;0: tar't th# %(t that th r$$-a( that A4 *a- akin' *a- th ri'ht $n. H %rthr )$nt! that h *a- )$n)rn! a+$t $nit$rin' th )(( $n) it -tart! a'ain t$ n-r that Natra( En'(an! ha! a r$t$)$( %$r !)i!in' *hthr t$ r $k an# (i)n) 'rant!.C$n-i!rati$n $% th !('ati$n $% th (i)n-in' !)i-i$n?.1 Th Chair in it! A4 t$ -t $t th $-iti$n.?.2 A4 )$n%ir! it *a- th E)ti - i* that thi- *a- a !)i-i$n %$r A4 +t r)$'ni-! that th B$ar! )$(! !)i! t$ r$  th !)i-i$n %r$ A4. H i!nti%i! th $ti$n- a ai(a+( t$ th B$ar!75i6 t$ (a  th !('ati$n n)han'!>
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